Irving Penn: The Creation of an Iconic Photographer

Irving Penn paved the way for modern photography by seamlessly crossing borders between high fashion and fine art. During the course of his career, Penn produced images that would grace the covers of Vogue while simultaneously appearing on the walls of galleries. As one of the most influential photographers of his time, he earned respect among the elite and established members of both the fashion and art worlds.

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Amy O’Boyle: Weddings and Portraiture on Film Cameras

All images by Amy O’Boyle. Used with permission.

Photographer Amy O’Boyle is perhaps one of the more unique photographers to have submitted for a feature in our upcoming Analog zine. Amy is a photographer who shoots weddings and portraits for a living and occasionally does fashion. She uses both medium format and 35mm format to create the photos that she does. But on top of that, she’s a fantastic photographer.

Below is her submission.

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Ingrid Alice Irsigler’s COLOUR is an Ingenious Use of Color in Portraiture

All images by Ingrid Alice Irsigler. Used with permission.

Photographer Ingrid Alice Irsigler has had work that has always amazed me. Some of it is fairy tale inspired with great use of color. But either way, Ingrid has overcome obstacles and earned a place on our 30 Women Photographers to follow list. Very recently, she completed a shoot called COLOUR done in an area of Cape Town called Co-Kaap. Part of what’s so special about this area is the very rich history and the colorful houses.

While some of this looks easy, Ingrid tells us that it wasn’t.

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Mathew Guido’s Eye Candy Plays With Neon Lights And Stylish Sunglasses

All images by Mathew Guido. Used under a Creative Commons License. 

When it comes to conceptual portraits in a fashion shoot, breaking the norm and daring to do something radically different can often result in an unexpected yet unique images. In Mathew Guido’s latest photo series titled “Eye Candy”, instead of shooting in a controlled studio environment with professional lights, he decided to shoot his model wearing sunglasses in dark environments, lit only by the neon and street lights.

The emphasis of the series is on the different sunglasses worn by the model in every image, bathed in vibrant neon lights from signboards on the streets at night. Consequently the images are strongly biased to the color tones of the specific neon lights near the model, creating interesting low key results with incredibly strong color saturation.

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Retro Modern by Emily Soto Displays a Simple Beauty in Photography

This is a syndicated blog post from Licorne Magazine. Originally written by Alex Burchell. All images by Emily Soto and used under a Creative Commons License.

New Yorker Emily Soto has produced an incredibly brave project that will leave you in no doubt that photography in the fashion world has real artistic value.

The name Emily Soto may not ring any bells, but chances are if you read any fashion or lifestyle magazines, you have seen her photography. From Bloomberg Businessweek to V Magazine, and everything in between, Emily has produced beautiful and unique work. With real artistic flair, each image is a bold expression of emotion, filtered of any excess, and leaves the viewer gasping for air as they immerse themselves deeper and deeper within the multiple layers of her portraits.

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Jvdas Berra Showcases Birds of Prey in These Beautiful Fashion Photographs

All images by Jvdas Berra. Used with a Creative Commons License.

Everyone on Instagram thinks themselves to be the next biggest fashion photographer; but on this side of the desk it’s very clear many people out there lack vision. Jvdas Berra is a fashion photographer who creates images with a cause–and a very specific vision. His images have a Je Ne Sais Quoi to them that isn’t seen in the work of many others. Part of this has to do with his strong beliefs in conversation; which is furthered in his new project, D´SCENE: Predaceous.

Jvdas holds a special place in our hearts. We’ve featured him three times previously and, every time we see his work, our jaws drop.

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Previously Unseen Photos from Irving Penn to Appear in Retrospective

All images used with permission of the Frist Center for the Visual Arts.

Photographer Irving Penn is getting his first retrospective of his photographs in 20 years. In a new exhibit called Irving Penn: Beyond Beauty, the photographer’s fashion, portrait, and still life images that appeared in Vogue magazine will be on display alongside 100 previously unseen works donated by theIrving Penn Foundation. The retrospective is organized by the Smithsonian American Art Museum and Frist’s curator of photographer from 1983 to 1999, Merry Foresta.

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Jonny Baker’s Lifestyle Street Portraits Focus on Street Fashion

All images by Jonny Baker. Used with permission.

“Initially the impact fashion magazines had on me created my desire to develop my career and pick up the camera,” says Tel Aviv based photographer Jonny Baker about why he wanted to get into the Street Fashion genre of photography. “Bill Cunningham was a big inspiration to me. I today move around my city capturing the fashion conscious and the natural facial expressions which Bill gave to the world. The street is the worlds best catwalk and I have the best view point moving around the streets photographing it’s people.” Jonny equates his need for his camera being on the same level of people needing coffee to start their day. He thrives off of knowing that he can capture any moment at any time of the day.

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