Review: Holdfast Gear Maven Camera Strap

If you were to look at what some of the biggest names in the premium camera strap manufacturer lineup were, one brand that would immediately come to mind is Holdfast Gear. Their straps are incredibly different from everything else out there and for the most part, they got a bit of extra peacock to them vs many of the others. For a while now, I’ve been testing the Holdfast Gear Maven camera strap on the Impossible Project’s I-1 camera. Despite the fact that it isn’t specifically designed for that camera, they still work very well together due to the camera’s design.

Most of all, if you’re looking for something a bit more toned down from Holdfast, then the Maven is probably what you’re looking for.

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Opus Camera Strap Is Made Of Handcrafted Leather, Sailing Rope And Hardened Chrome Split Rings

Most photographers prefer to work with third party camera straps for many reasons, typically for having better functions or looking fashionable to match stylish camera designs. Opus has started a Kickstarter campaign to produce a camera strap that is handcrafted, made of real leather, sailing durable Polyester and hardened split rings.

Krzysztof Szumanski, the man behind this Kickstarter project revealed that he was inspired by his passion of sailing to combine a professional sailing rope with strong leather and hardened chromed split ring which he claimed will enhance material strength and durability.

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Photographer Majd Khatib Shows You How to DIY a Theft Proof Camera Strap

Photographer and filmmaker, Majd Khatib, has released an easy-to-follow tutorial that shows you how to make your own DIY theft proof camera strap. After having his own camera stolen, Khatib knew he needed to come up with a solution to prevent theft in the future. Enter his DIY rig. Using a standard backpack, wire, straps, and hook to connect to the camera, Khatib walks you through his step-by-step process so you can theft-proof your own camera. Check out the video for the hilarious tutorial. Continue reading…

SNAPSNAP: Camera Strap That Counterbalances Camera Weight With Your Backpack

There has been a recent trend of camera straps that attach to a backpack–and that’s the bandwagon that SNAPSNAP is jumping on. The company describes their product as a functional strap designed to work with a backpack to counterbalance the weight of your camera. They claim that it greatly improves the camera handling experience while providing comfort and placing your camera within easy reach for quick shooting response.

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The SpiderLight Hand Strap is Targeting Flagship Mirrorless Camera Users

It’s been awhile since Spider Holster has done anything really eye catching; but their new SpiderLight handstrap looks pretty interesting. The camera strap is looking for funding on Kickstarter, and is designed for full sized DSLR cameras and flagship mirrorless cameras. It also connects to a strap lug then wraps itself around to link up with the camera’s tripod connection port.

For cameras with a grip like the Sony a7 II series of cameras, this makes a lot of sense. But for cameras like the Olympus Pen F, the Panasonic GX7 and the Fujifilm X Pro 2 with a rangefinder style body the use of the SpiderLight may be more cumbersome. The reasoning behind that statement has more to do with the fact that those cameras require you to put more thumb pushing pressure than all four fingers gripping pressure.

Straps like these have been made before, mind you. The Peak Design Clutch wrist strap does pretty much the same thing. Their Kickstarter video is after the jump.

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Eric Kim Releases New Henri Camera Straps


Street Photographer Eric Kim recently announced his own brand of camera straps. They’re called “Henri” probably inspired after Henri Cartier-Bresson. There are two different ones: a Mk II neck strap and a wrist strap. Each strap is made of leather and made in Saigon then touched up in the USA.

They seem to have very similar features to many other straps like an all leather build,, well designed split O-rings, and a simple look to them overall. But the new versions are what he monikers as a Mahogany look to them. They also have a comfort pad–or at least the neck strap does.

Both are available now on Amazon with the Mk II going for $79.95 and the wrist strap going for $39.95.

Win a Beautiful 4VDesign Lusso Slim Camera Strap


Hey folks!

We’re teaming up with 4V Design to give away one of their gorgeous Lusso Slim camera straps to one lucky winner in the world. Wnat to win this contest?

Check out the details below:

– Prize: One 4V Design Lusso Slim Camera strap in a color choice of the winner’s choosing.

– How to enter: On Instagram, follow both @Phoblographer and @4VDesign. Show us your best ORIGINAL PHOTO interpretation of Creative Light and Shadow. Use light and shadows in the most creative way you possibly can.

Tag 4VDesign and @Phoblographer in the actual image itself

In the caption tell us a story about the image.

– Add the hashtag #IWanta4V

– Contest starts December 7th 2015 12AM EST and ends December 20th 12AM EST. The Winner will hopefully be announced by December 24th.

– Worldwide entry allowed, ages 13+

Good luck folks!

The Straps that the Phoblographer’s Readers Ask Most About

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Sony 28mm f2 lens review product photos (2 of 7)ISO 4001-125 sec at f - 2.8

True fact: on a daily basis, the Phoblographer receives at least three questions about what strap or camera bag we’re featuring in a photo. Yes, over the years we’ve reviewed some very beautiful products, and we pride ourselves on our beautiful product photography too! So to help you all, we’re rounding up some of the most eye catching products that we’ve reviewed that we get asked about all the time.

You’re welcome.

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