This New 17mm F4.5 Lens Makes Your Pancake Lens Look Huge

Leica owners have a new 17mm F/4.5 handmade lens from MS Optics to spend their hard earned money on, and this lens makes pancake lenses look huge. The Perar Ultra-Wide 17mm f4.5 Retrofocus features a viewing angle of 100 degrees and weighs almost nothing at 60g.

MS Optics notes in their press release that the lens itself features four elements in four groups, with a wide open aperture of F/4.5 and minimum aperture of F/16. The Perar Ultra-Wide 17mm f4.5 Retrofocus can also focus on subjects as close as 0.4m meters to infinity.

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The Long Awaited Fujifilm X100F Has the 24.3MP Sensor, Acros Simulation

Fujifilm has made a metric ton of announcements today, and along with the others, we have ourselves the long awaited X100 update, the newly minted Fujifilm X100F. Beyond the X-T line of cameras, probably the most popular line of Fujifilm’s digital cameras is the X100 series, and since Fujifilm unveiled their latest X-Trans sensor technology last year photographers have been clamoring for an updated X100 with the new tech. Continue reading…

Ezra Ng’s Women of Our Lives is “A Quiet Celebration of a Woman’s Sexuality”

All images by Ezra Ng. Used with permission.

Photographer Ezra Ng calls “Women of Our Lives” an effortless expression of modern femininity. “Women in this series are introduced, with a sense of the aesthetic from the present, but imbued with an eternal, pronounced character of dignity, poise, and above all, serenity,” says Ezra. “The reinforcement of the idea that beauty owes its colour to the trillion swatches and characters on the spectrum. And in the present, they are carried out through the wonders of subtlety, and individuality.”

Ezra calls it a quiet celebration of a woman’s sexuality. It isn’t objectified or hidden according the opinion or restraints of others.

“Highlighting the gentle flair, the unmistakable grace, and ethereality of each woman in the series. Brought to life with their charm, style and captivating beauty.”

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Review: Leica M10

The Leica M10 has to be one of the worst kept secrets from Leica in a while. Perhaps it’s because it generated a whole lot of excitement, and indeed it’s worth the hype. For the purist photographer, this is bound to be a tool that they’ll closely look at. With a 24MP CMOS full frame sensor, this camera is the company’s smallest M digital camera and this was done by creating a camera that more or less is super densely packed. It’s around the same size as the company’s film M cameras.

We’ve been playing with the Leica M10 for a while now, and in truth, we really like it.

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The New Fujifilm Quicksnap Camera Design Concepts Look Pretty Nice

It’s been a while since anyone tried to change the disposable camera, but Fujifilm is looking to do that right now with their Quicksnap cameras. The Fujifilm Wonder Shop NYC shared a video with their following asking photographers which design they’d like more. Personally, #4 is my favorite due to its beautiful and almost retro-minimal look. It seems almost x-series like!

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Cheap Photo: New Savings on Fujifilm’s Flagship X-Pro2 and X-T2

No doubt the Fujifilm X-T2 was one of the most widely acclaimed mirrorless cameras of 2016, and the X-Pro2, despite being for a more niche market, did well in its own right since launching around this time last year. It’s rare for brand new models to go on sale so quick, but that is exactly what Fujifilm is doing until February 18th.

Fujifilm Deals

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