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For better or worse, after lots of camera testing we believe that the best option when it comes to trying to get into medium format photography is to stick with film. You’ll get a beautiful look, the film is quite versatile, and the quality will make your jaw drop every time. Don’t know where to start? One camera that is often talked about is the Kiev 88: a Russian Hasselblad 1000F copy that is kind of quirky and like other medium format cameras varies from copy to copy.

The folks over at the Art of Photography recently shot a video profiling one of the cameras and states that there are pros and cons–a lot of cons. Third party modifications are available if you want, This 645 format camera is like many other medium format offerings that have interchangeable film backs, viewfinders, and lenses. But the overall quality control is all over the place.

Photographer Oleg Osprico does incredible work with one; and the video featuring the Kiev 88 is after the jump.

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Screenshot taken from the video

Screenshot taken from the video

Lighting doesn’t need to be expensive, and in fact it can sometimes be really simple to use. Aaron Nace from Phlearn recently demonstrated this in a video that they posted where they purchased a couple of fluorescent lights from Amazon for around $15 a piece and then use gels to change the way that the lights look.

Aaron states that they needed a three light setup–the same three light setup that most strobist portrait photographers talk about. In the scene there is a main light, fill light, and an accent light. The main light is providing the main source of light while on the other side you have the fill to add extra details to the shadows. But then a third light gets added called the accent light but traditionally known as the hair light. Aaron’s subject is a male, but this light is really important when photographing females.

While this works out really well, we should let you know that dollar for dollar, continuous lighting is significantly weaker than strobe lighting. However, it is easier to work with.

Aaron’s video is after the jump, and demonstrates a really thrifty way to use DIY lighting on the cheap. Be sure to also check out Aaron’s guest post for our Creating the Photograph series. Also be sure to check out this softbox hack also done for around $20.

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Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Lomography Bel Air Hands on Review (2 of 10)ISO 400

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The other night I was in a bar with a photographer that we featured here on the site recently. When we chatted, we talked about how the industry was going in general. She (the photographer) assists other larger names and does her own work on the side. For extra income, she thought about doing weddings with another photographer she is close with. The problem is that they didn’t want to deal with the editing process and everything else in the post-world that has to do with working with weddings. Additionally, everything that they found wasn’t worth the money and there are tons of low ballers out there. Essentially, that is also only one of the reasons why wedding photographers get paid what they do.

So after chatting with her and a couple of other photographers, we figured it out: just don’t post-process. If anything just shoot JPEG, cut the session down to the best images, and then hand them off to the clients. This goes for weddings, portraits, events, etc.

Again, we are not preaching laziness here–and if you take away from this article that we are doing that then you’ve obviously not read it. We’re preaching a way for photographers to make some extra cash on the side and still make the work profitable for them. If someone only wants to pay you $300 for a wedding and you’re giving them six hours of your time, just find ways to cut corners and make your time totally worth it and as profitable as you can.

On the other hand, if someone is paying you handsomely, put the according amount of work in and show that work off in your portfolio accordingly. Then always keep in mind that the high end photographers will never compete with the ones that only do cheap weddings because they are totally different price points. To the gear heads, it’s like comparing a Nikon D4s to a Canon Rebel.

Then in the end, just don’t tell anyone that you did it.

Dad circa 1974

Dad circa 1974

Image by Felix Esser

There are only a couple of days left for Father’s Day savings deals–but don’t worry. We still found loads of other deals and some older deals that you still can take advantage of. More details from Canon, Nikon, Fujfilm, Olympus, Pentax and more have been aded. Take a look after the jump.

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Adobe has faced quite a bit of a backlash across the web from commentors and creators due to the pricing and the decision to go for cloud updates. Though most of us here mostly get all we need done in Lightroom, Photoshop is still a big part of our community. Digital Camera Info recently put together an infographic to totally figure out the pricing plan and structure: making it easy for everyone to look at all that info in one spot.

The infographic is below, and for businesses and independent studios it seems like this may still be an excellent option.

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Chris Gampat The Phoblographer RhinoCam product images review (7 of 8)ISO 4001-250 sec at f - 5.0

To say that the RhinoCam was designed for photographers out there that are hellbent on becoming the next Ansel Adams is an understatement. The great photographer travelled all around the world to capture some amazing landscapes but was also quite the chemist. In the digital world, the equivalent is post-processing–and you’ll be doing lots of it when you use The RhinoCam. The apparatus uses a Sony NEX camera and pairs it with either a Hasselblad, Mamiya or Pentax 645 lens to later on help the user capture an extremely large image in the post-production phase. On top of this, it promises to be able to do this for $500.

But does Fotodiox’s latest accessory really make sense? Many people use the Gigapan, but this is clearly different.

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