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Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Canon 8-15mm product photos (2 of 4)

It’s been a while since we saw something extremely unconventional from Canon, but both Photo Rumors and Canon Rumors are saying that we should be hearing about new L series lenses. According to both sites, we should be hearing about both an 11-24mm f4 L and a 100-400mm f4.5-5.6 L IS USM II lens. The former is an interesting addition seeing as the company already has a very good 8-15m f4 L lens and a 16-35mm f2.8 L offering. An 11-24mm f4 L lens will most likely be targeted at landscape, architecture, and cityscape photographers that need something that wide. To boot, f4 is more than wide enough of an aperture for work like that.

What lots of photographers will be talking about though will be the 100-400mm f4.5-5.6 L IS USM II–which many agencies, news wires and sports shooters will most likely be interested in. We heard about the patent for this lens being submitted before, but the patents filed are in addition to some other very interesting patents. The photo world should be hearing about a new 17-5mm lens along with a 70-400mm lens.

Still though, we’re just going to have to wait and see what Canon comes out with.



When a photographer travels they often want to carry a compact camera that is low profile, has great image quality, is reliable, and that they can tote around to both have fun and be artistic. Despite how much we always talk about DSLRs and mirrorless cameras, they can slow you down so much more when compared to a good point and shoot fixed lens camera. While the typical moniker of a point and shoot camera has always been one that has been looked down on by many of the more bourgeois amongst us, these cameras have indeed become much better over the years. In fact, these compact cameras are so good now that it’s arguable that you don’t need an interchangeable lens camera.

Here are our favorite point and shoots that will make the travelling photographer drool.

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grote zoom Canon camera 2

Following the woefully disappointing announcement of Canon’s hyped up ad campaign, it appears the Japanese camera company might actually have something exciting to introduce in the near future. Canon Watch spotted a large sensor powershot camera on Canon’s Netherlands website. The camera is briefly appears in a video clip shrouded in shadows with a silhouette that looks strikingly similar to the Canon’s EOS M cameras. The mystery camera is labeled as a grote zoom (big zoom) later model next to the Powershot G1X Mk II and recently announced G7X.

Considering the position of this rumored compact camera, it’s safe to assume it will feature the same 1.5-inch 12.8MP CMOS sensor in the G1X Mk II plus a longer zoom lens that extends beyond a 24-120mm focal length range.

Canon Watch also reports that the camera appeared with a short introduction that stated, “Canon is committed to offer top notch picture quality a compact camera. The new model in the Expert Compact range combines a large sensor and powerful zoom for superb pictures from afar.”

Chances are we’ll see this camera shortly with PhotoPlus beginning later this month, so stay tuned for more and catch another glimpse of this mystery camera after the jump.

Via Canon Watch

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All images by Gabriel Torney. Used with permission.

Lasers, strobe lighting, and a beautiful starry background–what could be better? Gabe Torney shared this image on Reddit and it quickly hit the site’s front page.

“I have been really impressed with astrophotography and recently had a family vacation in Lake Tahoe where the stars are abundant. A family friend who was staying with us had brought his awesome laser and I figured it could play a big part in some photos.” says Gabe about how the image came together. “One of the nights, we drove away from the lake until we found a clearing deep in the wilderness. We hopped out of the car and looked up to see the sky glittering above.”

Gabe’s brother was the subject in the photo and used a Wicked Laser Arctic 3–which otherwise can be dangerous. Luckily, no aircraft were around and it was a clear sky.

Gabe used a Canon 5D Mk II with a 28mm f1.8 on a tripod with a shutter remote. To ensure that his brother (the subject) wasn’t completely whited out, his niece held a flashlight just off center. Gabe continues to tell us that after he posted it online that the community gave him other tips on how to better capture his subject in a crisper way.

It’s a fun idea and plays with lighting, long exposure technique, composition and backgrounds quite well.

Canon See Impossible revealed

Welp so much for Canon’s “See Impossible” teaser leading to anything even remotely interesting for camera gear heads. As it turns out Canon is launching a new marketing campaign that focuses on successful, self-published artists. On the company’s new microsite you’ll find series of videos highlighting how using Canon products, from a Canon 5D Mk III to a printer, lead to the success of indie creatives.

One 45-second video on the site for instance shows how an author used her Canon printer to self-publish her book and become a best seller—because it’s just that easy!

Folks: what Canon has done here is created its own Hallmark channel of advertising videos.

Canon also has plans to make sure its ads are seen everywhere starting today with takeover ads on YouTube. You can also expect to see these self-promotional videos all over CNNgo as well. Meanwhile, Ad Week reports the camera maker will partner with the Bleacher Report to display ads during this month’s Major League Baseball post season.

Via Canon Watch

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All images by Jenna Martin. Used with permission.

Surreal imagery often involves having a very whimsical and playful artistic vision. Take photographer Jenna Martin for example–who states that her visions come to her from fits of insomnia. Jenna hails from Montana and received a Master’s in Psychiatric Rehabilitation. But she decided to become a photographer instead and has produced loads of surreal images for the past two years. Her fits of insomnia has earned her international publishing, having her work in galleries, and much more. In fact, she’s been featured on the Phoblographer for our Creating the Photograph series and we recently syndicated her letter to new photographers. Jenna’s surreal work is from her series called “A Dream to Dream” which is currently on display and her new underwater work is also on display in Billings.

But we wanted to get to know more about Jenna’s visions–which remind us a bit of elements of a modern Wonderland and advertising that a creative agency would use.

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