The Basics: How to Choose Your First Prime Lens

OK, so you are newer to the world of photography. Maybe you recently purchased your first DSLR or mirrorless camera and you are thinking about adding another lens to your kit outside of the one that came with your camera. You have heard about prime lenses and you are thinking that you may like to add one of them to your kit because your kit lens is a zoom lens.

If this sounds familiar you are at a disadvantage to people going through this even just 3-5 years ago. Camera stores with knowledgeable staff have been dropping like flies and it is harder than ever to be able to go into a store, ask questions, and get some help deciding on new lenses or cameras to buy. Many stores that carry photography gear just hire sales people who can push the product, and many times those people do not know much about the gear beyond the specs listed on the box.

So, we are putting together this little series to help those of you who are newer to photography, to help you figure out what questions to ask yourself about the gear you are thinking of adding to your kit. This should help you make an informed opinion about what gear to consider based on your own needs – which will lead to less money wasted on pieces of kit you would rarely use or need. Continue reading…

Cheap Photo: Deals on Panasonic, Nikon, Lexar, Rokinon and Sony

Time for another check-in on the currently available deals and sales across the industry. This is always a post to catch if you are on the market for some new equipment. As we all know, this profession/hobby is not cheap and any penny saved could end up a penny earned.

Here are a few of the notable savings we have seen today (always feel free to email us if you stumble upon a good one we don’t know about!):

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The Noob’s Guide to Choosing a Medium Format Film Camera

This guide is a guest blog post from photographer Marcin Wajda on choosing a medium format film camera based on just a few of the best offerings out there. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: You don’t have to agree with anything I put down here.

Disclaimer 2: I’m talking about interchangeable lens SLRs here. You can apply some of those principles to selecting a TLR or a rangefinder, but you’d probably be better off asking someone who uses those types of cameras.

I decided to write this, because the topic seems to be pretty popular these days. People ask “What camera?” and sadly, the answers are boiling down to “Get this one, because I use it and what’s good for me is definitely going to be good for you”, which, I think we can agree, is bullshit.

Let’s begin then.

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On Camera Flash Modifiers for Your Party Photography Kit

We have talked about cameras, lenses, and lighting so far in our recent posts about party and event photography – and today we take it another step towards you filling out your kit by talking about lighting modifiers for your on-camera flash. As much as off-camera flash is preached in the industry these days, during a dark party/event environment an on-camera flash with a good modifier is essential for quality and well-lit results.

So are you ready for some killer on camera lighting recommendations? Great, let’s jump into it… Continue reading…

Is Fujifilm Holding Out On X-Pro2 Owners?

One of the biggest enigmas surrounding the Fujifilm X-Pro2 is the omission of 4K video. Initially, it seemed that this was to do with not having the necessary heat sink to dissipate the heat produced, like the X-T2 was able to have, and that reasoning made a lot of sense–at least that’s what EIC Chris Gampat was told by Fujifilm’s reps. However, that sort of flew out the window when the smaller X-T20 came out and it also had 4K video, again, without the beefy heatsink the X-T2 featured.

So, the question is, could the X-Pro 2 get 4K video, even a limited 4K video recording mode, through a firmware update that essentially gave it a similar 4K mode to that of the X-T20? The sensor and processor can obviously handle it, and I don’t know if I would believe that the X-Pro2 couldn’t dissipate the heat from a line-skipping based 4K video mode as well as the smaller X-T20 could. Continue reading…

Useful Photography Tip #179: The Golden Rules of Working with Film

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When it comes to working with film, there are a number of photographers who have obviously done it for years already. But interestingly enough, you don’t apply the same techniques necessarily that you would with digital photography. So here’s what you can do and the Golden Rules of Working with Film Photography:

  • Slide film: Expose for the highlights, but personally I like to overexpose just a tad due to the way that I light.
  • Color Negative film: Overexpose the film by around a stop. I’ve found great success in then developing normally.
  • Black and White: Lots of photographers like exposing for the shadows and developing for the highlights. Personally, I tend to shoot a lot of black and white film the box speed or giving it a bit more light or less light depending on my personal tastes. But with some films, you may not want to underexpose them–like Japan Camera Hunter Street Pan 400 which is a near infrared film that needs a lot of light.

That’s it! Good luck!

My Life is a Beautiful Chaos: There is No Life/Work Balance as a Photographer

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There is no balance; my life is a beautiful chaos. I’m a photographer, I’m an artist, I’m a foodie and I’m a husband…all at once! I’m very lucky to have an amazing partner who supports, tolerates and gets involved in this mess. She understands that this is my life and this is who I am but it takes a bit of common sense from my side as well. I compromise the love and passion that I have for what I do to spend quality time with my wife. See, one of the reasons I wanted to become self-employed was to be able to spend more time with her.

This is so important to me because I grew up with a workaholic father who has only three things in his mind: work, work and work. So no matter how busy I am, I always find the time for her and [to] be there when she needs me…except for weddings, I hate weddings!

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PocketWizard is Back With The New Competitively Priced MultiMAX II

PocketWizard, once the gold standard in wireless triggering, has just released their new MultiMAX II – a move they are hoping can win them back some of the high-end market from more affordable competition. “The best is back,” they are saying, noting that the new MultiMAX II offers more features and incredible reliability at a lower price than the original – but is it enough? Let’s have a look. Continue reading…