Apple Thinks You Should Wirelessly Transfer Images to Your New Macbook Pro In Place of SD Reader


One of the biggest points that photographers noticed regarding the latest line of Macbook Pro’s that Apple announced last week was the exclusion of an SD card slot. For most people this is a negative because it means no easily expandable storage for the Macbook Pro, but for Photographers, this is incredibly irritating because it means more fuss to get images from your camera to your computer.  Continue reading…

Apple’s Latest Macbook Pro Line Is Here


Yesterday Microsoft was dazzling creative minds with their Surface Studio all in one desktop announcement, and today it was Apple’s turn with their newly updated Macbook Pro lineup. The new Macbook Pro line features some killer tech which will no doubt be incredibly useful for creatives, photographers, and videographers in general – none more so than the long-rumored touch bar.  Continue reading…

Review: Fotr Camera App (Apple iPhone)


The idea behind the Fotr app isn’t really a new one; but it’s one of the latest options out there that takes the conveniences of digital photography and tries to apply film-analog ideas to it. No, we’re not talking about vintage looking filters, we’re talking about taking your images and not being able to see them until after a development process has taken place. That’s part of the excitement of film–and as I type this article up I’ve got at least seven rolls on my desk that I need to take to Lomography for developing.

Fotr has loads of potential, but I need to be completely honest here: this app is hands down the biggest waste of money that I’ve spent this year.

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Lightroom for iOS Now Supports DNG RAW for iPhone 7 Plus’s Portrait Mode


If you’re an iPhone 7 Plus owner, then you got a really great treat today from Adobe. Today, the company announced that they will now offer more support for the iPhone 7. Specifically though, they’re saying that they now support the iPhone 7 Plus dual lens camera. If you’ve been hiding under a rock, you should know that what happens is the phone uses a slightly longer than normal lens and the wide angle lens to create simulated bokeh. It’s not bad to be honest; but the cooler thing is that you now can do it and create DNG RAW files when you use Adobe Lightroom for iOS.

Go give it a try!

First Impressions: Lumu Power Light Meter


Last year, Lumu launched a Kickstarter for a brand new Light meter for the iPhone that would be able to meter color, ambient light, and flash output. For anyone that uses a light meter of any sort, this sounds wonderful (sans being able to trigger a monolight via the meter). At Photokina 2016, I finally got the chance to see their unicorn product: the Lumu Power. The company claims that it will be delivered this November, and that they’ve had a number of holdups along the way. Sure, they’re late on delivering their Kickstarter promises, but they’re now ready to get it out to the public.

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