Adobe Demonstrates Almost Scary Levels of Advancement in Mobile Portraiture

Lots and lots of people take selfies and portraits with their phones–I mean, look at what the iPhone 7 Plus’s portrait mode has done with phones these days. And today, Adobe is showing off some new technology powered by Sensei designed to make mobile portraits even better–if not possibly misleading. The new technology is basically letting your phone be nowhere as great as a dedicated lens and large camera sensor/film plane but still is good enough to fool most people.

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Adobe Lightroom Mobile’s New “Authentic HDR” Creates a 32-Bit DNG File

Today, Adobe is announcing a brand new update for Adobe Lightroom Mobile called Authentic HDR. As many of you know, high dynamic range photography (HDR) is popular with landscape photographers. So what this mode is doing is, well, bracketing. According to a press packet, Adobe Lightroom Mobile’s Authentic HDR automatically analyzes a scene and figures out the best exposures to get over three shots. Then the app will align, de-ghost and tone map in the process of creating a 32-bit DNG file.

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The Mobile Portraiture of Shashank Shekhar

All Images By Shashank Shekhar. Used with Permission.

Hailing from New Delhi India, Shashank Shekhar‘s portrait work is inspired by the images that he sees from around the world. “[After] graduation I began to take interest in the beautiful American, Indian and European Photography that I saw in fashion and travel magazines such as Vogue, lonely Planet, National geographic, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire and Femina.” he notes. Despite Shashank’s analogue beginnings, he mostly shoots with his smarthone these days.

Shekhar’s love of photography began during those critical developmental years of the mid-teens. Shekhar scrounged and saved his pocket money and eventually saved enough money to purchase a Yashica fixed focus reel camera. He would spend hours running around his home town of Ayodhya Village capturing the beauty within it, this grew his passion for photography, eventually leading him to study still photography and visual communication in Islamia. “What resonated with me the most in the experience, was how I learned to direct and communicate with my subjects.” Shekhar says of his experience in photography education.

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Cheap Photo: Improve Your Mobile Game With These Affordable Accessories

Obviously we don’t recommend shooting your professional shoots with your phone, but there is no denying that at times, just using your phone for a shot is faster, easier and just better than lugging around a full camera setup. Keeping up on social media is a big part ot marketing your photography and being able to be creative with your phone images is key, so here are some great phone accessory deals to take your phoneographgy to another level.

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Adobe Announces Major Updates to Lightroom on Android


Today, Adobe has brought some new updates to the Lighroom Mobile app for Android users. The biggest: the Lightroom camera now lets you shoot in Adobe DNG RAW–then edit the RAW files right on your phone. In addition to this, you’ll get new presets, split toning, Point Curve Mode in Tone Curve which also gives access to the RGB curves, Dehaze, and the ability to tune the colors of a specific area.

Sounds pretty powerful, right? It surely is. When combined with Moment or Iris lenses, it’s bound to make your phone into an absolutely killer camera. At the same time though, let’s just hope it doesn’t completely fry your processor or murder your battery.

You can download Lightroom for free from the Google Play store right now. Sample images are after the jump.

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Pondering The Significance Behind a Photo Today

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Instant film cameras 2015 (1 of 8)ISO 1001-125 sec at f - 4.0

Today, in 2016, million of images are taken each day and uploaded to the web. If millions are being taken, then let’s also consider how many just aren’t being uploaded. To that end, it’s quite valid to say that to most folks, photo aren’t really a crazy special thing. But you see, photography didn’t begin that way.

In fact, there’s a stark contrast between the photographic process today vs years ago.

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How Shooting with My Phone Made Me a Better Photographer


It’s incredibly easy for every person that is seriously into photography to get all caught up on shutter speeds, apertures, ISOs, and stop worrying about the moment. but the truth is that all that just gets in the way of taking a good picture. While manual control can help you express your creative vision, using automatic cameras (like some of the very lo-fi options out there) and a phone have helped me over the years become a better photographer.

How is that possible, you ask? Because they helped me focus on the whole scene instead of trying to narrow in so much on just one area. On that same line of thought, they also made me just pay attention to everything in the frame so much more closely while the camera handled the exposure.

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