NYTimes Photographer Bill Cunningham Dies at 87


Image by Paul Stein on Flickr.

Today is a very sad day in the photography world as the NYTimes confirmed that photographer Bill Cunningham passed away at 87. Mr. Cunningham was a famous fashion photographer and in many ways the original true street fashion photographer. He was well known for the fact that he went against what many other photographers did for years and instead of shooting all the craziness on red carpets all the time, he went around NYC with his bike and every day photographed people who just happened to look very fashionable. For 40 years, Bill Cunningham worked for the NYTimes.

A few days ago, he suffered from a stroke, and many on the internet were praying that he would make a swift recovery. Mr. Cunningham is also the focus of a special documentary called Bill Cunningham New York; where we’re shown what his every day life was like.

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Ingrid Alice: Creative High End Fashion Portraiture


All images by Ingrid Alice. Used with permission.

Ingrid Alice is a Creative Director by trade, but is also smitten for photography. Her experiences help her to mold specific visions in her images and she is a photographer that firmly believes that light is everything.

I found her work on Behance, and after going through her Lost in Yonkers project as well as various others, I found her work to be unique, captivating, and refreshing. Fashion photography for many years had a big emphasis on being a large scale production with the exception of some of the more street style jobs that we see today. Like the old school of wedding photography, there were lots of chefs at the pot working to ensure that the best of the best was created and nothing more.

But she has an even more interesting story and thought process.

For full creative credits for the attached images please see: www.ingridalice.co.za Images taken from editorials including: The Enchanted Forrest, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Queen Of Cakes, Lost In Yonkers, Great Expectations, The Empress Arcana, The Orient, Twilight.

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Ilona Veresk: Original Conceptual and Fashion Portraits


All images by Ilona D. Veresk. Used with permission.

Photographer Ilona D. Veresk is also an Art director. Born in Izhevsk, Russia, she now lives in Moscow. “I shoot promo for different brands, editorials for fashion magazines and create promo-shoot for popular musicians.” she tells the Phoblographer. Clearly, we can see why they’d want to hire her.

Ilona has a whimsical imagination and creates refreshly original concepts that feels fantastical in every way. She shoots portraits, and judging from her work on Behance, it’s clearly evident that the now 21 year old has been doing this since she was 13 years old.
I specialize in such genres as portrait and fashion.

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Creating the Photograph: Aashith Shetty’s “Let It Snow”


Creating the Photograph is an original series where photographers teach you about how they concepted an image, shot it, and edited it. The series has a heavy emphasis on teaching readers how to light. Want to be featured? Email chrisgampat[at]thephoblographer[dot]com.

Aashith Shetty is a fashion advertising photographer based out of India. Self taught for the first few years, he came upon David Hobby’s blog which changed the way he looked at light. “After which I assisted Martin Prihoda and Tarunn Solanki for a short while.” he tells the Phoblographer.

I found Aashith on Behance, and fell in love with the fact that his work is very much about embracing the idea of a fashion shoot as a full production. It takes creative ingenuity, and a lot of planning. So when he had to deliver a snow scene for a client, he got right to work.

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C. Stephen Hurst: Fashion Photography on the NYC Subways

Subway Girl_Sami__005_crop_v2_b&w-Edit (1)

All images by C. Stephen Hurst. Used with permission.

“The real turning point though was when I was diagnosed with cancer.” says C. Stephen Hurst about how he got into photography. I accepted the possibility that the lymphoma would kill me but I couldn’t accept that my work as photographer, and not a painter, would end.” Indeed, when you’re on a deadline like this, you try to do as much as you can in the time that you have left.

C. Stephen Hurst is a photographer based in Brooklyn, NY and instructs at ICP. Luckily, he’s a cancer survivor and can go about creating some of the most inspiring work that I’ve seen so far this year. Part of this stems from the fact that he’s a former painter. While he shoots weddings, some of this work includes his fashion shoots on the NYC subways.

“Usually I’ll time the ride several times and then base my calculations of setting up, shooting, and breaking down on the average time between those stops.” says Stephen. “It evolved out of a desire to shoot during winter in a free ‘non studio’ space. NYC at any time has a wonderful abundance of models to collaborate with but none of them are as unique, unpredictable, or iconic as the streets/subways/random people (and animals) of our great Metropolis.”

This specific body of his work is about documenting worlds as they collide.

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Creating the Photograph: Luke Ayers’s “Strobe Struck”


Creating the Photograph is an original series where photographers teach you about how they concepted an image, shot it, and edited it. The series has a heavy emphasis on teaching readers how to light. Want to be featured? Email chrisgampat[at]thephoblographer[dot]com.

Photographer Luke Ayers has been shooting for 12 years, and 12 the age of 25, he is a full time pro photographer based in Sydney, Australia. He mostly specializes in high end product photography, but he also loves to shoot portraits with speedlights and strobe just for the fun of it. When he emailed the Phoblographer to show off some of his portrait and strobist work, he showed us an image from his first ever fashion shoot for a haute couture label.

What’s even cooler is that Luke never had any formal training.

Here’s Luke’s story. Be sure to follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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Gina Manning: Stylized Editorial Fashion Photography

1_Gina Manning

All images by Gina Manning. Used with permission.

Photographer Gina Manning is a high-concept fashion photographer that brings a cinematic quality to every shoot she designs–and many of her photos remind me of comic books and similar stylizations. She’s also a huge lover of film.

Moving between NYC and Boston often, Gina is inspired by many of the things around her. From her earliest days, she used to drive for a while and get lost in photographing landscapes. That work and mindset evolved into doing portraiture and editorial work when we took a gig at the Boston Phoenix.

According to Gina, lots of work and concepting goes into the process of making a single image.

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Solmaz Saberi: From Makeup Artist to Fashion Photographer


All images by Solmaz Saberi. Used with permission.

“I met my mentor through a website called Model Mayhem and he blew me away after our first shoot,” says Solmaz Saberi, a Los Angeles-based photographer and director with over a decade of experience in fashion, beauty and entertainment. Solmaz started out as a make up artist and to build her book, started to shoot models for herself. She has a genuine passion for fashion photography that started out when she was really young. Her portfolio is characterized by bright hues, bold poses and glamorous fashion.

She’s also founded quarterly publication called Unleash’d Magazine and collaborated with a colorful cast of celebrities, including Paris Hilton, Pia Mia, Miguel, Christina Milian, Amber Rose and more. We chatted with her about how she got to where she is.

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