Photographer Joel Crane Wants to Create a Multi-Format Tintype Camera


Australia based photographer and woodsmaker, Joel Crane, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for his unique custom-built multi-format tintype camera. A fan of many different photography mediums including 35mm, medium, and large format, Crane is using his passion for older methods of photography to create a modern version of the classic tintype camera. Unique to crane’s model is a multi-format design with swappable backs allowing different size images to be created from 5 x 7 and up.  Continue reading…

Sal Cincotta’s Got A New Bug Out Bag For Photographers on Kickstarter


Hey, photographers, there is a new photography focused bag on the block and it is brought to you by educator extraordinaire Sal Cincotta. The new Photographer Bug Out Bag, B.O.B., had been designed and developed Cincotta specifically for working photographers. The BOB is now on Kickstarter hoping to get about $100,000 in funding, having received just about $20,000 so far with 29 days remaining on the campaign.

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Opus Camera Strap Is Made Of Handcrafted Leather, Sailing Rope And Hardened Chrome Split Rings


Most photographers prefer to work with third party camera straps for many reasons, typically for having better functions or looking fashionable to match stylish camera designs. Opus has started a Kickstarter campaign to produce a camera strap that is handcrafted, made of real leather, sailing durable Polyester and hardened split rings.

Krzysztof Szumanski, the man behind this Kickstarter project revealed that he was inspired by his passion of sailing to combine a professional sailing rope with strong leather and hardened chromed split ring which he claimed will enhance material strength and durability.

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First Impressions: PanoCatcher Loop 360 Photography Rig


Editor’s note: we’ve made a number of corrections here to the post.

With everyone seemingly trying to get into the world of 360 photography and video, there is no doubt a whole lot of disruption in the photography world right now. But if there is anything out there that really seems incredibly cool, then it’s probably the PanoCatcher Loop used to create what’s being called a PanoMoment. Being launched on Kickstarter today, the project is one that delivers a 360 panoramic experience that sort of combines a timelapse, 360 photography and the interactivity that caters so much to the viewers out there with the attention span of a cocaine addict seeing s fluffy squirrel run across a field. A PanoMoment captures a still moment in time and essentially lets you scrub back and forth the way you normally would in a 360 image. But as you do this, the moment in time changes. It’s not a movie file, but instead a bit more like a stop motion 360 image.

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Life Lite Is A Wireless LED Light You Can Control From Your Smartphone


In photography, lighting is crucial to either make or break the shot. Life Lite is a new Kickstarter Project that aims to create a portable sized LED light that can be wirelessly controlled by a smartphone via a Bluetooth enabled App.

Based on the specifications, Life Lite measures only 1.5 inch x 1 inch small and weighing 50g, while packing LED emitting 350 lux (at 1m distance). The light temperature of the LED light is daylight balanced at 5600K. The brightness of the LED light can be adjusted in 10 steps incremental control and is suitable for both still photo shooting and video recording. A single charge of the built in battery is claimed to last about 30 minutes of 100% LED brightness continuous usage. Life Lite comes with the standard tripod mount (1/4″-20) and also has encased earth magnet.  Continue reading…

GearEye Uses RFID To Track Your Gear


As photographers, we are constantly lugging around a ton of gear. Everything from tripods and light stands to lenses and SD cards. It can sometimes be an incredible pain to keep track of all your gear, making sure you have it with you, making sure you have the right equipment for a given shoot, etc. Continue reading…

Shotbox: A Tabletop Studio Suitable for Smart Devices Photography


In order to create professional “studio-like” looking product photographs, typically you will need good lighting source and a light tent. That’s what Shotbox is trying to provide. Shotbox is a Kickstarter project that aims to produce a collapsible tabletop light tent that uses LED lights to create a micro-studio environment for product photography, shooting with any camera even with smart devices.

Based on the project descriptions, the main features of the Shotbox include LED diffusion strips for softer light, LED dimmer switch for variable light intensity output control as well as inside support ribbing on the tent walls that further softens the light. The dimensions of Shotbox are 16 inches tall, 15.5 inches wide and 16 inches deep when extended in fully erect position, allowing product photography of small subjects on table tops. In the collapsed, flat position the Shotbox is reduced to 2.5 inches tall only which is easy to carry around. The latest Kickstarter project also features an extension panel that can be clipped onto the backdrop to create realistic background of choice, which can be custom-printed by yourself and fitted easily.  Continue reading…