Nikon Patent Reveals Nikon Pro Mirrorless May Have Pellicle Based F-Mount Adapter

We have been hearing a lot on the wind about Nikon’s current ambition for launching a pro-focused mirrorless system. But one of the biggest questions on everyone’s minds was regarding what sort of mount would the system use. Would they go with a completely new mount, or find a way to use the F Mount – well a newly discovered patent may indicate one direction that Nikon is considering. Continue reading…

B&H Photo To Pay Over $3.2 Million in Discrimination Lawsuit

Unless you've been living under a rock or purposely turning a blind eye to the issue, you're most likely aware that B&H Photo (B&H Foto legally) has been in the middle of a class action lawsuit involving discrimination for a while. It started when workers in their warehouses (located in Brooklyn) started protesting unsafe conditions and discrimination. The workers, who wanted to unionize, were not being allowed to do so. Now, to settle the problems B&H Photo has "agreed to pay $3,220,000 in back wages and other monetary relief to more than 1,300 affected class members," according to a recent press release issued by the Department of Labor.

But the problems didn't stop there.

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The Secrets of Photography Hidden Within Edward Weston’s Home

Featured image is a screen capture from the video. All credit to Advancing Your Photography. 

Edward Weston, one of the most influential American photographers of the early 20th century, is known for his work in championing extremely detailed imagery that was so far removed from the soft focus look popular during his time. He spent over 40 years photographing and developing a style of imagery that to this day photographers reference for inspiration.

Weston was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1947 and spent the remaining years of his life printing thousands of his most famous images before passing away in 1958. Much of his knowledge and some interesting stories have been passed down through his family, and in this video from Marc Sibler and Advancing Your Photography, we get a special tour through Weston’s old home by his Grandson – Kim. Continue reading…

The Flower Men of Malik Ghat Shows Off a Rarely Seen Side of Indian Culture

Feature image pulled from Kickstarter video, all credit to Ken Hermann. 

Ken Hermann is a photographer based out of Copenhagen, who while on a trip to India came across a sight he couldn’t help but be fascinated with. The Flower Men on the Malik Ghat Market are skilled men who carry flowers to markets wearing interesting and beautiful dress-like outfits.“When I first visited Calcutta and flower market, I was fascinated by the flower sellers and the way they wear the flowers on – as big robes,” says photographer Ken Herrmann in our interview about this project. “Also the way they treat the flowers, cuddling them and caress them, I think was interesting.” It is a sight to behold and from the moment he saw it, Hermann wanted to share this sight with the rest of the world. For his portraits of these Flower Men, Hermann decided to go a different direction from your standard travel photography look, instead opting to feature the Flower Men in more of a staged portrait setting. Allowing him to really focus on and show the unique beauty of each of the 40 Flower Men he has chosen to feature.

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No, I Didn’t Sell the Phoblographer: Changes Coming to this Website

Hi everyone,

There comes a point with many publishers and publications where they need to evolve; and the Phoblographer has done so a number of times over the years. A lot of it has to do with the types of content we provide and how that content is delivered. Part of evolution often requires trying something new; and that’s what we’re officially announcing next week in a press release.

And of course, I’ve giving readers of this site first dibs.

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Black and White Instant Film Photographers, We Want to Feature You

Hey folks,

Next month, La Noir Image, our premium publication, is featuring photographers who shoot or have shot black and white instant film. Before you ask, it doesn’t matter: Impossible Black and White, Instax Monochrome, 3000B, New55 – we’ll feature it as long as it’s solid work. Of course, La Noir Image is black and white photo based, and so everything you submit will be need to be in black and white. Submission directions are after the jump.

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Could Zeiss Be Bringing The Legendary Biotar Lenses Back?

Zeiss is one of the most well know optics manufacturers in the world. They make or have made optical lenses for virtually every purpose and these days their lenses can be mounted to almost every major camera brand. As such, they have a deep history and have had many well-loved lens lines come and go over the years. One of those is the legendary Biotar line. Continue reading…