Review: LaCie Rugged Raid Thunderbolt 4TB Hard Drive

There are certain products that I believe can’t be reviewed properly in a month, and the LaCie Rugged Raid Thunderbolt 4TB drive is one of them. Sometimes drives fail after a while, sometimes they start to slow down, and sometimes they can really put a damper on the needs of a photographer. For years though, LaCie drives have been very popular with many photographers and they continue to be. Considering that many of us are Apple users too, you’ve got access to something as awesome as Thunderbolt. LaCie’s Rugged RAID Thunderbolt 4TB hard drive has been around for a while, and if you’re a power user and use a Mac, you’ll want to grab this one.

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Review: Sequence a Mac Time Lapse Compiler

Sequence App Review

A few months ago I found myself looking for an easy way to compile all the images I took into a timelapse. I browsed the web and found ways to compile using an older version of Quicktime which I no longer had. I knew I wanted an app that would “deflicker” my footage so into the Mac App Store I went hunting around until I found Sequence. The app stood out as the premium app to transform images into a timelapse.

Trusting brief user reviews in the store was tough for me so I headed over to the Sequence’s homepage to download a trial. Sure enough this turned out to be the one stop app for getting my timelapses ready for editing.

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Kuuvik Capture Lets You Tether Your Canon DSLR to Your Mac


Previously we saw the Nikon tether loving folks get some love with DigiCam Control. However that was freeware and for Windows. Canon DSLR owners though can spring for Kuuvik Capture, a brand new software meant for tethering and that looks a lot like Lightroom. First off, this isn’t freeware, but you can get the software for a 30 day trial if you wish. Now if that hasn’t deterred you, the software offers loads of features to help with composition, focusing and the evaluation of proper exposure (e.g. split screen live view zoomed in to multiple image areas, focus peaking, RAW histogram, and unitary white balance). The software is Mac-only, and currently supports newer Canon DSLRs from the 5D Mk II and on.

Depending in which package you go for, it can run you $79.99 or $99.99. For the money though, we still support Lightroom–which is going for a price smack dab in between these two right now.

Seagate’s New Backup Plus HDDs Automatically Back Up Your Facebook Galleries. No, They Really Do.

Have you ever found yourself sweating with fear over the possibility that Facebook’s server park may be attacked by mutated zombie kittens and that all your Facebook galleries and/or Flickr collections might be lost? Well, sweat no more, since here comes relief: Seagate’s new Backup Plus HDDs come with a specialized backup software that automatically backs up your Facebook galleries. No kiddin’.

The cloud is the Seagate Dashboard software, which backs up all your socially networked content with one click. Also with a single click, Seagate Dashboard can share your backed up content on Facebook and Flickr again.

Seagate’s new Backup Plus HDDs come as postrable as well as desktop versions in sizes from 500 GB to 4 TB. They’re compatible with Mac and Windows computers and can be used simultaneously with both systems. Prices range from US-$ 119.99 to 139.99 for the portable 2.5″ version and US-$ 129.99 to 249.99 for the desktop version.

Western Digital Announces Two New Hard Drives That Make Photographers Happy

Western Digital, well-known creator of computer hard drives such as the Caviar and Raptor series, has just announced two new external HDDs that have been designed with photographers and videographers in mind, offering highest-possible data rates as well as high storage capacity and data security. Also be sure to check out our recent review of the Thunderbolt Duo.


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Review: Western Digital My Book Thunderbolt Duo 6 TB


In the world of hard drives and data rates, every few years or so a new standard of fast comes out. When I started out with with Macs and had a grasp on what external drives were, Firewire was a very expensive option for your Mac computer. But anyone who was working in media, or graphics/video were using Firewire drives. You can thank Apple for pushing this interface that never quite caught on with the mainstream PC market. It’s been the standard for a while–hard drives, audio I/O devices, even a generation of the iPod used Firewire-400!

Now, Apple teams up with Intel to make Light Peak. We all know it today as Thunderbolt. Apple/Intel’s new interface for use for high-speed data access when you need it. That’s where the opportunity for  new high-speed drives comes into play.

Western Digital let me have a go with it’s My Book Thunderbolt Drive. I’ve had some time to make some video work with it, run renders as well as transfer files on this drive. Fast is the word that comes to mind. More below.


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