Udee Aims To Create The World’s Most Versatile Backpack

When it comes to choosing a camera bag the more casual, versatile and travel-friendly everyday bags are becoming increasingly popular vs of camera equipment-dedicated bags. On a day to day basis we carry a bag with a load of other items besides the camera. In a recent Kickstarter project by Udee, they’re aiming to create a highly versatile backpack with many useful features in mind.

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The 48Hr Switch, The Ultimate All-In-One Bag For Photographers?

The never ending struggle as a photographer is finding that perfect bag. The one that carries everything you need it to without a ton of wasted space, that also looks good and matches your unique style. The one that can double as a camera bag, or a travel bag when needed.

For most of us, we never really find the one bag that covers it all, instead resorting to multiple bags for each use. This is expensive and not very space efficient (just ask my wife) but, lucky for us, there is a new option on the horizon that could be the answer to all our prayers – The 48hr Switch. Continue reading…

Review: Vinta S Series Backpack Camera Bag

More and more, I’ve been leaning away from messenger bags and towards backpacks. No one has really gotten what I want perfectly, but some are close. When you consider what Vinta makes, the Vinta S series of backpacks seem very much in line with what lots of photographers would want. They’re stylish, minimal, low profile, and able to carry a fair amount of gear if you’re a mirrorless camera user. The company markets it to being used by outdoor and landscape photographers very often. But in real life use, it seems to be better for city trekkers.

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Review: Hawkesmill Jermyn Street Camera Bag (Small)

Without a doubt, some of the most luxurious camera bags on the market are made in England by Hawkesmill. Not only are the bags luxurious, but they’re also built very well overall for the most part. With the new release of the smaller versions of the company’s larger bags, there have been a few changes. For example, the Hawkesmill Jermyn Street camera bag has a few new updates like the use of a hook system to keep the bag closed.

Otherwise though, it’s business as always: a beautiful bag that’s well built.

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The Cosyspeed CAMSLINGER Streetomatic+ Can Hold Larger Mirrorless Cameras

Cosyspeed is a camera bag manufacturer that was initially known for creating some pretty suped up fanny packs for photographers. In some ways, they kind of are–but they’ve also evolved quite a bit with the company’s Streetomatic making a decent sling bag. Now, Cosyspeed is releasing their CAMSLINGER Streetomatic+. This is a camera bag that is a bit larger and designed to accommodate larger mirrorless cameras and even serious DSLRs without a grip and that have a lens attached.

What Cosyspeed has always valued is quick access to your camera, and for the most part they’ve done a pretty good job in their improvements over the years.

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Review: Brevite Rolltop Camera Bag

Brevite got their start on Kickstarter a year or two back with their original backpack, which mimicked the look of that classic ‘Jansport’ school book bag. I used it regularly as my day trip bag for everything from business meetings to photoshoots; I loved its versatility and its overall build. (My one complaint was the plastic looking faux leather used.)

So when I got word that I was going to be getting a chance to checkout one of the companies new additions to their line, the Rolltop, I was excited to see what it had to offer. I have had this bag now for well over a month, and have used it for everything from day trips to local wildlife refuges to cross country air travel.

Today it is finally time to share my thoughts on the Brevite Rolltop, so lets get into it.

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Review: Peak Design Everyday Tote Camera Bag

When Peak Design announced their new updates to the Everyday Bag lineup, I was incredibly cautious. Sure, we’re a news website and we’ll report on it–but there was a major problem that I had with the Everyday Messenger bag. Then the review unit request came in and I called in the Peak Design Everyday Tote. “There’s no way they can screw up a tote bag,” I thought to myself knowing just how much work goes into their products. But indeed, very few manufacturers have made totes targeted at photographers.

Thankfully, Peak Design really did a truly fantastic job here that I think is worthy of even more praise than the Everyday Messenger bag has. The Tote goes from tote bag to backpack with ease, allows for quick access where you need it and provides the photographer with a lot of versatility. In many ways, this is a perfect bag; but it’s also not the most attractive.

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The Flash Bag is Part Camera Bag, Part Reflector, All Awesome

Designer Scott Tallenger (aka Scotty Avocado, bka Scottstradamus), is currently crowdfunding his latest invention “The Flash Bag”. A messenger style bag made from 100% water-resistant polyurethane coated nylon, the Flash Bag features the unique inclusion of a foil print under flap that can be used to reflect light!

The Flash Bag allows users to bounce light onto their subject by opening the bag revealing the silver reflectice print underneath the flap. Users can set the bag wherever they like, similar to a reflector, and continue shooting without the need for an assistant or for those times when a little fill is needed(e.g. trying to get the picture image of your lunch for Instagram). The bag also features 8 pockets for storage, removable velcro dividiers, a detachable cross-strap, a built-in inside handle, and weighs only 2 pounds.

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