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Fujifilm xt1

In the year 2014, it’s become very clear that the mirrorless camera industry is the future and that the DSLR is steadily being phased out. We’re not going to say that it’s dead because many people still purchase DSLRs in droves. But after the jump, you will see a major round up of mirrorless cameras released vs DSLRs.

One number is more than double the other.

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Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Battle of the 35mm lenses for Canon (1 of 2)ISO 1601-50 sec at f - 2.8

Updated with new deals

Hey folks,

We’ve got the massive and essential Cheap Photo list for you that we’ve been curating the entire month. Here you’ll find loads and loads of deals that you’ll want to hit as soon as you possibly can. Hit the jump for more.

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Update: Phase One has issued a letter about the camera system. Check below

Though they’re not exactly what you would think of as a mirrorless medium format camera (unlike the Mamiya 7 II), Phase One is releasing the Phase One A series of cameras–and it’s a pretty close solution to what you’d typically think aboutt. They seem close to what Hasselblad did years ago with some of their cameras by eliminating the mirror and pentaprism–except that this is a digital version. Because it is digital, it’s using a live viewing screen and another screen on top that lets you shoot from the hip the same way that many medium format users used to do.

We will keep you updated on more. But so far, we’re getting this info from Digital Transitions.

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NIkon Df GServo-20131231-0016

The internet is abuzz with professional photographers and enthusiasts who are dumping their DSLR to switch to mirrorless cameras such as the Fujifilm XT-1 or Sony A7s. The high performance and image quality provided by these small, compact cameras are convincing many photographers to switch not only models, but brands.

There are no shortage of articles that showcase that advantages of mirrorless over a DSLR and visa versa, but such comparisons alone are usually not enough to convince someone to make the change. The reality is that many photographers may not need to regardless of either the hype or the definitive advantages provided by mirrorless. Here are some reasons why you may want to stick with your DSLR.

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Sony NEX-5-like full-frame E-mount camera patent

With the advent of the Sony A7 and A7R, the world of digital 35mm full-frame cameras was stirred up pretty significantly. For the first time, there was a sub-$2000 option for a full-frame camera that could not only sport all kinds of DSLR lenses, but Leica M-mount lenses and loads of legacy glass as well. Now it seems that Sony is preparing its next big hit – the first sub-$1000 full-frame digital camera.

Since the A7-series is based on the company’s mirrorless E-mount which was introduced with the NEX-series of cameras, prospective Sony full-frame cameras can theoretically take any shape – even that of the minute original NEX-5. And that’s exactly what Sony Alpha Rumors reports we might be seeing in the near future: a small, mirrorless full-frame camera not much larger than a point-and-shoot, thanks to the lack of an integrated viewfinder. And all that for less than $1000.

An anonymous source hinted at a possible photokina 2014 release, but of course this is to be taken with more than just a single grain of salt. Still, it’s definitely possible that we’re going to see an even smaller full-frame E-mount camera – an A5 perhaps? – as Sony patented just such a camera back in 2013. What do you think of it – would you buy a full-frame mirrorless camera without an integrated viewfinder? Afterall, the first APS-C and Micro Four Thirds cameras all came without EVFs.


The Samsung Galaxy NX30 was introduced at CES 2014 with a lot of fanfare by the company’s reps. Excited by the wide range of lenses and the growing lineup of mirrorless cameras, Samsung has truly started to make a name for themselves within the camera industry. The NX30, their newest flagship NX model, looks and feels strikingly similar to its predecessor, the NX20. However, the NX30 offers a few new features that might have Samsung enthusiasts singing its praises.

By now, Samsung cameras are synonymous with innovation. Samsung has had to fight its way into the market, but fight they have! Creating a camera that not only feels good, takes great pictures and has awesome features is not an easy task, but this camera company is doing just that.

The NX30 offers users a 20.3 MP APS-C image sensor, a new hybrid AF, top shutter speeds of 1/8000 sec, and 9 fps in continuous shooting even when capturing images in the RAW format. The AMOLED screen has gotten a big boost in resolution and the new, tilting EVF is an innovative feature. If you love sharing your images immediately, the camera offers both Wi-Fi connectivity and NFC. But the hefty price tag of about $1000 may have some camera buyers looking for less expensive options.

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