Instaxxx: A Novelty Nude Instant Photography Book On Kickstarter (NSFW)

Kickstarter is for more than just new tech gadgets and interesting doodads as creatives from all over also use the service to try and help fund their projects of passion. Today we have just one of those such projects: Instaxxx. 

Instaxxx is a new campaign on Kickstarter for a photobook featuring a collection of nude Instax images from photographer Nate “Igor” Smith. Smith is a veteran of the nude and adult entertainment scenes, having shot for Hustler and RollingStone, as well as covered the AVN awards. He has published several books and zines over the years as well. Continue reading…

Chris Schmid Tells Wonderful Story About South American Cowboys In His New Short Film

Screenshot taken from video. 

While American cowboys have been popularized by the media and entertainment industry, not many know about the gauchos: the South American cowboys. Chris Schmid has undertaken a short film project to document the lesser known stories of gauchos.

The film “O Homem do Campo” focuses on the story of one man, a gaucho who dedicates his life tending to the herds of farm animals all day while riding his horse. He lives a solitary life, leaving the house at the crack of dawn and traveling great distances across breathtaking landscapes in the vast and seemingly endless agricultural land. A gaucho’s main job is to manage the cattle and Criollo horses of the land.

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Jonny Baker’s Lifestyle Street Portraits Focus on Street Fashion

All images by Jonny Baker. Used with permission.

“Initially the impact fashion magazines had on me created my desire to develop my career and pick up the camera,” says Tel Aviv based photographer Jonny Baker about why he wanted to get into the Street Fashion genre of photography. “Bill Cunningham was a big inspiration to me. I today move around my city capturing the fashion conscious and the natural facial expressions which Bill gave to the world. The street is the worlds best catwalk and I have the best view point moving around the streets photographing it’s people.” Jonny equates his need for his camera being on the same level of people needing coffee to start their day. He thrives off of knowing that he can capture any moment at any time of the day.

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Massimo Giachetti Blends Dramatic Graffiti Into Street Photography

All images by Massimo Giachetti. Used with permission. 

One crucial element to pay attention to when it comes to street photography composition is to use interesting backgrounds. Massimo Giachetti has a keen eye for dramatic graffiti on the streets of New York and blending it with subjects to create a visually stunning results.

Massimo was raised and born in Florence, Italy, but he moved to Los Angeles where he picked up photography in the early 80’s. He took extension classes in UCLA and started street photography, where he claimed his interest was at. After several years, Massimo moved back to Italy to pursue a professional photography career. It did not work out as he had planned and he took a break from the photography world. It was not until the early 2000s that he decided to move back to the United States where he revived his street photography, walking around capturing scenes around the big metropolis of New York.  Continue reading…

Photographer Clyde Butcher Shows You How to Shoot and Develop Large Format Film

Legendary landscape photographer Clyde Butcher is well known for his absolutely beautiful landscapes. So to understand how his creative mind works, he featured a video on how he goes about using his large format camera and developing in the darkroom. While most people that dabble in analog tend to go for 35mm or 120 film, shooting large format is another story that’s an even more painstaking process overall.

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These Beautiful Images of the Milky Way Were Shot on Impossible Project 600 Film

Images by Daniel Stein. Used with permission.

Photographers have very mixed opinions on Impossible Project’s film, but there’s no denying that Daniel Stein nailed this photo of the Milky Way. Using an SX-70 and IP600 film, he was able to use the film to capture this hypnotic and beautiful moment.

“In brief, I first got into photography a long time ago when I was 10 (I am 23 now).” says Dan in an email interview with us. “I am quite visually impaired, seeing primarily out of my left eye only. Holding a viewfinder up to my face gave the world a new meaning to me.” According to Dan, this allowed him to see things beyond what his physical vision could see.

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Comparison: The Best Cheap 35mm Film Emulsions

While Kodak Portra, Fujifilm Velvia, and some of the others tend to steal the spotlight, there are a number of pretty good yet affordable color films on the market. George from Negative Feedback decided to put a number of them to the test in a video released earlier last year. All the images were taken on the Leica M7, MP, and M3, using a 50mm and 35mm summicron f2 with Kodak Colorplus 200, Agfa Vista 200, and Fuji Superia 400. The images were taken portrait style in a studio and using natural light.

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