Jade Lyon: Everyone is a Photographer These Days

All images by Jade Lyon. Used with permission.

Photographer Jade Lyon submitted to be featured in our upcoming analog zine. Her work: absolutely fantastic portraiture and sort of surreal concepts all shot on film. She attributes her love of film partially to the fact that everyone is a photographer these days and yet she loves the older methods. But on top of this, Jade’s work and words are simply astounding.

Here is her submission, and I’m sure you’re going to be inspired by it.

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Lomography’s New Disposable Cameras Are Pretty Adorable

Lomography has some really cool and fun options now available for purchase: disposable cameras. The new Lomography disposable cameras have been tailored and designed more for ease of use than anything else. Additionally, they’re a lot like so many others too in that they strive to get everything in focus, use flash, and also use 35mm film. The disposable cameras are available in a three pack set.

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Katrin Viil: Gorgeous Use of Specific Color in Portraiture

All images by Katrin Viil. Used with permission.

“I’ve always been a creative mind.” explains photographer Katrin Viil. “First taking photos of myself, then friends, models, clients etc. I started out with self portraits and male nudes.” Katrin hails from Amsterdam and considers herself a fine art photographer specializing in couples, fetish, fashion, erotica and portraits. Indeed, for Katrin the traditional genres were way too boring.

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Using a Modified Fujifilm Instax Wide 300 Camera (And More) For Fantastic Portraits

All images by Notches. Used with permission.

As I’m going through submissions for the upcoming Analog photography zine by the Phoblographer, I’m pooling through well over 400 emails. Some of them are positively fantastic, and some others aren’t quite zine quality but they’re still very good. For example, take the photographer who calls themselves Notches. Why? I’m not honestly sure. But part of the unique look that Notches develops in their images comes from the more manual instant film camera options out there. One of which is a modified Fujifilm Instax Wide 300 offered by Camera Film Photo. This lets the user have full shutter speed and aperture control.

But more than that, there’s a sense of wanderlust in Notches’ images.

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Jonathan Moore: Surreal and Creative Landscape Photography on Film

All images by Jonathan Moore. Used with permission.

“I think I’ve been multi-talented in the arts for a long time and photography just stuck with me.” says photographer Jonathan Moore in an email to the Phoblographer. “I grew up in a few small towns in Tennessee. After high school, I worked odd jobs and toured the southeast playing guitar in a hardcore band.” Art stuck with and evolved with Jon quite a bit: from music into graphic design and then photography. Jon’s photographs draw obvious inspiration from movies and you can see influences from Stranger Things and Lord of the Rings for sure.

“Movies are often over-looked in terms of fine art, but pause anywhere during 2001: A Space Odyssey or There Will Be Blood, and you’ll know what I’m talking about.”

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Why Photography Is a Fantastic Way to Maintain Mental Health

For many years, people have done photography as a hobby–a way to preserve their mental health so to speak in a way that keeps them sane due to its almost rhythmic movements and thought process involved. In today’s world, there are more photographers than ever who have decided to pick up a camera or their phone due to how many free educational websites (like this one) and more there are online. So for many people photography is a way to find an escape from everyday stresses, the caustic nature of social media, and a way to creatively express oneself in order to purge negativities from our mind and body. Indeed, photography is fantastic for your mental health.

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