Shotbox: A Tabletop Studio Suitable for Smart Devices Photography


In order to create professional “studio-like” looking product photographs, typically you will need good lighting source and a light tent. That’s what Shotbox is trying to provide. Shotbox is a Kickstarter project that aims to produce a collapsible tabletop light tent that uses LED lights to create a micro-studio environment for product photography, shooting with any camera even with smart devices.

Based on the project descriptions, the main features of the Shotbox include LED diffusion strips for softer light, LED dimmer switch for variable light intensity output control as well as inside support ribbing on the tent walls that further softens the light. The dimensions of Shotbox are 16 inches tall, 15.5 inches wide and 16 inches deep when extended in fully erect position, allowing product photography of small subjects on table tops. In the collapsed, flat position the Shotbox is reduced to 2.5 inches tall only which is easy to carry around. The latest Kickstarter project also features an extension panel that can be clipped onto the backdrop to create realistic background of choice, which can be custom-printed by yourself and fitted easily.  Continue reading…

Could Flash Porter Be The Field Back-up Solution of Your Dreams?


Backing up your images while you are away from your primary storage solutions is always a tricky proposition for photographers. It is one of the primary reasons behind higher end cameras these days having multiple memory card slots. There have been some decent attempts by more mainstream brands such as Toshiba and Western Digital to make storage drives good for backing up photos and video while out in the field, but these were expensive and the performance left a lot to be desired. Enter Flash Porter.  Continue reading…

Toronto Through The Eyes Of A Wheelchair Bound Photographer


All images by Tony Wallace. Used under a Creative Commons License. 

Being wheelchair-bound was no reason to put the camera away for Tony Wallace; instead, he used photography as a form of physical therapy after a spinal cord injury. The passion for shooting his hometown Toronto, Canada grew and he is now seeking crowd-funding for his Kickstarter Project: Toronto Black and White.

Although the wheelchair limits the movement and mobility of the photographer, Tony Wallace did not let this stop his passion and was determined to continue shooting. Being slowed down by the wheelchair worked to Tony’s advantage as he explored his hometown shooting downtown, uptown, parks and beaches. He made use of the unique perspective, a much lower view from the usual standing eye level which resulted in different, yet dramatic composition possibilities as he framed his subjects of landscape, urban and even floral. All his photography was shot and presented in pure Black & White. His final photography book to be completed in the Kickstarter Campaign will feature 24 Black and White images in large format 8 x 10 Photobook that range from expansive skylines to urban street scenes of Toronto. Continue reading…

Fat Cats Photo Project Showcases The Heartwarming Side Of Chubby Feline Friends


All images by Peter Thorne. Used with permission. 

Popular culture has always presented the image of cats as generally being slim and svelte. Peter Thorne breaks this stereotype by doing a photo project titled Fat Cats featuring portraits of plus size cats.

The prevalent image of the fat cat today in the media is cynical and not silly: the fat cat is a space for low-grade brutishness and malaise: cats posed with beer bottles, cats stuck in doors, cats seemingly contemplating whether they would like to eat other less-fat cats. Peter Thorne aims to deliver a strong message through his photo project that all body types can be beautiful and all body shapes can be healthy. Sure, they are fat, but they are also kind, complex, distinguished, smart, beautiful, and sometimes silly. Peter celebrates the underrepresented, larger, and chubby cats by putting them in the spotlight in his photo project. He has spent a year and a half photographing a large number of cats.  Continue reading…

Tiny Atlas SOLAS Is a New Take on the Casual Camera Bag


The one crucial thing that every traveler and photographer needs is a camera bag that is lightweight, versatile, and durable, yet functional at the same time to safely bring along every day essentials. Tiny Atlas Solas, an on-going Kickstarter Project is a collaboration between Alite Designs and Tiny Atlas Quarterly aims to create the camera bag to fit those descriptions.

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The Pinhole Hemp Camera from Kanésis is a Cool Kickstarter Project

Jamiya Wilson Pinhole Hemp Camera

Kanesis, makers of natural industrial products, is today announcing the Kickstarter campaign for their Pinhole Hemp Camera. The camera is made from natural raw material, namely Hemp, and is 3D printed, ensuring great results with no environmental impact. The camera includes three focal lengths (35mm, 50mm, 85mm), captures in two aspect ratios (24×36 and 24×24), and has two pinhole sizes to help users create a variety of unique shots. The project is currently seeking backers and includes a variety of unique rewards including the camera along with 10 rolls of film that come in Hemp Canisters.

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WANDRD is Back With The New PRVKE 21


Tonight, WANDRD will be back with another Kickstarter project to kick off the launch of their newest addition to their PRVKE line of bags, the PRVKE 21. The company burst onto the scene last year with their PRVKE bag, which has been a hit for photographers and non-photographers alike, and WANDRD is hoping this new addition can do even more to expand your daily activities. They sent us a look before the announcement!

The PRVKE 21 is being billed as an everyday bag that is good for more than just photography, while still being a killer bag for photographers. As WANDRD puts it the PRVKE 21 is “A stylish and functional bag for everyday use. Designed with the photographer and traveler in mind. Built to be your daily workhorse.”

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Venus Optics’ New Laowa 12mm f2.8 Claims Almost No Distortion

Product Shot 1

It just goes with the territory, the wider that you want to shoot, the more distortion and correction you have to be comfortable with – or do you? Venus Optics, maker of the Laowa branded lenses out of China has announced their new 12mm lens, a focal length that would typically feature significant distortion issues, which they boast as having almost no distortion along with an F/2.8 aperture. The Chinese-based optics company is launching the lens through a Kickstarter campaign.

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