Freestyle Photographic Dropped Their Prices on Rollei Film and Developer

Very recently, Freestyle Photographic sent out an email to their customers letting them know about some really super deals on Rollei film. In fact, the prices are better than anything I’ve been able to find on both Amazon and B&H Photo. So whenever I can, I’m all for supporting the little guy.

Not only are the price drops on film though, they’re also on development chemicals.

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Subscribe to La Noir Image: Get a Free Black and White Lightroom Preset Pack

Hey folks,

Great news for subscribers to La Noir Image (our premium black and white photography website) that we announced in our Editor’s Letter earlier this month: when you subscribe to the site for $15/year, you get a special freebie. We’ve worked on 10 special custom black and white photo presets for you folks as well. Once you subscribe, you’ll have access to download them.

If you’re curious to know what they look like, check out the variations after the jump.

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Why I Think Film Photography is Horrible

In partnership with Format MagazineClick here to build your Format portfolio website today with a free 14-day trial, no credit card required. This is a syndicated blog post from Format Magazine. It and the content here are being used with exclusive permission. Original piece by Benjamin Kanarek.

Shooting since the 1980's, fashion photographer Benjamin Kanarek calls the analog trend "slow and cumbersome."

I remember the first time I picked up a digital camera. It was 2003 and I got this little Canon G5, a good point-and-shoot, and it was 5MP.

Before that, I used film. It had to be scanned into a computer, then manipulated digitally. That was alright—but when I picked up this Canon, I thought it was amazing. It’s instant feedback. You see exactly what you’re going to get. You adjust your lighting as you go, you’re thinking on your feet.

What you can learn on digital in one year is probably five to ten times what you can learn on film in the same time. Film is a very slow feedback loop.

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Give Film a Shot!

This is a syndicated blog post. All images and text by Emanuele Faja. Used with permission.

We are in the 21st century. The world has gone digital. It has changed the way we communicate, watch movies, listen to music and take photos. Nowadays you can take a photo on your mobile phone and it will already be on your home computer when you get home. Everything is synced in the cloud and computers are getting smaller and more portable. We used to talk about kilobytes and megabytes we now talk gigabytes and terabytes. Computing power keeps doubling every 18 months and the forward march of technology is seemingly unstoppable.

Who would dream of using a camera that doesn’t require batteries to operate?

The answer is: A surprising number of people.
The real question of course, is why? That’s what I will be discussing in this post.

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Keeping it Honest: An Interview About a New Film Photo Quarterly

julius motal the phoblographer honest magazine interview image 06

It isn’t often that you hear about a new photography magazine starting up. It’s much rarer than that to hear about a new photography magazine dedicated solely to film photography, but that is the case with Honest. Born of a shared passion between three friends, Honest. is a quarterly magazine dedicated to all things film. It’s another sign that the medium isn’t dead, and it had a successful launch earlier this year. Here, we talk with the three folks behind the magazine: Kaveh Tabatabaie, Luca-Mercedes Stemer and Stefanie Neunteufl.

For more about Honest., you can check out the website, and you can order the inaugural issue here. They had their launch on January 22 in Gowanus, and will start an Indiegogo campaign soon. Their Vienna launch will be at Heurer/Kunsthallencafe on June 17.

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Inside a Modern Darkroom in Istanbul

julius motal the phoblographer darkroom photo essay-15

If you ask most photographers in Istanbul about where you can find a good darkroom, they’ll tell you to talk to Taylan Bağcı. He’s got a darkroom on the second floor of a nondescript building on a side street in the Tophane (Tohp-ha-neh) neighborhood. It takes a bit of navigational know-how and perhaps a Turkish friend or two to help you find it, but once you do, you’ll find yourself in a space dedicated to film photography.

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The Phoblographer’s All Encompassing Introduction to Film Photography

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer LCDVF Fader ND Mamiya (7 of 11)

With our focus being heavily on analog this month, we thought that we’d round up a collection of stories in order to educate those looking ot know more about the format and for those that are already smitten with it. 35mm, medium format, large format, pinhole, instant film: it’s all covered here. But beyond this, we’ve also got a couple of fun projects and inspiration for the photographer looking to simply try something new.

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The Digital Photographer’s Introduction to Film Photography

Voigtlander Bessa R

Every photographer should attempt to try to shoot film at least once in their life. But when we say attempt, we mean give it a really big effort. For one, they learn to actually interact with a scene more and not necessarily become attached to the pixels that they see on an LCD screen, and further it teaches them more about how exposures work and how to get better pictures faster.

Want to get started in Film Photography? Here’s how.

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