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At last, Sony outs the firmware updates for the A77 and NEX-7. They’re definitely something worth taking a look at as they involve some useful new capabilities as well as adding a number of new compatible lenses to your Sony arsenal.

NEX-7 updates include: 

  • Addition of capability to enable or disable the MOVIE button
  • Addition of exposure settings of bracket shooting (three frames /1.0EV,2.0EV, 3.0EV)
  • Improvement of response for showing auto review image.
  • Improvement of image quality when using a wide angle lens
  • Improvement of indication when setting “Flexible Spot”.
E-mount Lens updates include:
  • Hybrid AF E-mount capabilities with the NEX-5R/NEX-6. Lenses include 0SEL1855, SEL55210, SEL18200 and SEL24F18Z.

A77, A65, A57, and A37  updates include: 

  • Addition of capability to enable or disable MOVIE button
  • Expanded the number of automatic compensation compliant lenses: SAL30M28,SAL50F14,SAL2470Z,SAL2875,SAL70400G,SAL70200G,SAL35F14G,SAL1635Z
You will be able to head on over to Sony’s blog at 12 AM Eastern/ 9 PM Pacific tonight for the download links.


Like many other journalists, I spent a week in California with Sony; trying out their gear and getting myself into trouble while doing so. It was fun. On the trip, the company brought out their latest addition to the NEX line of cameras: the NEX 6. Though I was still personally much more smitten with their full frame sensor products, the NEX 6 felt like the perfect fusion between the NEX 7 and the previous 5n.

And man, can it deliver.

Before we go on though, you can check out more coverage from the event:

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Wait, what? A Ferrari? What does this have to do with photokina? Well, nothing, except that Hasselblad had one at their stand. Yup, a real, proper Ferrari.

First off, let me apologize. This post was meant to be up yesterday. However, since my laptop decided to break down, I couldn’t work on it. So it comes one day late. So without further ado, this is part five of or photokina 2012 report. Featured today: the new Leica M and Leica M-E, the Leica X2 Paul Smith edition and à la carte, the Hasselblad Lunatic Lunar and the Voigtländer 21mm f1.8 lens for Leica M.

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The Sony NEX 6 is the camera designed for people who do not want the NEX 5R but can’t afford or justify the NEX 7 to themselves. Because of this, it combines aspects and features of both bodies and adds to those in the formation of a different camera. If I really had to figure out a way to think about this camera, I would liken it to the situation years ago when Sony Announced the A900 and then the A850 (in that one was basically the baby version of the other.)

We spent a short amount of time with the camera a couple of weeks ago, and here are our first impressions.

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After an exhaustive amount of time, we’ve finished reviewing the Olympus OMD EM5, Sony NEX 7 and Fujifilm X Pro 1. Each camera has their own strengths and weaknesses and represents the pinnacle of what each company has tried to achieve so far in the mirrorless camera market. With all of them being targeted at the high end enthusiast/semi-professional, they all bring a unique set of features to the table that makes them all appealing to various types of shooters. But in the end, only one can actually be called the current king of the crop.

This post is a result of the findings of various exhaustive tests, the least amount of pixel-peeping possible, and based on how someone may actually use the cameras.

Now, let’s dive right in.

Editor’s Note: All of these cameras have had significant time to have firmware updates, and so we are updating our findings in bold and italics.

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The Think Tank Retrospective 7 is the latest in the line of Think Tank’s much loved Retrospective line of camera bags: which have all been very positively reviewed here on The Phoblographer. The new bag is designed for use by mirrorless camera users on the go and sits between the company’s 5 and 10 camera bags. I’ve been testing the bag for nearly two months now, and at one point was able to carry an incredible amount of gear.

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