Battle of the Flagships: Olympus E-5, Pentax K5, Canon 7D, Nikon D300s: Which is Better?


This is it: the moment you’ve been waiting for if you’ve been trying to figure out which camera to purchase or which one is best for you. After completing long, exhaustive testing of the Pentax K-5, Canon 7D, Nikon D300s and Olympus E-5, we are proud to announce the battle of the flagships shootout. Let’s go!

Editor’s Note: This is a joint posting written by Editor in Chief Chris Gampat and Lead Analyst Matt Beardsley.

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Review: Eye-Fi Pro X2 SDHC Card


Announced almost a year ago, the super powerful Eye-Fi Pro X2 cards have recently been given a boost in the form of mobile sharing. While I haven’t demoed this feature yet, I have been using this card since Photo Plus of last year. It has been tested out in a variety of cameras with different results depending on the manufacturer and build of the camera. For the sake of timeliness, this review should have been completed a while ago but was delayed over and over again to ensure that we tested it correctly. In conclusion, depending on where your brand loyalty lies, you may want to snag one of these highly recommended items.

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Field Review: Olympus E-5 (Day 4)


So far in the review we’ve found out that the Olympus E-5 is a tough cookie from Day 3, that the raw image files are very versatile, and we’re beyond the first impressions. But the E-5 has a much sexier side to it. There are art filters built into the camera. The chart above can be clicked on (and shared) to show off the effects on one image. This will literally be nothing else but a huge image dump with other samples from each filter.

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Olympus Announces New Flagship E-5 DSLR


Olympus has announced a new DSLR, a Successor to E-3, the E-5. The E-5 Now Supports class 6 SD cards along with Compact Flash Unlike the E-3 which was only able to use CF. The Sensor has been upgraded from the E-3 ‘s 10 Megapixel to a 12.3 Mp High speed Live MOS Sensor for stills and movies which can be viewed through a 3 inch Swivel VGA LCD. The Camera has a 100% field of view and it will have the ability to shoot in the region of 5 frames per second. All this for $1,699.99.

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