Photographer Records Struggle with American Airlines After $20,000 in Gear Damaged


A video is gaining traction on Reddit and across the web today that documents a photographer’s struggle with American Airlines after he says he was asked to check his gear due to size restrictions on the plane he would be flying on that day.

According to photographer Yosef Shidler, of CJ Studios, he then witnessed what no traveling photographer would ever want to see — an American Airlines employee holding one of his lenses, with the rest of his equipment strewn across the tarmac below the plane. According to Mr. Shidler, the pelican case in which he had his gear in, having apparently been incorrectly and hastily placed onto the loading conveyor belt, fell while on its way to the plane’s cargo hold, falling an estimated 7 or 8 feet – causing the case to pop open and send Shidler’s gear flying across the hard tarmac cement.

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Hot on Adobe’s Heels, Phase One Launches Capture One Pro 9.2 Update

Capture One Pro 9.2 Update

Hot on the heels of Adobe’s big Creative Cloud updates earlier this week, Phase One is getting in on the action as well, officially unveiling Capture One Pro 9.2. According to the release distributed by Phase One, in addition to the features we will cover below, this latest update adds support for six recently released cameras including the Pentax K-1, Nikon D500, as well as Canon’s EOS M10, G5x, G7x Mk II, and G9x.

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UPDATE You Talked, We Listened: Here Are the Improvements Made to the Redesign


UPDATE: The website’s navigation is now as follows: the desktop version has tabs. However, the tablet and phone version now incorporates swiping just like the older version did. Give it a try and let us know your thoughts.

Hi everyone:

After launching our redesign we heard a lot of mixed feedback. We’ve taken it into consideration and we’re going to continue to find solutions though if you have some that you want to volunteer we ask that you please do so.

We removed the code that was putting ads on images, though we’re still not sure exactly what is sending some of you to the iOS store when clicking onto our website. Additionally, we’ve change the way navigation works on the desktop, tablet and phone. You now have little tabs on each side.

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EyeEm Mission: Natural Light Portraiture Contest

Model: Natalie Margiotta

Portraiture is something very personal. When you create an image of someone, you put your stamp on their likeness being documented. The image is a collaboration process–and when you combine this with all the fun that a scenic landscape or cityscape can provide mixed in with radiant natural light, you simply cannot go wrong.

That’s why EyeEm and the Phoblographer are teaming up for their latest mission: Natural Light Portrait.

Here are the details.

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The Hasselblad X1D is the World’s First Mirrorless Medium Format Camera


Check out our first impressions of the camera!

For everyone that has dreamed of a digital version of the Mamiya 7 series of cameras; the Hasselblad X1D is bringing you truly one step closer to that reality. Today, the company is the announcing the world’s first mirrorless medium format camera. At the heart is a 50MP sensor with a cropped 645 sensor at the sensor area of 43.8 x 32.9mm. It’s capable of doing ISO 100 to 25,600. Additionally, it boasts dual SD card slots.

The Hasselblad X1D is handmade in Sweden and represents a totally new lineup in the company’s cameras. It has autofocus lenses, flash sync of up to 1/2000th, shoots HD video, has built in WiFi, and includes dust proof and weather proof construction.

More features are after the jump.

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Instagram Passes 500 Million Users, And More Than Half Of Them Use It Daily!


Instagram has published some new, and honestly fairly impressive, statistics over on their blog today. Headlining the stats is a major milestone for the Facebook-owned social media company, word that they have officially passed 500 Million users. If you have been keeping up with Instagram’s rise at all, you would know that this indicates that the company has grown by 100 Million users in the last 9 months alone.

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Adobe Updates Photoshop CC to Include Content Aware Cropping



Adobe is updating their Photoshop CC app today in addition to bringing in a bunch of new updates to the Creative Cloud and integration. For example, there is now a deeper way to integrate CC with Adobe Stock that are leading up to the addition of the new Adobe new Stock Contributor Portal. What this is essentially going to do is use intelligent-tagging capabilities that help do it all automatically for you. It’s almost as if you don’t need to know a thing about SEO anymore.

Then there are all the features coming to Photoshop like Content Aware Cropping, Face-Aware Liquify (which can do lots of simple retouches like opening someone’s eyes a bit more) etc. More after the jump.

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Western Digital’s New Pro Series Drives Sync to Adobe CC



Today, it seems like photographers are getting all they want and need from Western Digital–at least if they’re really needing wireless transmission. The company is introducing the new WD Pro Series: which includes the My Passport Wireless Pro Wi-Fi mobile storage and My Cloud Pro Series network attached storage (NAS).

Western Digital claims that this was designed specifically with the creative community in mind and lets you transfer content between devices. This is all done through the My Cloud mobile app which gets a cool new boost by being compatible with Adobe Creative Cloud services.

Important details from the press release are after the jump.

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