Fujifilm’s New White Instax 300 Wide is an Urban Outfitters Exclusive


The Fujifilm Instax Wide 300 has been out for a little while now in it’s not so beautiful gray and black color scheme. But now, you can score the camera in pure white–a custom color available only from Urban Outfitters. It’s got the same 95mm f14 lens as the original and overall shoots incredibly flattering images of people due to the large exposure area. Targeted at the obvious hipster crowd, the new white version allows you to customize its look a bit better so that you can finally get your PBR holding hands on that Hello Kitty edition that you’ve always wanted.

The new white Fujifilm Instax Wide 300 camera can be yours now for $130, which is quite a bit more pricy than the standard version.

What To Expect From The Fujifilm GF Lenses With Their Full Frame Equivalent


No doubt, one thing many photographers have likely asked themselves since the Fujifilm GFX system announcement just over a week ago is about what one could expect from that camera and the six announced GF lenses. The process of figuring it out is easy enough, but if you are lazy, someone else has done all the math for you.

Basically, those APS-C crop calculations that you do when trying to relate an APS-C lens to Full Frame, we are doing that in reverse, multiplying the full frame focal length by 1.7x. What you get when you do this is the following results which indicate that the fastest GFX will have an equivalence FF aperture value of F/1.6.

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Photokina Announcements Raise Camera Manufacturers Stocks After Apple iPhone 7 Announcement


When the Apple iPhone 7 was announced, it was clear that Apple was going after the DSLR and mirrorless cameras in an intention to end their industry. The new camera in the Apple iPhone 7 Plus is said to use a telephoto (though it’s actually a normal) lens and a wide angle to create an image with a blurred background. Apple states that this simulates the same effect of a larger sensor.

Because the world generally doesn’t know any better or understand the importance of ergonomics, lens options, the use of effective off-camera lighting, etc. the headlines of many a tech publication were discussing the death of traditional cameras. As a result, stocks went down. But after Photokina, things seemed to go back up–until we all realized that everyone was making development announcements due to recent earthquakes and natural disasters.

So here’s how the camera companies are doing after Photokina.

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Fujifilm Explains the Difference between the 23mm f2 Lens on X100 vs the Weather Sealed Version

Kevin-Lee The Phoblographer Fujifilm X100T Product Images (6 of 7)

Since the announcement of the new Fujifilm 23mm f2 R WR lens for X series cameras, photographers have been wondering what some of the big differences are between the new lens and the one found in the X100 series of cameras. Of course, one has weather sealing and the other is pancake sized. But what else? So we spoke to Fujifilm about it. And here’s their response.

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Fujifilm’s X-Series, What To Expect Over the Next Year


Ok, so the X-T2 is out, Photokina is over, and the GFX line is all everyone is talking about. But if we live in reality, most of us know that we likely won’t be upgrading to the new GFX line for financial reasons, so let’s take a minute and do a quick refresher on what to expect from Fujifilm in regards to the X-Series in the immediate to near future.

During our briefing with Fujifilm at Photokina the company shared the above screenshot, which mirrors what we had seen previously announced from Fujifilm in their last roadmap update.  Continue reading…

Cheap Photo: X-T2 Stock Alert, Amazon Has ‘Em

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Fujifilm X-T2 review initial product images (4 of 12)ISO 2001-450 sec at f - 2.8

Despite initial worries that shipments on some orders could be delayed a month or even more towards the beginning of September, Amazon US now has the Fujifilm X-T2 back in stock.This had been an incredibly popular camera for Fujifilm, at one point (possibly still, I have not checked) ranking higher on Amazon’s popularity rankings than Canon’s new 5D Mark IV.

  1.  Fujifilm X-T2 – $1599 – Get One (Stock is likely to go fast)

Top Deal Quick Links: CanonNikonSonyFujifilmTamronSigma 

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Fujifilm Collaborates With Michael Kors On The Limited Edition Instax Mini 70


Fujifilm is making a stylish statement in their latest collaboration with world-renowned and award-winning designer Michael Kors in creating the fashionably redesigned limited-edition Instax Mini 70 camera, blending the world of fashion and instant photography.

The new Michael Kors x Fujifilm Instax Mini 70 camera comes in an exclusive gold metallic color that captures the jet-set Michael Kors aesthetic. The Michael Kors brand logo is printed on the front of the case body, and to make it even more special, the designer’s signature is showcased in the same gold hue on the camera door for a stamp of approval from Michael Kors himself.   Continue reading…

First Impressions: Fujifilm GFX 50s Medium Format Mirrorless Camera


For a few minutes at Photokina 2016, I was able to personally fondle the hottest camera announced at the show: the Fujifilm GFX 50s. This is a medium format camera targeted at the full frame 35mm camera user and is the second medium format mirrorless camera in the digital market. Oddly enough though, it isn’t designed to resemble a Mamiya 7 II or anything else from the film days despite the retro aesthetics. A number of jounalists and I were taken through a presentation where we were introduced to the team who worked on the camera’s design and specifications. Fujifilm’s intention here is to find a way to appeal to professional photographers and high end enthusiasts without competing in the pool filled with sharks that produce full frame 35mm sensor cameras.

So far: they seem to have the world’s attention.

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