The ReEdit: Toning Down on the HDR Look in a Photo

The ReEdit is a series on the Phoblographer where Chris and the staff dive back into their archives to find a way to make older images from previous sessions look better. The use standard techniques such as color editing, cropping, black and white conversion, etc. Be sure to not miss a single moment by subscribing to the Phoblographer on YouTube.

In the third episode of the ReEdit I return to Capture One Pro in order to show people how I currently tend to create images based on color channels and making subjects stand out more effectively by using said channels. And for this episode I went back into my archives and sought out a photo from my Secret Order of the Slice Series. The photo is an ode to Quentin Tarantino’s briefcase in the movie Pulp Fiction–and this time around I wanted to tone down the excessive editing I felt I did and instead just focus on creating a really good photo through the editing process in Capture One Pro.

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The ReEdit: Culling Down 83 Images to 14 Good Ones In Adobe Lightroom

One of the biggest problems a lot of photographers have is the culling and editing process–but it's pretty simple to do in Adobe Lightroom. One of the biggest things I tell people is to become vulnerable to their own photos–which is a big part of today's tutorial video. So in this episode of the ReEdit, I take around a half hour to cull down 83 images to somewhere in the 20s. Then I do another cull and bring that number down to 14. In the end, I chose 13 out of the 83. That's still a pretty high keeper rate and with 83 photos I didn't need to overshoot at all. I didn't feel the need to and everything was simply working well. After this I do edits on the photos.

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