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Fujifilm X-A1 with 16-50mm kit lens black

The previously rumored Fujifilm X-A1 entry-level X-mount camera is now official, and it looks just like in the leaked pictures: that is like the X-M1 with a slightly different styling. What  sets the X-A1 apart from the X-M1–and from all other X-mount cameras for that matter–is the lack of X-Trans color filter array on its sensor. Instead, Fuji opted for a conventional APS-C sized CMOS sensor with bayer pattern in the X-A1. The camera sports 16.1 megapixels resolution bundled with an EXR II image processor. ISO goes from 200-6,400, and the 3″ 920k dot rear display is tiltable, just like on the X-M1. Additional features include WiFi and Full-HD video recording.

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Good news for fans of Fuji’s X-system–and especially for those who’ve been thinking about getting into the system. Adorama is starting a promo today that will save you up to $300 on select Fuji X-camera + lens combos. Purchase an X-Pro 1 or X-E1 camera via Adorama’s promo page and add any of the lenses in the list below to your shopping cart to benefit from the instant savings:



Price After Instant Savings

Consumer Savings





















 *Only one lens each may be added to a single camera purchase (ie. Customer may not purchase two (2) – 35mm lenses but may buy one (1) each of all lenses listed).

**The 18-55mm lens promotion can only be combined with a body only sale of the X-E1 or the X-Pro1.  It may not be combined with the X-E1 Hard Bundle Kit that already includes the 18-55mm lens.

xm1For several days now rumors have been floating around the internet about an upcoming X-A1 entry-level X-mount camera that Fuji might present soon. Now it seems these rumors are no longer rumors, since the name has reportedly been registered with the South Korean Radio Research Agency. Fujifilm has only recently introduced the budget-friendly(er) X-M1, which is positioned below the X-E1, and a new XC 16-50mm kit lens that comes without a manual aperture ring, hinting at more entry-level X-series items to come.

This isn’t actually a bad move. digital compacts are hopelessly out of fashion these days, and most people step up to a mirrorless camera right away when they find their smartphone pictures don’t do the job anymore. By offering entry-level cameras and lenses for their X-system, Fuji automatically gains potential users of the more advanced lenses and cameras. Starting out with the X-A1 and the low-end kit lens, users will either step up to better lenses, more advanced bodies or both, but they need not change their entire system to do so.

Well played, Fuji, well played! (Btw, we’ve seen the same with Micro Four Thirds: both Olympus and Panasonic are offering entry-level cameras and lenses as well as higher-end products, so the idea itself isn’t actually new.)

Felix Esser The Phoblographer Mamiya M645 Fujifilm Reala 120

A week ago, we reported that Fujifilm had discontinued two well-loved film emulsions in 135 format: Provia 400X and Neopan 400. As it appears, though, the company is discontinuing two more emulsions, but in 120 format. The films in questions are Reala 100 (which is already discontinued in 135 format) and Superia 400. Superia 400 is still available in 135 format, though.

These are hard times for fans of film photography. A year ago, we all had hopes that film would stick around for at least another decade or so. But it appears we were wrong. We used to laugh at the pessimists who saw the immediate doom of film photography with every new discontinuation note, but now it appears they were dead on. Film IS virtually dead, and it appears to be only a matter of time until Fujifilm discontinues its film products altogether. On the Kodak side, motion picture film is still doing well (despite their recent announcement to stop production of their acetate film base), so Kodak emulsions may stick around a little longer. Here’s to hoping.

Meanwhile, you can check out remaining supplies of Fujifilm emulsions in 120 format at your dealer of choice: Adorama, Amazon and B&H Photo.

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Fujifilm X-Pro1

Only yesterday we reported about a bug in Fujifilm’s X-Pro 1 firmware v3.0, and today the company has already posted v3.01 for general download. That is seriously quick. The only thing that changes in v3.01 over v3.0 is a fix for said bug, which caused trouble when recording video with the X-Pro 1. Firmware 3.01 for the Fujifilm X-Pro 1 is available now via Fujifilm’s support center. If you’re already using v3.0, we suggest you update immediately. Otherwise, if you plan on updating from an earlier firmware version, you should update to v3.01 right away and skip v3.0.

Download firmware v3.01 for the Fujifilm X-Pro 1 here.

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Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Zeiss 12mm f2.8 product images (4 of 7)ISO 1001-200 sec at f - 5.6

“The Phoblographer Weekly Recap” is a new feature where we recap the week’s most popular posts. Each weekend, we will present you the top ten posts of the week for your perusal. If you’ve missed any of our popular stories that week, you’ll find them here. Among this week’s top posts: we review the Zeiss Touit 12mm f2.8 lens, 100 year old stereoscopic photos surface, and Nokia’s new ‘EOS’ camera phone leaks. Find the complete breakdown after the jump.

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