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Chris Gampat The Phoblographer MyMiggo camera strap large review images (6 of 9)ISO 4001-500 sec at f - 4.5

Feast your eyes on some of the ugliest gear that we’ve ever reviewed. They’re called the Miggo strap and wrap–and they come in a variety of sizes and colors. The company coins their products as being able to totally protect your camera one second then allowing you to shoot with ease the next. The straps are made from Neoprene–which helps to absorb some bumps and scratches, but this material seemingly from the Superman universe sure has its kryptonite.

And while it may be a nice idea in theory for sure, we’re not sure that we’d want to tote one around.

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Photographers often complain about not having enough time to dedicate to their photography. I am no different. Though I am self-employed, I often face the challenge of finding time to practice photography.

Thankfully, my dogs provide me an excuse to walk for 30 to 60 minutes each day and to make some photographs. Though, I may not make hundreds of images, I still get to practice my ability to see. With that in mind, I offer some suggestions that might help you to take greater advantage of your morning constitutional.

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Sony A7s sensor

Yes! It’s one of those days again where our friends from DxOMark release another sensor test, and this time it’s the one of the new Sony A7S. Just yesterday, we reported on Michael Reichmann’s first impressions review of the A7S, and he was so bold as to claim that the camera exhibits medium format-like image quality. Well, according to DxOMark, things aren’t quite as shiny. Head past the break for more.

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Sony A7s sensor

We knew that Sony’s new A7S would be a low-light monster. We knew it would provide outstanding image quality due to its super large pixels. We knew that it would put pretty much any other full-frame camera to shame. What we didn’t know is that it would even rival medium format systems in terms of pure image quality. Or at least, that is what Michael Reichmann with The Luminous Landscape claims.

Reichmann has just posted his first-impressions review of Sony’s new 4K-capable full-frame mirrorless camera, and he seems to be quite smitten with the product. Thanks to its large pixels, which are twice the size as those of the A7, and three times the size as those of the A7R, the camera produces not only super clean high ISO images, but also renders a certain look that Reichmann likens to that of medium format cameras.

Compared to the 36MP A7R, Reichmann finds that the A7S produces superior images at ISO settings beyond 1,600. And while the A7R’s output becomes pretty much unusable (in his opinion) at ISO 12,800, the A7S holds up well until ISO 51,200 “with some moderate noise reduction.” As for dynamic range, Reichmann claims he does not see a difference between the A7S and A7R, but admits that this may need further testing.

Another aspects that he likes about the camera, apart from the possibility to record 4K video, is its electronic front curtain shutter, which helps make the camera virtually silent during exposure. This is something that wedding photographers, among others, might find to be a great benefit, as it helps take pictures more stealthily.

After reading Reichmann’s first impressions over at The Luminous Landscape, we can hardly wait until our own review unit comes in and we can put it through its paces.

Via Sony Alpha Rumors

Sony A7 gservo-20140606-3528

While I did not sell everything for my Sony A7, owning it is a paradigm shift for me. Ever since I first got a preview of the Sony A7 at PhotoPlus 2013, it has been on my radar. It got our Editor’s Choice award when we reviewed it, and it was the only mirrorless camera that ever truly piqued my interest. I wondered, is the A7 a viable camera for portraits,weddings, and other styles of photography? Well after all that thought and a price decrease from Sony, I picked up an A7 with a 28-70mm kit lens. A few people had to pick up their jaws from the ground, so I figured I would explain my purchase.

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Kevin-Lee The Phoblographer Samsung NX Mini Product Images (3 of 7)

Samsung has carved a little niche for itself in the mirrorless camera space. So far, we’ve been impressed with the image quality and built-in WiFi sharing functionality of the NX30 and NX300. The company claims that it’s second in the compact system camera market, and now it’s looking to expand its horizons with a new 1″-sensor camera. The NX Mini is not only smaller than Samsung’s previous APS-C camera bodies, it also requires a whole new NX-M lens mount…and yes, it has a 180-degree flip-up screen for selfies.

The NX Mini is a bold step for Samsung, whereas Fujifilm has stuck to its APS-C-sized guns and Olympus with the Four Thirds sensor. But this new smaller camera brings a host of questions as to the quality of its diminutive sensor and how many lenses we can expect for this new, smaller mount. While there’s no way to answer the latter question for now, we can find out what Samsung’s smallest camera yet is cracked up to be.

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