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Here’s a new Kickstarter project that might tickle your fancy – London-based VU Equipment has designed a simple and modern yet functional camera slingstrap that’s supposedly easier and more convenient to use than the other existing slingstraps in the market. They are calling it the Slidestrap.

The main claim of the Slidestrap is that it supposedly allows you to easily bring your camera up to eye level without the constant adjustment of the strap but also lets you carry around your precious equipment close to your body so that it doesn’t bounce around. You simply mount your camera to the strap’s anodized aircraft-grade aluminum mounting plate with a rubber padding that keeps your camera from constantly slipping and it’s good to go. It has no buckle adjustments that to deal with between carrying the camera and taking photos and it keeps it steady, with lens pointing towards the ground, to avoid accidental knocks on your camera when you’re walking around.

Made in Britain, VU Equipment promises an affordable product made from high quality materials and with a stylish and functional design. Currently, the Slingstrap comes in either cream or black on brown leather devoid of any massive corporate logo prints, just a small subtle VU logo on one end.

The company just launched the Kickstarter campaign to help them with the production of these straps. If you’re interested in the product or would like to help them reach their goal, then stop by their campaign page for more details. In the meantime, learn more about the Slingstrap by watching the video after the jump.

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Alpaca’s are cute, fuzzy, and sometimes funny animals. And with lots of stylish camera straps these days being made from leather or canvas, these new addition from the Cecilia Gallery is quite a welcome surprise. The company has today announced a new line of 14 camera straps made of Alpaca wool and leather accents. Each strap comes with its own unique design and range somewhere in the $85 to $95 price point.

The company tells us that the straps are all handwoven in Peru and that they’ve got nylon built into them to help them support up to 250lbs of weight. Yes–we just said 250lbs, that’s what they’re claiming at least. In a situation like that, you can probably tote your 8×10 camera around your neck with one of these things.

You can snag your own right now on the company’s website.

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Fotostrap Graphite canvas (1 of 7)ISO 2001-60 sec at f - 1.8

When retailer Mako Haus reached out to us about the FotoStraps, we took to a particular liking to them. But when they added in that the sale of each one goes towards a non-profit setup to fight adversity, we were even more taken away. We called in the Graphite Canvas Fotostrap, which has brown leather accents and a whole lot of sexiness about it coming out of the packaging.

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Yeti DSC_7203

Image By Scott Wyden Kivowitz (Thanks)

In what seems like a long time ago in a city far, far away, I acquired my first BlackRapid Strap. It was the Black Rapid RS-7 and at first I was suspicious about it. Years, hundreds of miles of photo walking and dozens of events later, I still happily used it. When I had to upgrade the way I handle my photography jobs, I was introduced to the BlackRapid Yeti, a dual camera strap. Unlike other dual camera straps, the Yeti sat on one shoulder. It is different.

As photographers, we now have a lot of choices on how we carry our cameras. Let’s see why I chose the BlackRapid Yeti.

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Julius Motal The Phoblographer Joby Pro Slign Strap

At Photo Plus Expo 2013, Joby was showing off a very clever new camera strap called the “Pro Sling Strap”. Building on Joby’s previous strap designs, the Pro Sling strap includes a fastening mechanism that is actually activated by the weight of your camera. This helps not only keeping the camera in place while you’re on the move, but it also adds extra security as it keeps your camera from accidentally dropping. While visiting Joby’s PPE booth, we got a quick demonstration of the strap, and we have to admit that we were quite impressed.

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I do appreciate when a company can surprise me twice.  The Utility Strap- Sling from Op/Tech is low cost, nicely built and proof that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to comfortably hold a camera. After testing their SLR Wrist strap, Op/Tech contacted us and we got a custom strap made for The Phoblographer. Op/Tech offers nice customizations options for their straps. After some thorough testing here are my thoughts on this strap.

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