Ken Hermann Imagines the Story of a Spaceman’s Crash Landing

All images by Ken Hermann. Used with Creative Commons Permission.

Space exploration has been one of mankind’s biggest missions, and discovering Earth-like worlds has captured the imagination of many in the last two decades. If scientists and engineers have been responding to this with provisions for space travel, artists like Copenhagen-based photographer Ken Hermann have been turning to their creativity to imagine what it would be like if cosmic travelers find a world like Earth in the not-so-distant future.

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Why a Manual Focus Lens Will Make You a Better Photographer

There’s a lot of articles out there about the pros and cons of using manual focus lenses for your photography, with everyone trying to explain what the benefits are to shooting in manual, and the theory that taking pictures with a manual lens heightens creativity. Great photographers for National Geographic, Time, Magnum, and many others are using not only manual focus lenses, but also film cameras. Cameras of 35mm, 6×6, or even large format cameras (for the most patient photographers) are still playing a major qualitative role among professionals in the era of Instagram and iPhone photography.

In the 1998 film Pecker, we see a young and talented photographer taking satirical pictures of his family, friends, and city. He steals film so he can take as many photos as he wants and is manually focusing his cheap ‘60s Canonet in no time. There’s a funny scene in the movie where Pecker receives a new, autofocus camera as a gift, but he contemptuously puts it aside.

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How to Shoot the Classic Highway Long Exposure Shot at Night

Ever wanted to get those gorgeous long exposure shots of busy cities with light streaking along the streets? It’s one of the classic highway and cityscape shots every photographer does now and then because it conveys a lot of energy and activity in just one frame. If you can think of a nice vantage point where you can capture this beautiful city scene, you’re already halfway there. The other half comes in this video tutorial from Serge Ramelli.

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Film Review: Fujifilm Superia (200, 400, 800 and 1600)

Fujifilm Superia is oddly enough considered a consumer film. Why? I’m not exactly sure–especially considering that it wasn’t so long ago in history that every photojournalist swore by Superia 800. But nevertheless, Fujifilm Superia isn’t considered to be one of the more professional grade films as something like say Fujifilm Pro400H. But if you head into various Flickr and Facebook groups, lots of photographers still pledge allegiance to Fujifilm Superia. The film comes in a variety of speeds including ISO 200, ISO 400, ISO 800 and ISO 1600. In some ways, you can perhaps liken it to being a bit like Ilford Delta–except that it’s color and from Fujifilm.

But one thing is for sure, if you want great general use film, Fujifilm Superia is a fantastic option.

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Learn Proper Lighting for Men vs. Women for Great Portraits

Whether you’re planning to practice portrait photography for personal projects or build a career out of it, one of the lessons you’d find valuable is knowing proper lighting for your subjects. It’s actually not as straightforward as keeping your subjects evenly lit. Daniel Norton of Adorama tells us why it’s important to know how to light men vs. women to create the most eye-catching portraits.

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