Reports Indicate Beefier Sony Full Frame Mirrorless Coming in 2017

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There have been reports that Sony plans to release a higher end ‘true pro’ level mirrorless full frame camera for some time now, going back at least a year and a half or so. The general consensus of these reports centered around the naming of this newer camera being called something along the lines of an A9, to signify the unit being a class above the current crop of A7 series bodies. Continue reading…

Which Fujifilm X-Series Camera Is Right For You?

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Fujifilm is riding a good wave right now as interest in the company’s x-series cameras is higher than ever since the release of its latest flagship offering in the new X-T2. But clearly, not everyone is interested in or can afford a camera like the X-T2, so we wanted to break down the x-series real quick and talk about the available options, an why you may like one over another.  Continue reading…

Canon Full Frame Mirrorless Still In Development Reports Say


Canon took a big step towards giving the world a serious mirrorless camera offering this year with the release of their EOS-M5, but that APS-C offering does not satisfy the needs of professionals wanting another option to Sony’s full frame A7 series cameras. It would seem though, at least according to recent reports, that Canon is aware of this and that development on their own full frame mirrorless offering is underway.  Continue reading…

First Impressions: Canon M5


The Canon M5 is the company’s first truly serious attempt at a mirrorless cameras, and they’ve had a number of years to think about just how they were going to approach the market. Targeted at the advanced amateur the Canon M5 is an amazingly small camera with a quite a bit of power inside. With a 24MP Canon developed APS-C sensor at the heart, this camera honestly should have been announced two years ago.

But as a camera itself: it really isn’t quite that bad.

Continue reading…

Cheap Photo: Up To $45 Off Sandisk Extreme Pro SD Cards


We have been busy with the mountain of announcements and news that came out of Photokina, but today we get back on the Cheap Photo saddle and have some savings lined up that you may be interested in.

Cheap Photo Deal Highlights

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