Learn Proper Lighting for Men vs. Women for Great Portraits

Whether you’re planning to practice portrait photography for personal projects or build a career out of it, one of the lessons you’d find valuable is knowing proper lighting for your subjects. It’s actually not as straightforward as keeping your subjects evenly lit. Daniel Norton of Adorama tells us why it’s important to know how to light men vs. women to create the most eye-catching portraits.

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An Update to the Ricoh GR II: Will There Ever Be a New Ricoh GR III?

The updated Ricoh GR III could potentially be nothing more than just a myth, but it still stands as a fact that the Ricoh GR II is a popular choice for many street photographers. This isn’t to be confused with the older iteration of this camera, which Eric Kim reviewed for us years ago, but instead an updated version of the Ricoh GR II. The camera is a cult hit with this genre for a number of reasons including the small size, fantastic image quality and the pretty silent operation coupled with great ergonomics.

It’s been a number of years since the Ricoh GR II was announced and so it’s a bit odd the camera hasn’t been updated in a long time. Fixed lens cameras and point and shoots typically have shorter life spans, but the 16MP sensor inside the Ricoh GR II is still capable of putting out very sharp images. We’ve even featured photographers who shoot with it here on the blog.

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Kremer Johnson Photography Duo Introduces Los Angeles in Portraits

All images by Kremer Johnson Photography. Used with Creative Commons Permission.

It’s been a tried and tested way to document a place by photographing its people, which is why it remains a popular creative venture for photographers. The collaborative duo of Neil Kremer and Cory Johnson gives us a glimpse of Los Angeles by photographing random people making their way around the city for a set called Angelenos.

Evidently a reference to the demonym of its people, Angelenos is an ongoing personal project by the duo behind Kremer Johnson Photography. Here, they used one strobe for each portrait taken in Los Angeles, where they’re currently based. Instead of using busy streets or city scenes as the backdrop of their portraits (as we often see in street portraits and other similar projects), Kremer and Johnson set their subjects against calm and scenic backgrounds which works great to isolate and emphasize them.

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First Impressions: Lomography Lomo’Instant Square

In the past few years, I’ve learned to trust in Lomography’s ability to churn out solid instant film cameras, and the Lomography Lomo’Instant Square seems to be every bit as solid as lots of camera I’ve seen thus far. It’s the first camera to use the Fujifilm Instax Square format that isn’t made by Fujifilm. With a very classic design that is sort of an ode to old Kodak instant film cameras, this is one of Lomography’s more curious cameras. Lomo decided to go with a glass lens, a bellows system, and more or less the same sort of system the previous Lomo’Instant cameras have had. It borrows a lot from them and personally speaking, I’m pretty glad that I backed it. For ethical reasons of running a photography blog, I typically don’t like to back Kickstarter campaigns, but this is one that I firmly believed in.

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Brevite Is Back On Kickstarter With Their New Hadley Bags

Brevite, the bag company founded by Boston, MA brothers to design and develop bags photographers could love, has announced their newest bag line – Hadley. The idea behind the new bag line, as Brevite puts it, was to take a different approach to today’s everyday-bag market by avoiding bulky backpacks and instead focusing on a simple modular and minimalist design style. Continue reading…

How to Get Film-like Warm Skin Tones With Daylight White Balance

One of the reasons I use specific white balances like Daylight when shooting photos is because it tends to take the guesswork out of editing and colors. Daylight white balance is balanced to be fairly warm and to counteract the already very cool light that daylight is. Though many times there are situations where you’d rather have warm skin tones in the scene. For the most part, what people tend to do is just work with the white balance to make the skin warmer but then in the process just make the whole scene warmer.

This happens a whole lot when working during the blue hour, in overcast weather etc.

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August Udoh’s Powerful Portraits Show Nigeria’s Everyday Life

All images by August Udoh. Used with Creative Commons Permission.

One of the most amazing things about photography is how it has the power to give us a glimpse of everyday life in places we’ve never been to. It’s the main element that drives photojournalists and documentary photographers to search for compelling stories to translate into visual narratives. Photojournalist August Udoh may just be one of many who have documented his hometown in Nigeria, but his portrait set, aptly named Everyday People, is an emotive introduction to the characters of his everyday life.

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