Review: Creatic (Apple iPhone 6s)

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When I was pitched on Creatic, I was told about how it offers a social sharing experience not only with your images, but also with your editing settings. That latter part really struck me. Imagine a photo editor on your phone where you can make custom presets, share them and also share your images within an internal community–and then sit there wondering why it took someone until 2016 to actually do this.

A while ago, I reported on and reviewed an app called Perfectly Clear–it offered photographers great options for editing their images and making then look, well, perfectly clear. It’s biggest problem though was and still is the lack of a social community. Where Perfectly Clear failed, Creatic succeeds and does so much more.

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Learn Photo365 App Brings Daily Photography Assignments To Android


If you’re an iOS device user, then you probably have tried the Learn Photo365 app already. Learn Photo365 has been available on Apple iOS devices for some time now, but only recently launched their Android version.

The best way to learn about photography and become more familiar with the capabilities of your camera is not sitting at your computer watching a tutorial or sitting in some class at your local community college, it’s out in the world. An important piece to staying sharp as a photographer is constantly utilizing your skills, and if there are no paying jobs, then doing so just for the sake of doing so is what needs to be done. But how does one decide what to go out and shoot? What should you practice today?

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iOS Apps for the Serious Mobile Photographer

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Fact: in this day and age there are entire exhibits in brick and mortar galleries dedicated to projects done with camera phones. They’re often great and include photos from photographers that put the aesthetics of an image first and foremost. And folks digg it.

For lots of work involving capturing a scene (and to some degrees, creating) you’ve got all you need in a phone and don’t need to glorious bokeh that a full frame camera can afford you. Instead, the killer feature of a phone includes the apps, sometimes lenses and cases. But you don’t need much of the hardware stuff to get more from your cameraphone.

If you’re an iOS user, then check out this list.

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Polaroid Hotel is Your New Cool Photography App

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It’s not often that a new photography app really elicits a cool new interface and features, but the Polaroid Hotel App is totally looking to do that. It’s a free app that was released earlier this month by photographer Patrick Hoelck.

Essentially it boasts a couple of features: a camera, short films, an out of print Polaroid book, and your own curated Polaroid Hotel. The Hotel includes images that you’ve shot, edited and specifically curated from your batches. You’ve got the option of shooting images and applying filters or selecting from your camera roll. As with all Polaroids, your images are going to be Square with the special frame. In a way, it’s kind of like Instagram before Facebook realized that it was cool.

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Kodak Professional Film App Now Helps You Find Development Locations

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Today, Kodak Alaris announced that their Professional Film Photography app is now available for the iPad and Android in addition to the fact that iPhone users are getting new updates to their app.

The app is awesome for the analog shooters amongst us that want to keep supporting the alternative process of taking images compared to the more conventional digital format these days. It includes tech specs on each film, a sample photo, a sun calculator that lets you know when sunset is, a guide to teach you what types of film to use and BW darkroom home development tips and tricks.

More features are after the jump. The Kodak Professional Film app is available for free download right now.

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