Amy O’Boyle: Weddings and Portraiture on Film Cameras

All images by Amy O’Boyle. Used with permission.

Photographer Amy O’Boyle is perhaps one of the more unique photographers to have submitted for a feature in our upcoming Analog zine. Amy is a photographer who shoots weddings and portraits for a living and occasionally does fashion. She uses both medium format and 35mm format to create the photos that she does. But on top of that, she’s a fantastic photographer.

Below is her submission.

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Jonathan Moore: Surreal and Creative Landscape Photography on Film

All images by Jonathan Moore. Used with permission.

“I think I’ve been multi-talented in the arts for a long time and photography just stuck with me.” says photographer Jonathan Moore in an email to the Phoblographer. “I grew up in a few small towns in Tennessee. After high school, I worked odd jobs and toured the southeast playing guitar in a hardcore band.” Art stuck with and evolved with Jon quite a bit: from music into graphic design and then photography. Jon’s photographs draw obvious inspiration from movies and you can see influences from Stranger Things and Lord of the Rings for sure.

“Movies are often over-looked in terms of fine art, but pause anywhere during 2001: A Space Odyssey or There Will Be Blood, and you’ll know what I’m talking about.”

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Jeb Inge: On Getting Back into Film Photography

All images by Jeb Inge. Used with permission.

There are a ton of photographers out there who started in film, then went digital, and eventually went back to film: and Jeb Inge is one of those shooters. This year he took the big leap and sold all of his digital equipment. His best work is landscape photography, but Jeb genuinely enjoys the documentation process of finding wonderful things in the world and capturing their essence. Jeb applied to be featured in our analog zine, and his work is wonderful enough to share here.

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Photographer Christoph Zoubek Uses Film to Create Gorgeous Portraits (NSFW)

All images by Christoph Zoubek. Used with permission.

Photographer Christoph Zoubek describes himself as a self-taught photographer (and medical student) from the south of Germany. “I’ve been shooting on film since I picked up my grandad’s Rolleiflex in 2011 after shooting…or rather ‘wasting’ a couple of years with digital SLRs.” Since then, he can attest to the fact that he hasn’t own a digital camera. Chris shoots in a load of formats and with a variety of films. He applied to be featured in our upcoming analog zine and I thought his submission to be good enough to be featured here.

Below are words from Christoph.

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Kyle Pozan: Film Photography as a Creative Outlet

All images by Kyle Pozan. Used with permission.

In the hundreds of applications that I’ve received for the analog zine’s creation, I’ve had to become more discriminatory about the types of work presented. As it is, not everyone’s work is going to get in and I’m only featuring the absolute best of the best. But then there are also a number of photographers who have good work that’s not zine quality but surely worth profiling and featuring on the website. And then there’s a ton of not to exemplary work. Amongst some of the work that’s worth featuring on this website though is that of photographer Kyle Pozan’s.

In the coming weeks, in order to give everyone progress on how the magazine is coming along, I’ll be featuring select photographers who have great work for the site but that isn’t making it into the zine.

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Medium Format Film Photography for the Digital Photographer: An Introduction

When I first got started in medium format film photography, I found it pretty confusing. But I, like many of you, was basing it off of the digital photography formats available. This can get even more confusing for digital photographers getting into film. So we’ve got a tutorial video that should sort it out.

And don’t worry, it’s actually all fairly simple.

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Film Emulsions with a Look You Can’t Get in Digital Photography

Lead photo by Doctor Popular. Used with a Creative Commons License.

There are loads and loads of film emulations that have been more or less copied with presets for Lightroom. Everyone has their own interpretation, and for the most part if you ask any film photographer, they’ll tell you that they don’t look like film. At the same time though, there are film emulsions out there that really don’t look like anything that can possibly be replicated in digital.

Here are some of our favorite film emulsions that digital hasn’t yet copied.

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