Field Review: Olympus EPL-2 (Night 5)

chris gampat the phoblographer olympus epl2 review concert photos (1 of 14)

So far in the Olympus EPL-2 review we tested the Art Filters, shot an awkward moment on video, talked about using it on dates and as a street photography camera. Our first impressions are holding together very well and we’re still positively impressed. I felt that the camera needed a real test though. As stated earlier on, I’m reviewing this camera as an option for professionals not shooting paid work and instead just for fun. With this said, I journeyed out to another Chiptunes concert.

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Field Review: Olympus EPL-2 (Day 4)

Pin Hole

Like the other Olympus cameras, the EPL-2 features Art Filters. In Day 3, we tested the video abilities out a bit, and today we explore the art filters. Overall since Day 1, the experience of using the camera has still been very positive, and as we saw in Day 2, the camera still makes an excellent casual and street photography camera. Note that the Art Filters in the Olympus EPL-2 look very similar to that of the E-5’s Art Filters.

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Field Review: Olympus EPL-2 (Day 3)

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Olympus EPL-2 Product photos (1 of 5)

In Day 1 of our Olympus EPL-2 Field review, we started to get used to the camera and really begin to like it. Then in Day 2, we went around shooting in nothing else but JPEG and were quite pleased with the results. Today is the day that I write about the EPL-2 and realize that the vast majority of the images that I’ve been shooting for a while were in RAW and that Adobe Lightroom 3 doesn’t support the file at the time of writing this posting. Keep in mind though that this review is being done from the viewpoint of a professional that wants a small camera to use. With this said, most professionals wouldn’t want to go ahead and install the bundled Olympus software—they’d much rather just use what they have already. So here’s a demonstration of the camera’s video mode instead coupled with more commentary on the ergonomics and use over time and why I love it as a street photography camera.

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Field Review: Olympus EPL-2 (Day 2)


In Day 1, I got my hands dirty with the EPL-2. For the most part, it is so far living up to my expectations. The EPL-2 and I went along the street of NYC and into cafes with my friend Sal from And for once, I shot nothing else but JPEGs. Keep in mind that this review is being done in the viewpoint of a professional looking for a small, carry-around camera. So why JPEGs then? Less work in the end, that’s why!

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Field Review: Olympus EPL-2 (Day 1)


With the Olympus E-5 review finished, the Olympus EPL-2 suddenly appeared at my doorstep. Now, do note that I raved about this camera during the announcement despite my total dislike (more than once) of the EPL-1. We’ve reviewed a number of Micro Four Thirds cameras here as well like the EP-2, GF-1, and the G2. This field review though will be a special one geared towards the professional and semi-professional looking for a carry around camera so that they don’t have to lug their DSLRs around. So is the latest addition to the bunch really worth purchasing for this segment of the market?

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