The Spark Camera Remote Triggers Your Camera Via Bluetooth

Alpine Labs has launched yet another successful Kickstarter campaign with their brand new camera remote: and it’s called the Spark. Why? Honestly I’m not sure, but if you’re one of the few photographers who has a camera that doesn’t have WiFi built in, then this could be a great product for someone like you. The Spark is being aimed at hobbyists, folks who shoot outdoors a lot, millennials with way too much money, and timelapse shooters (sort of.) Plus, it connects to your camera in a number of different ways.

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The Elementary Strap Promises to be a Stylish and Affordable Leather Camera Strap

One of the complaints of many of the leather camera straps out there has to be affordability, but the Elementary Strap is trying to be one of the solutions to that problem. Made by Bisambaer Leather Goods, the Elementary straps promises to be handmade and durably made while incorporating fashionable elements into its design.

Oh plus, they’re touting that they’ll last a lifetime.

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One of the biggest problems with prints from the Impossible Project has to do with how UV light degrades the images over time–but a new solution from is looking to counter that issue. The Kickstarter initiative is for the creation of picture frames with acrylic glass designed to protect your images from UV light while also giving the appearance that the image is floating in air. If you’re a person that shoots a whole load of Impossible Project film, then it makes a whole lot of sense for you to show off your snaps this way vs putting them in a box shielded from the light of day.

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Tokyo Stories: a Special Photobook Curating Personal Stories of the People in Japan

The idea of putting together a number of stories from various people isn’t a new one; but a new Kickstarter called Tokyo stories looks to do that while giving us a look into the minds of one of the world’s most fascinating cultures. Worked on by photographer Elodie Grethen, she cites that she created the book partially out of the fact that when she moved from Vienna to Tokyo, she didn’t know anyone. So she went out trying to find friends.

If you’ve ever moved to a new city or country, you can probably relate with Elodie’s words.

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New Kickstarter Will Feature Unpublished Photos from World War One in a Special Book

Just when you thought that history couldn’t get any cooler, a new Kickstarter has gathered a German soldier’s unpublished photos from World War One and is aiming to put the photos together in a special annotated book. The project is being spearheaded by Marius Moneth; a Ph.D. student at the Heinrich Heine University of Düsseldorf. What’s even more unique though is the fact that the images, all 591 of them are from one soldier.

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This Kickstarter Aims To Preserve Collotype Fine Art Printing

Wolgang & Holger are exploring an old analog printing technique called the collotype and they aim to revive a working print press with improvements to research its printing applications. Traditional methods are always succeeded by newer technology which promises more efficient, convenient, accessible, and cheaper alternatives–which has been attributed to the death of the collotype. However, it is also prudent to preserve the roots and present the history of technology to educate our future generations.

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UNO II Is A Special Backpack Style Camera Bag For Photographers

As photographers, I think we are always looking for a bag that better fits our particular needs, be that a larger bag to carry a ton of gear or a smaller bag to grab and go with a basic kit. One thing that always seems to come up is your bag either being too much or too little for a given task. Enter the UNO II: a bag that can be whatever you need it to be with interchangeable panels, according to the company’s claims. Continue reading…