Michael A. McCoy: Documenting Veterans of American Wars with PTSD

All images by Michael A. McCoy. Used with permission.

Photographer Michael A. McCoy states that he captures “life, love and the varied nuances that make up the human race.” To many of us, that will seem very interesting. While Mike has always loved photography, it was the death of a close family member that pushed him to take his passion for photography more seriously. But Mike has a deeper intent and he’s a disabled US Veteran after serving two tours in Iraq. Photography, for him has become a therapeutic tool. He states that is has helped him navigate life by capturing the joy in another’s life.

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This Custom Made 3D Printed Camera Shoots 6×14 Medium Format Negatives

All images by Paul Kohlhausen. Used with permission.

“You’re spot on, it’s essentially just a really precisely engineered box.” says photographer Paul Kohlhausen who built a very special medium format camera using 3D printed materials. “…Knowing that the image doesn’t just consist of 1’s and 0’s lends it a depth and artistic quality that’s difficult to put into words.” Paul has loved analog film and photography for a really long time; but beyond just being technical about photos, he’s very technical when it comes to design. So much so that he designed his own special medium format camera that shoots 6×14 images using a large format camera lens.

The results: Very impressive!

For more of Paul’s work I STRONGLY encourage you to check out his Instagram, his analog Instagram, and his website.

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Ken Kiefer Photographs Models Underwater With 40-50 Sharks

These images were the joint venture of Alex Suh, Liz Parkinson, Stuart Cove, Hayley Jo Carr, Rich Carr, Andre Musgrove, Daniel De Sa Freire, Tohru Yamaguchi. All images are being used with permission.

“I was very motivated to bring awareness to more people about sharks and their true behavior, ” says photographer Ken Kiefer to us about his recent project involving photographing models alongside sharks. “I spend a lot of time speaking to people about sharks, and it’s hard for most people to understand the level to which things are blown out of proportion.” Ken has been interviewed and featured many times on this website for his unique creative vision and working underwater.

“Dogs bite thousands of people per year, but reporting on a dog bite doesn’t bring the (same) level of attention that hearing of a shark bite. The media does everything they can to enhance this feeling of danger and the fear surrounding sharks, and facts are generally completely ignored.”

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Una Salimovic’s Messing With Hay Plays With Silhouettes in Black and White

All images by Una Salimovic. Used with permission.

Photographer Una Salimovic hails from Bosnia and presented to us her special black and white photo project called “Messing with Hay.” The project showcases and plays with shapes, tones, and people as they go about working with hay to maintain a village stable.

Check out the series and words from Una after the jump.

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Andy Willis: Beautiful Portrait Photography on Bleached Polaroids

All images by Andrew Willis. Used with permission.

“It was really a return to analog,” says Photographer Andrew Willis, one who despite also shooting digital these days still loves what film is capable of doing. “I can blame going to university to study a Bachelor of Photography.” He’s been shooting for a really long time and therefore is one of the photographers who have survived the film days into the digital days.

Andrew believes that analog film photography has a special character and uniqueness to it that the pristine quality of digital simply can’t deliver.

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Baron Walton: I Really Love Shooting Album Covers

All images by Baron Walton. Used with permission.

Photographer Baron Walton is a truly creative type of photographer and he partially attributes this to being extroverted. “I develop a concept that I pitch to the artist/client,” says Baron in an email to the Phoblographer where he continues to state his work being concept driven. “It’s a form of visual communication that tells you something about the artist – even if you are not aware of them, you will understand something about their style.” We’ve all heard stories about how difficult it is to photograph artists on tour; but Baron has learned how to make the most of it.

Here’s his story!

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Jens Krauer: On Realizing You’re a Street Photographer; Not Becoming One

All images by Jens Krauer. Used with permission.

Photographer Jens Krauer is a documentary and street photographer based in Zurich. “Speaking three languages makes it easy for me to move between countries, and I travel as much as possible,” he tells us. “For nearly two years I lived in Kiev, Ukraine, watching the 2014 Revolution unfold, and I was in Hong Kong during the Umbrella Revolution.” So of course, he’s got quite a variety of work and both him and his photography have evolved over the years.

Jens’ work has been widely exhibited in Europe. He became a pro Fujifilm X-Photographer in 2016, with a love of black and white candid street portraiture. Under the Instagram handle @urbanframes, he shares a number of his candid captures; and he’s of the belief that you don’t become a street photographer; you realize you are one.

And he’s got a great argument for it.

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The Beards Project: Portrait Photography Emphasizing Many Glorious Beards

All images by Debabrata Ray. Used with permission.

Photographer Debabrata Rey’s The Beards Project is a special one for all of you who are fans of some genuine male whiskers. Debabrata is a portrait photographer whose work has continued to evolve quite a bit over the years as he’s become more experimental. The way he works with people, his lighting, use of colors, and his creative vision are always things I genuinely feel make his work unique.

So we talked to him about the signature look in The Beards Project.

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