First Impressions: Sigma 85mm F/1.4 Art

The big announcement from Sigma recently for the still imaging world was definitely the introduction of the long rumored and long awaited 85mm F/1.4 Art lens. We had a chance to take a look at Sigma’s new beastly portrait lens here at PhotoPlus 2016 and today we have our initial impressions for you.

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The Silence of Munich is a Beautiful Street Photography Series

All Images By Skander Khlif. Used Under A Creative Commons License

Photographer Skander Khlif moved to Germany earlier this year, to Munich specifically, and in order to get to know his new surroundings a little better he took a free Sunday and hit the streets. The resulting series, which he titled The Silence of Munich offers an in interesting perspective on the German metropolis and its residents.

For his trip, Khlif went to the center of town, a place full of museums and other beautiful buildings of art and architecture. Khlif noted on his description of the series, “The first Sunday I had to present myself to my new city and at the same time get to know ‘Her’ better! The heart of every city is the museum area and so there I went!” 

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The Mentality Behind Capturing More Visually Interesting Images

Some photographers go through the world simply looking at scenes and only capturing what looks interesting to them at the time–and in attempt to capture a scene just the way that they see it. That’s fine–and it works out pretty well most of the time. In contrast, have you tried something new?

What about the idea of going about places and looking at the shapes? Or the colors? Lots of photographers these days start out by being self taught–and if you just embrace some of the more principle pillars of art, you’ll see just how much extra potential your images have.

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Can a Professional Photographer Use 360 Photography Commercially?

360 Photography and Virtual Reality are some of the areas where photography seems to be evolving, becoming cool, fun, and fulfilling the human need to constantly be entertained. Like a dog that sees a squirrel run across a field, there are some of us in the industry that simply just go for it because it’s the cool thing to do. But in all honesty, it doesn’t have a lot of major uses for the professional photographer. Instead, it’s just a way for people on social media and other platforms to be engaged. To that end, it could become the ultimate Behind the Scenes Tool for a photographer’s life.

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Madness of Many: A Story about a Cardboard Cutout Twin Sister

All images by Jessica Richmond and have been used with permission. 

Madness of Many is the name of this series from photographer Jessica Richmond in which she is photographing herself as she interacts with life sized printouts of–well, herself. We just had to know more about the story behind these images so we reached out to Jessica, she said “Photography has always been a process of experimentation and discovery for me, especially as a child. Curiosity drove my initial interest towards photography.”

The look and feel of these images, whether it be the harsh lighting or the printed ‘copies’ of herself, is just very raw, very authentic.  “It began with a specific process of photographing myself, printing myself life-size and then re-photographing myself with my printed, false double.” Jessica said when we asked her about the project. “I wasn’t sure at first how this would translate through a camera. It is a very fragile process, move a step to the left and the image falls apart. It takes a lot of tests and missteps to finally get it right.”

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Jess Pollock’s Double Exposures Convey Creative Experimentation

All images by Jess Pollock. Used with permission.

“I’ve been an artist and a photographer since middle school. Throughout my art classes in high school and college, I realized that I had a gift of framing my subjects and creating balance in both my paintings and photographs.” says photographer Jess Pollock. Jess has an interesting creative advantage in the fact that he works in various mediums. The ability to not hold yourself back in other mediums vs how one usually does in photography is one that often clashes. But Jess has learned to make his photographs better through skills he learned in painting and vice versa.

“My artistic focus in painting has changed over the years; I used to do abstract impressionism, but have been getting into realism lately, especially nature and outer space.” explains Jess. “As for my photography, I’m always capturing nature (trees, mountains, lakes, oceans, etc.) and have, in the last few years, been incorporating people into my nature photos in a creative way.” Combine this with things like Jess’s love of outer space and the Lord of the Rings, and you’ve got quite a potent artistic mixture.


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John Dykstra: Developing a Dark and Expressive Creative Vision

All images by John Dykstra. Used with permission.

“When I finally picked up photography, I knew well my intentions to be an artist, and that if I were to ever get into photography, I would never be doing commercial or documentary work: the aim was to develop the craft into my own artistic ambitions.” says photographer John Dykstra about his photography. “What I didn’t know was how quickly my love for photography would develop.” Earlier on this year, I found John’s work on Reddit and talked to him about the series that you see here. It isn’t complete, but he’s been working on it and it’s developed into one that touches on how people see the world around them.


John started out in the creative world drawing and then got into photography. And as he explains, it’s not a simple art form to master.

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New Report Points to Photokina Announcement For Sigma 85mm F1.4 Art Lens

Could this finally be the year? The year we get what has become Sigma fan’s unicorn, an 85mm F/1.4 Art lens? A new report from Canon Rumors pegs the long requested lens for an announcement at Photokina later this year–a move that would no doubt send the greater DSLR community into a frenzy.

But this is not the first time that we have heard of an 85mm F/1.4 art lens, so could this just be another false start? It’s always possible when dealing with potential announcements, but in this case the signs seem to point to this actually happening this year. One of the biggest excuses that Sigma always gave in regards to why they had not done an 85mm Art lens was that they already had a great 85mm lens. By all accounts it was/is a great lens too, but it just had the unfortunate problem of having been released just before the Global Vision changes and the introduction of the Art series.

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