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20140330020729-PB16While we personally didn’t think that the wireless radio flash world needed something sleek and stylish, the new creator of the FlashQ begs to differ. Today, a brand new IndieGoGo project has been launched to fund the creation of a brand new, stylish, low radio powered non-TTL flash transmitter. Like any other radio transmitter, the transmitter plugs into the hot shoe of your camera and the receiver goes onto the flash. This one doesn’t require cables and instead uses a standard hot shoe to trigger the flash. But once again there is no TTL transmission. However, it can sync up to 1/250th.

The FlashQ is being pitched specifically at mirrorless camera users. As far as specs go, it doesn’t seem to have many buttons either. The page states that 160 channels are available and that one transmitter can control up to 8 flash receivers up to 20 meters away. Plus the receivers can use a cold shoe to screw onto a light stand if needed. If you want to hook it up to a studio light, you can use a sync cord that comes with the receiver as well.

It’s going to be tough for them to compete with the likes of Yongnuo–who has done a great job already with the mirrorless market and making affordable products. But the big thing is that you can get them in white, black, blue or pink. Plus you can print your signature on the faceplate.

Check out the product video after the jump.

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Canon Rebel T5 (EOS 1200D)

Canon still thinks that DSLRs are the best cameras in the world, and that mirrorless is just a fad that’ll be over on no-time. Accordingly, the company would rather have every conceivable product niche filled with a DSLR rather than let go of that mirror. The Rebel T5 (EOS 1200D) is Canon’s entry-level DSLR, and it is unmistakably aimed at photography amateurs and those looking for a camera that’s a step up from their point-and-shoot. Which is exactly where most entry-level mirrorless offerings are aimed at, too.

In that regard, the Rebel SL1 is a direct competitor to the Sony Alpha 5000, the Olympus PEN Mini, the Panasonic GM1 or the Samsung NX2000. Too bad, then, that all of its mirrorless competitors are so much better in almost all regards according to the recent findings from DxOMark. But let’s concentrate on image quality right now, because that’s what the company has just tested.

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Samyang Rokinon 12mm f2

Rumor had it that Samyang, also known as Rokinon in the US, would have something to announce today. Many speculated that the lens manufacturer would finally introduce autofocus lenses, but the truth couldn’t be further from that. Today’s main announcement is a new 12mm f2 ultra wide-angle lens for mirrorless cameras, plus some updates on older lenses. For details, head past the break.

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Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Cosyspeed belt review (2 of 7)ISO 16001-60 sec at f - 2.0

Cosyspeed is a brand new camera bag company that has a totally different approach to bags. From the start, we weren’t quite sure what to think of them. Creator Thomas Ludwig calls them bags–but we’re more inclined to think of them as belts with lots of pouches. And while the company’s plan is to market them to street photographers and mirrorless camera users, they could be better off for wedding and location photographers instead.

But like any first generation product, they have their kinks and their plusses.

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Fujifilm XF 85-300mm f2.7-3.7 lens patent

Fujifilm’s X-system of mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras already has a sizeable setup of lenses available, and most recently we saw the addition of the breathtaking 56mm f1.2 lens that we’re currently in the process of reviewing. Apart from that, there are both primes and zoom lenses in all categories: wide-angle, standard and telephoto. But in order to fill all possible focal length niches, Fujifilm has promised more lenses on its X-mount lens roadmap that extends well into 2015.

One lens planned for a late 2014 / early 2015 release is labelled ‘SUPER TELEPHOTO ZOOM,’ and now a patent has popped up that describes just such a lens. The full patent description, which was unearthed by Mirrorless Rumors and is hosted at FreePatentsOnline.com, is rather long–57 pages total–and goes in-depth as to the technical details of the lens. What is most interesting for us, the end users, is the focal length and aperture range that the patent states for the lens.

The lens desribed by the patent is an 85-300mm super-telephoto zoom lens with an f2.7-3.7 initial aperture. That is mighty fast for a lens of this focal length range, which is equivalent to 128-450mm on 35mm full-frame. And according to Fuji Rumors, that is–more or less–exactly the range that has previously been reported for Fuji’s new super-telephoto X-mount lens.

As it always is with patents, though, we have to take the information available with a grain of salt. Specifics can always change until the release date, and there’s no way to be certain that the lens mentioned in the patent description will actually ever be made. But if it will, then boy oh boy will X-mount camera users be in for a treat.

Via Fuji Rumors

Image via Digifotopro

Image via Digifotopro

Nikon Rumors has received word that the Nikon 1 V3, successor to the 1 V2, will be announced next week, alongside a new 10-30mm kit zoom and the 70-300mm super monster telephoto zoom lens that we recently reported on. The new kit lens is said to be an f3.5-5.6 PD VR, which means it’ll be stabilized and it’ll feature an electric zoom motor–which indicates that it might be a bit smaller than the current 1-series kit lens. In addition to the camera and the two lenses, Nikon will reportedly present a new accessory light, but no information is available on it so far.

The Nikon 1 V3 will feature a completely redesigned body, and it’ll be the first V to come without an integrated viewfinder. Instead, there will be an optional accessory EVF with a very high resolution of 2.4 million dots. On the rear, there’ll be a swiveling screen that can be tilted 180°. The sensor will also be new, with a significantly increased resolution of now 18 megapixels. The V3 will sport a pop-up flash that can be used as a wireless commander, plus a regular hot shoe compatible to Nikon’s speedlights. Finally, there will be an accessory grip for the 1 V3.

That’s quite a lot of significant changes over previous 1-series models–provided the information that Nikon Rumors received is true. While the V3 will be closer to its J and S siblings in terms of general body styling, it is also clearly aimed at the more demanding photographers with its high-resolution EVF, swiveling screen and additional hand grip. It remains to be seen how the new 18 megapixel sensor performs in terms of high ISO and dynamic ranger. But since it is–reportedly–only a week until the camera gets announced, we’ll soon know for sure.