Previously Unseen Photos from Irving Penn to Appear in Retrospective

All images used with permission of the Frist Center for the Visual Arts.

Photographer Irving Penn is getting his first retrospective of his photographs in 20 years. In a new exhibit called Irving Penn: Beyond Beauty, the photographer’s fashion, portrait, and still life images that appeared in Vogue magazine will be on display alongside 100 previously unseen works donated by theIrving Penn Foundation. The retrospective is organized by the Smithsonian American Art Museum and Frist’s curator of photographer from 1983 to 1999, Merry Foresta.

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Jonny Baker’s Lifestyle Street Portraits Focus on Street Fashion

All images by Jonny Baker. Used with permission.

“Initially the impact fashion magazines had on me created my desire to develop my career and pick up the camera,” says Tel Aviv based photographer Jonny Baker about why he wanted to get into the Street Fashion genre of photography. “Bill Cunningham was a big inspiration to me. I today move around my city capturing the fashion conscious and the natural facial expressions which Bill gave to the world. The street is the worlds best catwalk and I have the best view point moving around the streets photographing it’s people.” Jonny equates his need for his camera being on the same level of people needing coffee to start their day. He thrives off of knowing that he can capture any moment at any time of the day.

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Marissa Alden’s Beautiful Fashion Portraiture Work

All images by Marissa Alden. Used with permission. 

Fashion photography requires an abundant flowing of fresh ideas and inspiration to create unique and creative results. Marrisa Alden is a passionate photographer based in Melbourne, Australia who ventured into the world of fashion and portraiture after high school.

Marissa told us she started photography at the tender age of 15 when she took photo journalism as a class at school. She then moved on to exploring landscape and surrealism photography which have become a part of her school portfolio. Upon graduation, she delved into fashion and beauty photography and has never looked back since. She fell in love with the creative side of fashion which allowed her to combine her interests in art, styling, beauty, photography, and design. After all, fashion photography is all about pulling the elements of the clothes and the beauty of the model and the scene together.  Continue reading…

Autumn for the Elephants: Combining Fashion and Conservation

All images by Jvdas Berra. Used with permission.

Think about one of the coolest things in the world to–and how you’d feel if you got to photograph it. That’s pretty much what Jvdas Berra had the opportunity to do when he did a fashion shoot with elephants and models. This project is called Autumn for the Elephants, and tries to find a way to combine the raw power of nature with the refined beauty of fashion.

We’ve featured Jvdas on the site before, he’s a fashion photographer that combines aspects of fine art into his work and as you’ll see, also deeply cares about the environment.

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Desperate Hollywood Wife: A Reflection of American Royalty

All images by Jvdas Berra. Used with permission.

“This project was born from my desire to reflect the beauty and coldness of the current Hollywood royalty. says photographer Jvdas Berra. “I wanted to tell the story of a rich and powerful lady but lonely and desperate, surrounded by luxury and beauty, but sad and longing for adventure and love.” Jvdas often creates cool fantasy/fine art fashion work like this–and this project is a simple ode to that really interesting legend.

Jvdas states that the scenarios chosen for this story were perfect to reflect the beauty and solitude that many people in Hollywood lives. “The colors, the textures and the shapes are well joined to the styling and the art direction. It is a project that makes me very proud because it was an idea that occurred to me overnight.” Indeed, this goes to show that when you have an idea, you should just roll with it–and fast!

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‘Manifesto for a New Objectification’ Aims To Change The Narrative of Gender Equality and Diversity (NSFW)

All Images by Clara Giaminardi. Used with Permission.

Clara Giaminardi, always a creative soul, grew up wanting to be a writer but around age 16 discovered photography and it was all over after that. While studying at University in Milan, and later upon moving to London, Giaminardi was fascinated by the idea of fashion photography and its power to shape the narrative of the world in which we live. “In this constant, complex dialogue, I have become obsessed with the body, and how it can be represented and represent itself within contemporary discourses of gender equality and diversity.” Giaminardi says as she begins to explain the ideas behind her Manifesto for a New Objectification project.

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Will Crooks’ Street Fashion Portraiture Proves The South Has Style

All Images by William Crooks. Used with Permission. 

Inspired by Bill Cunningham and Scott Schuman, William Crooks has developed his own take on street portraiture through his Wac Avenue series. “Originally, photography was simply a means of documenting the visually expressive individuals I would spot while walking through the small downtown of my home Greenville, SC. This grew into a passion for street portraiture and I found myself spending nearly every weekend scouring the streets for stylish strangers.” Crooks said of his experience.

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NYTimes Photographer Bill Cunningham Dies at 87

Image by Paul Stein on Flickr.

Today is a very sad day in the photography world as the NYTimes confirmed that photographer Bill Cunningham passed away at 87. Mr. Cunningham was a famous fashion photographer and in many ways the original true street fashion photographer. He was well known for the fact that he went against what many other photographers did for years and instead of shooting all the craziness on red carpets all the time, he went around NYC with his bike and every day photographed people who just happened to look very fashionable. For 40 years, Bill Cunningham worked for the NYTimes.

A few days ago, he suffered from a stroke, and many on the internet were praying that he would make a swift recovery. Mr. Cunningham is also the focus of a special documentary called Bill Cunningham New York; where we’re shown what his every day life was like.

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