Adobe Lightroom Mobile’s New “Authentic HDR” Creates a 32-Bit DNG File

Today, Adobe is announcing a brand new update for Adobe Lightroom Mobile called Authentic HDR. As many of you know, high dynamic range photography (HDR) is popular with landscape photographers. So what this mode is doing is, well, bracketing. According to a press packet, Adobe Lightroom Mobile’s Authentic HDR automatically analyzes a scene and figures out the best exposures to get over three shots. Then the app will align, de-ghost and tone map in the process of creating a 32-bit DNG file.

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Cheap Photo: November Stocking Stuffers For the iPhoneographer

There will be time for highlighting deals for big gifts, but today we wanted to have a look at some great stocking stuffer gifts for the photography enthused members of your home. Phone lens accessories are a fun way to give the gift of better photography without having to splurge on a new camera or lens for this person. These are small, good quality and most importantly, nice and inexpensive.

Deal Highlights

  1. SEHOO Cell Phone Lens – Save 37% – Get the Deal
  2. AUKEY Ora 10x Macro Lens – Save %20 – Get the Deal
  3. OldShark S1 Fisheye – Save 59% – Get the Deal
  4. Morenitor Telephoto Lens – Save %10 – Get the Deal
  5. Mozeat Lens – Save 41% – Get the Deal

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Learn Photo365 App Brings Daily Photography Assignments To Android

If you’re an iOS device user, then you probably have tried the Learn Photo365 app already. Learn Photo365 has been available on Apple iOS devices for some time now, but only recently launched their Android version.

The best way to learn about photography and become more familiar with the capabilities of your camera is not sitting at your computer watching a tutorial or sitting in some class at your local community college, it’s out in the world. An important piece to staying sharp as a photographer is constantly utilizing your skills, and if there are no paying jobs, then doing so just for the sake of doing so is what needs to be done. But how does one decide what to go out and shoot? What should you practice today?

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Kodak Professional Film App Now Helps You Find Development Locations

Today, Kodak Alaris announced that their Professional Film Photography app is now available for the iPad and Android in addition to the fact that iPhone users are getting new updates to their app.

The app is awesome for the analog shooters amongst us that want to keep supporting the alternative process of taking images compared to the more conventional digital format these days. It includes tech specs on each film, a sample photo, a sun calculator that lets you know when sunset is, a guide to teach you what types of film to use and BW darkroom home development tips and tricks.

More features are after the jump. The Kodak Professional Film app is available for free download right now.

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Please Read: Why Do We Need $35,000 For La Noir Image?

If you’re a reader of the Phoblographer, you know that we need money for our Kickstarter. It’s come to my attention a number of times that $35,000 sounds pretty high for what a digital magazine needs to actually operate. For some folks, this sounds ridiculous for a digital magazine; but for others it actually sounds too low. In all honesty, it is too low; and we need more than $35,000 to really get this going.

I’m going to explain what the money is going towards for La Noir Image.

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16 Days Left: $10 From Everyone Will Help Our Kickstarter Goal

Hey everyone,

We’ve got 16 days left in our Kickstarter and we could really use everyone’s help!

To recap: La Noir Image is turning into an iOS and Android e-magazine that wants you to curl up with it and inspire you to get out there and shoot everyday. The current prototype is a PDF, but the final version will be a fully working app with lots of interactivity.

The money is going to go towards funding the site for the first year. Additionally, it will help us with the creation of lots of new types of content like tutorials, longer interviews, photo essays, musings, etc. You can see more of this on La Noir Image’s website. I promise you that it’s going to be much better than everything else out there that is comparable in the photo world. Considering I’ve taken the Phoblographer this far, it just adds to the validity.

Why La Noir Image? It’s the easiest spelling for so many people out there to remember and spell with ease; take it from a guy who created a website called The Phoblographer.

Donations start at $10/yearly subscription; which we could use a lot of. But we also need a lot more donations in general or else we and all who donated will lose out.

Please help; as we’ve got 16 days left.



Five Items for the Serious Mobile Photographer

While some of you tend to scoff at mobile photographers in the same fashion that film photographers used to scoff at digital, Like it or not, there are photographers out there that can do an incredible job with their camera phones–much better than some dedicated camera users can do. As it is, Mobile Photography is fun and with it you can also create awe-inspiring images that focus really on the art behind the image more than anything else.

To help you get those photos and add a bit more versatility to what you’re capable of, here are five items we strongly recommend.

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