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Just when we though the era of the point-and-shoot was over, new models come trickling in. And it seems that when Olympus introduced the Stylus 1 a while back, a new era of the point-and-shoot began. This is the era of the specialized point-and-shoot that comes with a clever twist, something that makes each model unique and stand out from the crowd. And above all, that makes it a camera you’d actually consider to buy for a change.

The latest point-and-shoot models from Olympus are the rugged TOUGH TG3 and the superzoom model SH-1, and both are trying to win your heart with unique features. Read on past the break to find out if one of them is for you.

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Review: Sony RX10

by Julius Motal on 03/25/2014

julius motal the phoblographer sony rx10-4

In the pantheon of cameras that were, are, and will be, it is rare that a point-and-shoot will turn heads. That’s not to say that there haven’t been any, but so many compromises are made with cheaper cameras that it’s easy to forget about them altogether. Enter the Sony RX10, a point-and-shoot camera with an impressive lens and a DSLR aesthetic in the Cyber-shot line. It’s a bridge camera, and in Sony’s case, the halfway-point between its Cyber-shot and Alpha lines. Consider it a Cyber-alpha, really. Throughout the monthlong review period, I often forgot that I was working with a point-and-shoot, but I never completely forgot.

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Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Canon Rebel SL1 product photos review (3 of 9)ISO 4001-80 sec at f - 4.5

When the King of the Hill admits defeat, you know the game is over. And according to what both Canon Watch and SlashGear are saying, that’s the case with Canon and the low end point and shoot game. They both cite a Google Translated article stating that Canon is ceasing to focus on cameras under the $200 entry point because of the way that smartphones have affected the sale of compact cameras. Instead, they’re going to be focusing on higher end compacts and their DSLRs. As far as the latter goes, Canon is the #1 seller. Despite being very conservative and trying to make sure that no camera eats into the others’ sales, they’re still not producing bad cameras at all. In fact, no one that is a major manufacturer is.

What this could mean in the future is that CES and other trade shows may be a bit more dead or more focused on higher end products. On top of that, we may not see the major innovations and risks taken by the company that we saw from 2008 on for a while. When the company was first producing the 5D Mk II, announcing the 7D and 1D X, and making the Rebels better than previous generations it was a much more exciting time.

Here’s to looking forward to Photokina 2014.


It’s been a while since Canon released the G1 X camera, and the company is announcing an update in the form of the G1 X Mk II today for CP+. At the heart of the camera is a new 1.5″ 12.8MP CMOS sensor, a DIGIC 6 processor, ISO range of 100-12,800, a new 9 aperture blade f2-f3.9 lens with an equivalent zoom range of 24-120mm, 31 AF points, and a 3 inch tilting LCD. Canon also has a brand new external EVF that mounts into the hot shoe for the camera.

The new G1 X Mk II also boasts WiFi connectivity, NFC, and a $799.99 price tag when it drops in April. For what it’s worth, the Ricoh GR is still cheaper and has an APS-C sized sensor.

More photos of the camera are after the jump.

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Nikon today announces a whole bunch of new point-and-shoots at once, among which are superzooms, rugged models and an enthusiast’s compact. The Coolpix AW120 and S32 are both water- and shockproof, with the former being aimed at the outdoor photographer, and the latter being touted as a camera for the whole family. The P600, P530 and S9700 are all superzoom models, sporting zoom factors of 60x, 42x and 30x respectively. And finally, the P340 is a Coolpix A-lookalike with a smaller sensor and a bright 5x zoom lens. All the details after the break.

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Leica C Typ 112 Leaked Image via 43rumors

Leica Rumors today posted a couple of leaked images of a new camera that was previously rumored to be called ‘Leica C Typ 112′. We assume that ‘C’ stands for ‘Compact’, but obviously not in the sense of ‘Compact System Camera’, as many people had hoped. Rather, it stands for ‘Compatc Point-and-Shoot’. And with all of Leica’s recent compact cameras, this one as well is a re-badged Panasonic, sold with a number of exclusive accessories and presumably at twice the price of the camera it is based on, the Panasonic LF1.

As a reminder, the LF1 is a premium p&s compact that comes with an integrated electronic viewfinder (albeit a low-resolution one), but still keeps a slim profile. We don’t know when the C Typ 112 will be officially announced, but expect it to be around US-$ 700-800 when it hits markets.

UPDATE Sep. 9th: And now it seems the camera is official, see this post over La Vida Leica.