Steve Gosling: Hypnotic Pinholes and Black and White Photography

All images by Steve Gosling. Used with permission.

Photographer Steve Gosling is a true black and white artistic photographer. To him, the gear is only secondary to his creative vision. This is evident in his choice of mediums. He’s used pinhole cameras, large format, and even works with Phase One cameras and lenses. His affinity for the artistic side of photography started when he was really young. He had no interest in math, science, etc. Instead, he was captivated by photography. Luckily, that passion never died out for him.

But if you’re a lover of landscapes, you’re surely going to enjoy his photos and his thought process.

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This Custom Made 3D Printed Camera Shoots 6×14 Medium Format Negatives

All images by Paul Kohlhausen. Used with permission.

“You’re spot on, it’s essentially just a really precisely engineered box.” says photographer Paul Kohlhausen who built a very special medium format camera using 3D printed materials. “…Knowing that the image doesn’t just consist of 1’s and 0’s lends it a depth and artistic quality that’s difficult to put into words.” Paul has loved analog film and photography for a really long time; but beyond just being technical about photos, he’s very technical when it comes to design. So much so that he designed his own special medium format camera that shoots 6×14 images using a large format camera lens.

The results: Very impressive!

For more of Paul’s work I STRONGLY encourage you to check out his Instagram, his analog Instagram, and his website.

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Portraiture: Various Imaging Formats Visually Compared

If you were to look at the various imaging formats currently available on the market, would you be able to easily tell the difference between the bunch? We’re out to prove a point in today’s posts: most people most likely would not be able to tell if a photo was shot on Micro Four Thirds, Medium format, or full frame. Just take a look at this sample gallery we’ve put together.

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5 Square Format Cameras You’ll Love to Get Your Hands On

Lead photo by Reinis Traidas

The Square Format is an absolutely lovely format when it comes to shooting photos. It delivers a really nice symmetry that can sometimes be very difficult to work within when it comes to creating photos. But for many years, it was the standard on Instagram. Square Photos also seem to have a special charm about them; and I strongly suggest that every photographer try it.

Here are a number of our favorite square format cameras.

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Three Affordable Medium Format Film SLRs for the New Photographer

Even with the likes of Fujifilm, Hasselblad and Pentax lowering the medium format digital bar in terms of pricing, the fact is that for the majority of us these cameras and systems are still very much out of our reach financially. But getting that medium format look doesn’t have to be so expensive, it just means taking a step back in time and shooting on film.

Don’t get me wrong, you can still spend a ton of money on a medium format film setup – just take a look at some of those Contax 645 kits running around. But if you want to keep things relatively affordable, there are some great options out there that will give you that medium format look in a great package for less than the price of a point and shoot digital camera.
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On Imagining the Idea of a Medium Format Sony a7s II

The idea of a medium format Sony a7s II isn’t really a completely farfetched one when you consider how photography and technology have evolved hand in hand. For years, medium format photography has been stated to be better than 35mm photography–at least in terms of the analog film world. In the digital world though, the two tend to be able to hold their ground with one another due to algorithms, processors, etc. The medium format world has also always been about getting higher megapixels, more emulsion, more details, more surface area, etc. In the film world, it results in grain that could look less unsightly and more pleasing than film typically allows.

So with that said, why can’t a medium format sensor have less megapixels and an incredibly clean high ISO output?

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Joel Tjintjelaar: Shooting Black and White Photos With the Phase One 100MP IQ3 Achromatic Back

All images by Joel Tjintjelaar. Used with permission.

In many ways, Photographer Joel Tjintjelaar is “photographer’s photographer.” He shoots beautiful long exposure black and white images, street photography, landscapes, still lifes, etc. He’s creative while also blending in elements of capturing a scene though while still putting his own signature perspective on it. Joel coins himself as a fine art architecture photographer specializing in black and white long exposure photography, but he’s also an author and educator who teaches workshops on black and white and fine art photography, architectural photography and long exposure photography, around the world. He has developed his own signature method of post processing that has been adopted by many of his many followers around the world, to not only create beauty but also communicate emotions.

In fact, he attributes his method more to large format photography than anything else.

Editor’s Note: All images in this interview were shot with the new Phase One IQ3 Achromatic Medium Format camera back.

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The New Phase One IQ3 100MP Achromatic Shoots 100MP Black and White Photos

Today, Phase One is introducing their latest step forward into the world of black and white: the Phase one IQ3 100MP Achromatic medium format back. This back attaches to Phase One’s cameras and integrates into the rest of their system. That means you’ll get to use a ton of different lenses, get access to a bunch of cool features like a seismograph within the camera, etc.

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