The Lomo’Instant Automat Glass Shoots Instax Film with an f4.5 Glass Lens

The photography market finally has another glass lens camera of some sort with the Lomography Automat Glass edition’s announcement today. It joins the Diana F+ and the Mint TL70 as a few of the only offerings with glass lenses on the market. But beyond the lens, it also has the fastest aperture of the bunch coming in at f4.5. Sorry though folks, it only works with program automatic mode–which is a bummer if you’re looking for manual aperture and shutter speed control.

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RNI Films All Films Gets New Support for the Fujifilm GFX 50S and More Cameras

If you’re looking for any sort of film emulation/simulation software out there, I’d arguably throw a lot of my weight behind RNI Films All Films when it’s used properly. If you’re already using the popular Adobe Lightroom add-on (reviewed here) then you’re most likely very happy with the results. You’ll also be pretty stoked to know it just got an update to include new camera support for the likes of the Fujifiilm GFX 50S.

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Alleged Photos of the Fujifilm Instax Square Camera Have Popped Up

Lead Image courtesy of Brooklyn Film Camera’s Instagram

Many of us have been waiting pretty eagerly for the Fujifilm Instax Square camera and format to hit the market since its announcement at Photokina 2016. The images, which come from Brooklyn Film Camera’s Instagram via R/Polaroid, seem to be pretty legitimate. Around the internet and within the industry, the format is said to compete against the Impossible Project’s options and to allegedly replace Fujifilm Instax Wide. Though at the moment, it isn’t clear or seemingly possible that the format will work within camera’s like the SX-70 or Type 600 Polaroid, Impossible Project0, and Mint camera options on the market.

However, it surely does seem reasonable that Fujifilm Instax Wide could be on its way out. It’s popular with the prison system and businesses, but it hasn’t seen the widespread success that Instax Mini has seen. For those of us who adore the larger format, this is pretty sad.

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Good News! The Holga Camera is Coming Back!

For years the Holga was m known as a little toy camera with its own cult following. A plastic camera with plastic lenses which later influenced the design of the Lomography Diana F+, the Holga lacked the marketing and millions of designer customizations of the Lomography option. Couple this with a few really tough times in the photo market within the past few years and you’ve got a recipe for death. After being put to rest in 2015, it seems like the little camera which gave birth to things like the Holgaroid and one of the cooler pinhole camera options on the market is going to be making a return. This follows the whole load of really amazing things that are happening this year in the analog film photography community.

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The Today Show’s Al Roker Produces Segment With All Analog Film Photos

In case you haven’t noticed, analog film photography is back! And as proof of that, the folks over at the Today Show did a special segment on it. But this wasn’t just any segment: the majority of it was shot with analog film photography through still images with voiceovers–something the Today Show’s Al Roker says has never been done before. The segment was shot on 35mm film, Fujifilm peel apart, Impossible Project film, Fujifilm Instax mini, Instax wide, and a bit of wet plate collodion.

Talk about an expensive production, right?

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