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Felix Esser The Phoblographer LowePro Urban Reporter Bag Hands-On

At Phot Plus Expo 2013, LowePro is showing off two new shoulder bag series for the photographer on the go: the Urban Reporter series and the Nova Sport series. Both series come in three sizes, both offer space for a laptop and tablet, and both come with variable and removable inserts. While the Urban Reporter has a more understated look that might appeal more to the fashion-conscious and business types, the Nova Sport is clearly aimed at the active outdoors crowd. We’ve been taking a closer look at both.

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One of the realities that I face when traveling is that I have to have two photo bags. The first is always a roller bag that serves as my carry on luggage and carries most of my gear. This makes it convenient and easy to travel. I not only carry a lot of photo gear, but also audio recording equipment for producing my podcast on the road.

The ThinkTank Photo CityWalker 30 seems to hold the promise of a bag that would provide me the ability to carry my walk-around kit, which often includes my laptop computer, a 13-inch MacBook Air.

Up to this point, I’ve not been pleased with the options, because either a bag didn’t accommodate a laptop or if it did, it would be too big and bulky. I was hoping that the CityWalker 30 might fit the bill.

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Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Zeiss 12mm f2.8 product images (4 of 7)ISO 1001-200 sec at f - 5.6

“The Phoblographer Weekly Recap” is a new feature where we recap the week’s most popular posts. Each weekend, we will present you the top ten posts of the week for your perusal. If you’ve missed any of our popular stories that week, you’ll find them here. Among this week’s top posts: we review the Zeiss Touit 12mm f2.8 lens, 100 year old stereoscopic photos surface, and Nokia’s new ‘EOS’ camera phone leaks. Find the complete breakdown after the jump.

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Think Tank previously had the Retrospective 7 designed for mirrorless camera lovers, but now they’re showing off a brand new line designed specifically for that crowd: the Mirrorless Mover. Available in a 5, 10, 20, and 30i series,the bags are designed for different sizes of mirrorless cameras moving from the Nikon 1 series all the way up to Leica Ms accordingly. As for prices, they’ll range from the mid $30-$70 range.

Besides dividers (which are very close to the Retrospective series in design) the bags sport a Flip-Top style lid with magnetic closure, a rear slot for your belt and to therefore prevent theft, side pockets, mesh pockets, and is made from ballistic nylon. It also includes a rain cover. It’s quite interesting that the company has chosen not to make the bags from canvas.

They aren’t available yet, but then they launch we’ll be sure to have them in for review.


Rokinon Aktiv backpack


Rokinon has made lenses, filters, flashes and tripods; but now they’re getting into the camera bag business. One of their first new additions is their new Aktiv Pak messenger bag. The messenger bag seems to be very similar to other sling type camera bags. And on the eBay sales page, the company touts that is is carry-on compatible and made of durable, weather resistant, 600D material. There is padding inside with three compartments for your DSLR as well as for an iPad, tablet, laptop or magazines. Most of all, there is also a tripod/monopod slot to hold that extra sucker if you need it.

The new bag is available now for $34.95.


The Think Tank Retrospective 40 Shoulder Bag

Yes, another Think Tank bag review. You know why we do so many of these? Think Tank likes people to try out their bags and receive feedback on the good and the bad about their products. They have been so willing to do this with the staff of ThePhoblographer.com that we almost continually have another Think Tank bag review in the works. Which makes sense, because they are one of the most prolific bag makers on the market today. The Think Tank Retrospective 40 bag is another shoulder bag in their long line of professional products, paired in release with its larger cousin the Think Tank Retrospective 50 which was reviewed by Bobby Zhang recently.

The difference between the two bags is a bit more room and a jump from the 13” laptop pocket in my Retro 40 to the 15” laptop pocket in Bobby Zhang’s. It’s a little funny that I got the 13” laptop model because my 17” Toshiba is nowhere near fitting in this bag, but I have found that using it as a straight camera bag has been plenty use enough to test it out. If you want to know about the laptop protection qualities or are more interested in a 15” model, check out Bobby Zhang’s review of the Think Tank Retrospective 50 bag for a more in-depth look at those aspects of this bag’s construction. Enough prattling about other bags, let’s dive into this one after the jump.
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