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Blackrapid Cross Shot gservo-3370140513

I have been using Blackrapid products for a few years now and none of them have ever let me down. So when I got a chance to check out the Blackrapid Cross-Shot Sling Camera Strap and the Shot Camera Strap I jumped at it. The Cross Shot is a new version of their classic camera strap. The design is different from the BlackRapid straps like their Rs7 or Yeti.

Like many of their other straps, it features durable polypropylene webbing, a rubber shoulder pad for comfort, and their special FastenR and ConnectR locks.

It’s also bright orange.
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Yeti DSC_7203

Image By Scott Wyden Kivowitz (Thanks)

In what seems like a long time ago in a city far, far away, I acquired my first BlackRapid Strap. It was the Black Rapid RS-7 and at first I was suspicious about it. Years, hundreds of miles of photo walking and dozens of events later, I still happily used it. When I had to upgrade the way I handle my photography jobs, I was introduced to the BlackRapid Yeti, a dual camera strap. Unlike other dual camera straps, the Yeti sat on one shoulder. It is different.

As photographers, we now have a lot of choices on how we carry our cameras. Let’s see why I chose the BlackRapid Yeti.

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Custom SLR, a Kickstarter-funded venture based in the SF Bay Area, has announced their latest product, the “M-Plate” universal tripod plate. The “world’s first universal tripod plate to offer built-in Manfrotto RC2 and Arca-Swiss connections as well as attachment points for accessories” (press-release) attaches to any tripod and can be used in combination with a number of different camera strap systems, such as Custom SLR’s own C-Loop strap mount, the BlackRapid, Spider Holster, Sun Sniper, Cotton Carrier, and any other system that is mounted in the tripod socket.

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The Lens Loop is a camera strap that I’ve been using for a little while now. When it was initially pitched to me, I thought it all a bit odd. I mean, really, a recycled seat belt holding your camera in place at your side? As time went on though, I came to appreciate the quirky but cool strap.

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Camera straps are a much lusted item of many photographers. When Vadim Gordin, the creator of the Lens Loop contacted me about trying out his new Lens Loop camera strap, I was very intrigued yet confused at the same time. The project, which is in its KickStarter stages, hopes to become a full fledged product to be launched in stores across the nation. So does a seat belt really stand a chance as being your new camera strap?

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