Photographers Albert Watson and Mark Seliger Talk About Analog vs Digital

On Wednesday September 6th, Mark Seliger and Albert Watson were part of a short panel discussion talking about photography through their careers and how things have changed. The Panel was put on by Phase One in collaboration with the Aperture Foundation. But in addition to that, they also talked about how they’ve evolved as artists. Albert even told the story about how he captured one of his most famous images of Steve Jobs–which involved him thinking about telling an entire boardroom that they were wrong and he was right. Later on, Tim Cook would call Albert up to ask for that image with immediacy.

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Vintage Camera Review: Pentax 67 (67 Format)

The Pentax 67 has to be one of the most drooled over medium format SLR cameras ever made. For great reasons too! The Pentax 67 is a film SLR that is more or less designed to be portable and shot handheld by fashion photographers and portrait photographers. For many years it was well regarded and even today, there is some fantastic work that is often done with the camera. Between this, the Pentax 67 II and the Mamiya RB67/RZ67, lots of photographers really have a tough choice figuring out what they want.

The truth is that it really depends on your style and it also really depends on how good you are at being able to create photos.

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Contax T2: The World’s Trendiest Compact Camera?

One of the most popular picks in the compact film camera scene, the Contax T2, has retained its allure almost three decades after being introduced. It was created with the professional market in mind, at a time when the “luxury compact” was in vogue in the 90’s. Its titanium body (for which the “T” stands for), sleek design, handy size, and excellent optics (an f2.8/38mm multi-coated Carl Zeiss T* Sonnar lens) cemented this superstar’s status in the photography world.

In fact, the last ten years or so still saw the Contax T2 being name dropped by international celebrities and celebrity photographers as their compact camera of choice. The latest of them is Kendall Jenner, who whipped out a rare platinum black Contax T2 on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon (photo blogs and groups were quick to slam her for doing photography now but that’s for another story).

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A Peek Into Photographer David Bailey’s “Swinging London”

Screenshots from the video

If the United States had Richard Avedon, the United Kingdom has David Bailey. Hailed as one of the pioneers of contemporary photography, the English photographer continues to be a big name in the world of fashion and portrait photography to this day. Along with Terence Donovan and Brian Duffy, he was instrumental in crafting the “Swinging London” of the 1960s, a culture of high fashion and celebrity chic. While this youthful cultural revolution reminds us of a London that was vibrant with its music, creative experimentation, and freedom of expression, it also gave rise to the familiar stereotype of the fashionable and pretentious photographer. Still, the elite group of Bailey, Donovan, and Duffy were credited with works from this era that were met with both commercial success and artistic credibility.

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Review: VSCO Mobile Presets for Lightroom

Arguably, VSCO’s mobile presets are perhaps the most popular options as opposed to the company’s film packs. Perhaps that’s why they brought them to Adobe Lightroom recently. The presets are a number of the company’s best products and have been casually slapped onto images all across the web for years now. But for a while, the company seemed to target the film presets at the desktop based crowd via Lightroom and the mobile presets at perhaps the less serious crowd via the phone. Years have gone by and now we’re starting to see the worlds sort of crash into one another.

So if you’re a VSCO preset user and you’re a big fan of the app on your phone, you may be blown away by this.

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Irving Penn: The Creation of an Iconic Photographer

Irving Penn paved the way for modern photography by seamlessly crossing borders between high fashion and fine art. During the course of his career, Penn produced images that would grace the covers of Vogue while simultaneously appearing on the walls of galleries. As one of the most influential photographers of his time, he earned respect among the elite and established members of both the fashion and art worlds.

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Amy O’Boyle: Weddings and Portraiture on Film Cameras

All images by Amy O’Boyle. Used with permission.

Photographer Amy O’Boyle is perhaps one of the more unique photographers to have submitted for a feature in our upcoming Analog zine. Amy is a photographer who shoots weddings and portraits for a living and occasionally does fashion. She uses both medium format and 35mm format to create the photos that she does. But on top of that, she’s a fantastic photographer.

Below is her submission.

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Ingrid Alice Irsigler’s COLOUR is an Ingenious Use of Color in Portraiture

All images by Ingrid Alice Irsigler. Used with permission.

Photographer Ingrid Alice Irsigler has had work that has always amazed me. Some of it is fairy tale inspired with great use of color. But either way, Ingrid has overcome obstacles and earned a place on our 30 Women Photographers to follow list. Very recently, she completed a shoot called COLOUR done in an area of Cape Town called Co-Kaap. Part of what’s so special about this area is the very rich history and the colorful houses.

While some of this looks easy, Ingrid tells us that it wasn’t.

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