Pieter Symon: Behind the Scenes at the Louvre After the French Election

All images and text by Pieter Symon. Used with permission.

I was attending the Louvre Museum party of France president elect Emmanuel Macron. It was a great evening and I tried to catch the spirit. The story I try to tell with these pictures is the story of mainly young French people, celebrating that Emmanuel Macron has been chosen president. Attending the event, people cheering and singing along with the national anthem, waving French and European flags, this felt like the celebration of a great victory, of a revolution. Against the background of the Louvre Museum, some of my shots make me think of this painting of French symbol Marianne (see here). That feeling, that is what I tried to capture.

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Five Photographers Deliver Their Own Unique Take on the Stereotypical Stock Photo

All images used with permission from DepositPhotos

We all know what they’re like: stock photos are pretty basic because most people and advertisers are pretty basic. They lack creativity; but the folks over at DepositPhotos decided to collaborate with five photographers with different backgrounds to deliver their own totally unique take on the stereotypical stock photo. You know: the woman with a salad, shopping, family, parties, etc.

The results: They’re pretty fricken’ cool.

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Question: Does Film Taste Affect the Quality of the Film?

I know…this is a very odd question. To be honest too, I don’t think I’d ever sit there and lick a roll of film no matter how smitten I am with well exposed Portra 400. But the folks over at Not Another Gear Review decided, “Screw it, why not?” Yes, they decided to see if the taste of a piece of a film affects the image quality in any way, shape, or form. Why? Science? Funsies? YouTube hits? Being featured on a site like this one?

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Chasing Dreams: A Street Portrait Series by Iwona Pinkowicz

Vinciento: “My dream is to find a wife.”

All images by Iwona Pinkowicz. Used with permission.

Photographer Iwona Pinkowicz has evolved quite a bit since bidding her day job adieu to pursue photography full time. To refresh, Iwona is a fantastic street photographer who then got into street portraiture and earned a spot on our list of great women photographers to watch. Iwona’s approach has always been really different from others, and even the results she gets when asking people candidly for a portrait seem to turn into photos that show some sense of connection.

Iwona is self-taught and says that these days she specializes in story telling and portrait photography–and that’s what’s so evident in her series “Chasing Dreams.”

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Eleanor Macnair’s Renderings of Famous Magnum Photos in Play-Doh

All images used with permission from Eleanor Macnair.

Many readers are fans of the work produced by the photographers over at Magnum Photos, and these very cool photos from the agency rendered in Play Doh are also surely worth your time. Years ago, artist Eleanor Macnair got started with producing images rendered in Play-Doh. That gave way to a Tumblr she started called Photographs Renders in Play Doh which received a fair amount of fame. A book was published in October 2014 and the work was exhibited in a number of places.

Just in time for the Magnum Photos 70th anniversary, Eleanor has collaborated with Magnum Photos to create a series highlighting some of the photos shot by their photographers but rendered in Play Doh.

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Michael Scott Phillips: Beautiful Film Photography Influenced by Oil Painting

All images by Michael Scott Phillips. Used with permission.

Photographer Michael Scott Phillips is one that uses film and who genuinely considers himself an artist. You see, he’s an oil painter. Painting plays a role in his photography and vice versa. His influences are many: Mary Ellen Mark, Bruce Davidson, W Eugene Smith, Edward Steichen, Alfred Stieglitz, Stanley Kubrick, Joel Meyerowitz, John Vachon, and Sebastião Salgado are cited in this post. And while going through submissions for our analog zine, I found Michael’s to be particularly great.

Here’s his submission.

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Kaamna Patel: Analog Film Photography with a Magic Box

All images by Kaamna Patel. Used with permission.

Photographer Kaamna Patel is based in Mumbai–where she returned after working for five years in Paris. “I am interested in themes of identity & globalisation, putting the world and myself under scrutiny, an objectivity facilitated by a lifestyle of constant travel.” she says. “I usually shoot with a Beautyflex 6×6 camera.” Yup, that’s right, she’s an analog photographer. Like many others, Kaamna has fantastic work surely worth being featured here on the website. So here’s her submission.

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