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All images by Angie Candella. Used with permission

Angie Candella is a wedding photographer based in Pittsburgh and who has gained lots of recognition for her work. She’s been shooting professionally since 2008 and bring a unique and modern touch to her weddings. The trend in wedding photography for the past couple of years has moved away from the super traditional and more towards the alternative and nouveau. What Angie has that helps her so much with this is her background in fashion photography. “I go through every photo and make sure that the bride looks flawless, and that the photos look like it came out of a magazine.” says Angie.

We talked to Angie about the specifics of posing a bride–and given her fashion background, Angie has quite a different approach to it.

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Video thumbnail for youtube video Matthew Jordan Smith Talks About The Specifics of Using Ring Flash - The Phoblographer

Photographer Matthew Jordan Smith is a Sony Artisan and has long been known as a top fashion photographer. A while back, he shared an amazing story with Profoto about how he photographed Tyra Banks using one of the most popular accessories for fashion: the ring flash.

Ring flashes come in two different varieties. The first is an actual flash tube that goes around the lens and that can output loads and loads of power. But photographers searching for something a bit more affordable to mere mortals often reach: and so flash modifiers were designed to work with hot shoe flashes. These modifiers go around the lens and work in a similar fashion, but instead take the existing flash output and bounce it around in a ring shape. Usually, there is one top of light loss associated with it so you always need to compensate by adding in an extra stop or a stop and a half of light output..

In the video, Mr. Smith talks a lot about how the image of Tyra was shot not just by putting her on a black background and shooting to his heart’s content. Instead, he goes into details like using flags to block out other light, specific positioning of Tyra, and giving her breaks because of what a ring flash can do to the eyes.

Profoto’s video on how to use a ring flash is after the jump. Want some recommendations of your own? We really like the Roundflash version II. In fact, we still use it on shoots when we’re testing lenses.

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All images by Sander Martijn. Used with permission. 

Creating the Photograph is an original series where we interview photographers about a photo that they shot and how it was achieved. The results are some knowledge passed on to you. Want to be featured? Email chrisgampat[at]thephoblographer[dot]com.

Sander Martijn is a fashion photographer based in NYC, and also a former Phoblographer staffer. Sander’s style of lighting is extremely by the book but when combined with his creative vision works out quite well for the images that he produces. Late last year, he photographed something that many photographer find incredibly difficult: jewelry. Additionally, the jewelry was photographed on a model.

Here’s how he got the photo that worked perfectly for the magazine he shot it for.

This post is a modified posting originally found here.

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Creating the Photograph is an original series where we interview photographers about a photo that they shot and how it was achieved. The results are some knowledge passed on to you. Want to be featured? Email chrisgampat[at]thephoblographer[dot]com

Photographer Lindsay Adler needs no introduction–she’s an in demand fashion photographer, a social media maven, and an instructor. Based in NYC, Lindsay Adler travels a lot for her job and will be at WPPI 2014 giving classes about her craft and teaching folks tricks and tips on how to improve their workflow. But as a bit of a teaser, we talked to her about how she created one of her favorite photos: the Golden Goddess.

Here’s her story. But also be sure to check out her class on How to Flatter Anyone, No Really Anyone and other seminars.

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Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 11.37.29 AM

Chris Martin has released presets before for film lovers, but for the specialized fashion shooter you can never have too many presets to help speed up your workflow. With that said, shortly after we announced the recent Fashion preset package, we decided to give them a go. Since I’ve done fashion work before, I put myself into the mentality of needing to deliver images super fast to clients. But in this case, it was instead to give the models I work with another way to display images of themselves for their own portfolio. With that said, retouching wasn’t done to the images–but in these situations they didn’t really need them.

What I found is something that you’ll either scoff at or praise.

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Kevin Lee The Phoblographer HoldFast Roamographer Product Images -3

Photographers often need to travel carrying more than half their weight in gear, so why not do it in style? HoldFast Gear understands this and its latest bag called the Roamographer blends together the vintage look of handcrafted Great American Bison leather with modern foam protection. From the outside the Roamographer looks like a large leather tote ready for short business trips, but inside there’s an enormous foam insert with enough room for at least two camera bodies and four additional lenses.

Have a tripod or monopod? Just loosen the straps underneath and slip it in. You can carry around the bag in hand or throw on a shoulder strap to make it a messenger bag. For even longer trips or in case the bag is crammed full of gear, it can be clipped onto a set of chest straps. The first run of Roamographer bags will begin shipping by the middle of March. There are more pictures of the camera bag after the break and you can claim your own now $495.

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