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Today, Phottix is announcing a brand new radio flash triggering system. They’re called the Phottix Laso radio radio triggers; and currently they are only available for Canon flashes. The Phottis Laso receiver and transmitter and designed to work with Canon radio flashes and non-radio flashes.

The Laso Transmitter can control and trigger 5 groups (15 units) of Canon radio-enabled flashes and supports multiple flash modes, including E-TTL II/E-TTL, Manual, MULTI (stroboscopic), Ext.A and Linked Shooting. You’ll also need the Laso receiver if you’re using non-radio E-TTL flashes. The reciever can be controlled with the Laso transmitter, Canon’s own ST-E3-RT transmitter or other Canon radio enabled flashes set to master mode.

The receiver also connects to studio lights.

In typical Phottix fashion, they’re super affordable with the Phottix Laso transmitter going for $159.95 and the receiver for $99.95. They’re availabe for purchase today.


Hey folks,

So along with the big content changes that have been coming to the Phoblographer, we’re also announcing a couple of new things today about our current status and our future.

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LowePro bags are amongst the most popular, and today we’re getting new additions to the company’s ProTactic series of bags. These bags are designed for both mirrorless camera and DSLR camera users. So what’s so unique about the bags? LowePro is touting their patent-pending MaxFit system of padded and fully adjustable dividers, a multiple-strap build, and a weather cover. Here are more details from the company’s press release:

  • ProTactic SH 120 AW – A small but robust shoulder bag with room for a mirrorless kit, such as the Olympus OM-D E-M1, with attached lens, extra lens or flash, smartphone and personal essentials.
  • ProTactic SH 180 AW – A mid-sized shoulder bag that fits a standard DSLR, such as the Nikon D750, with a 24-70mm lens attached, one to two extra lenses, a tablet, smartphone and small personal items.
  • ProTactic SH 200 AW – A modern, photojournalist-style shoulder bag designed to fit a professional DSLR with a classic 70-200mm lens kit, two to three extra lenses or speedlights, up to a 13-inch laptop and tablet, smartphone, and accessories.
  • ProTactic BP 250 AW – A scaled-down pack that protects a complete mirrorless kit with a 12-40mm lens attached, space for three to four extra lenses or flashes, an 11-inch MacBook Air®, smartphone and accessories.

The ProTactic SH 120 AW (US MSRP $99.95), ProTactic SH 180 AW (US MSRP $129.95), ProTactic SH 200 AW (US MSRP $169.95) and ProTactic BP 250 AW (US MSRP $189.95) are available at select retailers.

More images of the packs are after the jump.

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The Black Collection Lifestyle

Today, ONA is announcing a brand new addition to their lineup of bags–sort of.

It’s called the Black collection, and it features bags which are, well, black. It includes a Nylon version of both the Brixton and the Camps Bay, but also includes the launch of a brand new bag called the Hamilton. The latter is the company’s first roller bag and is designed to hold lots of gear like a DSLR, lights, lenses, etc. All of the bags are characterized by ballistic Nylon, Italian leather accents, and gunmetal brass hardware. They’re also seemingly more affordable than their predecessors.

For the most part, both the Brixton and the Camps Bay are still the same, but with a special new design involving Nylon. More details on the ONA Black Collection are after the jump.

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Canon 24-70mm f4L IS

Canon’s lineup of lenses currently includes both a 24-70mm f4 L IS and a 24-70mm f2.8 L USM–but no f2.8 version with IS built in. There were rumors being passed about this for a while now due to a patent, but Canon Rumors and Photo Rumors are saying that it’s a very strong possibility that we may see one in the near future. With Tamron, Tokina and Nikon all having their own version, it just makes sense.

According to Canon Rumors, a couple of prototypes exist and if the company is going to try to develop a lens to resolve their 120MP or 200+ MP prototype camera, then they’re going to need better glass. It’s also stated that this lens would perform better than anything else in the Canon lineup and also offer the new BR element to keep down fringing. The BR (Blue refractive) element is present in the company’s 35mm f1.4 L II.

If we see something like a Canon 24-70mm f2.8 L IS come to market, I highly doubt it will be this year and that Canon would instead save it for next year considering that it is a Photokina year.

Pro Tip: the latest emulsions of Kodak Portra were designed to be scanned. We recommend Portra 400 more than almost anything else out there.

Pro Tip: the latest emulsions of Kodak Portra were designed to be scanned. We recommend Portra 400 more than almost anything else out there.

The image above is from the modern emulsion of Kodak Portra 400. As you can see, it renders the shadows and the highlights pretty darn well. But it took a long time for film to get to this point.

Film, though still in use with some photographers today, wasn’t always so forgiving. The world originally worked with sepia and then black and white. When color film was developed, it didn’t have such a strong dynamic range according to an educational video recently produced by Vox. So in fact, the details in the faces of people of color (black, brown, etc.) were often very muddled. Indeed, Vox says (quite literally) in their video that it was originally developed for white people–and this problem happened between the 1940s and 1990s.

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50mm F1.2

Samyang and Rokinon have always made quality lenses at a much more affordable price point; and today they’re announcing two new additions to their system. We’ve now got the addition of a 21mm f1.4 and a 50mm f1.2–and they’re both only for mirrorless cameras.

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We’ve heard rumors about it before, but now it seems that the lens is really a reality. The Mitakon 25mm f0.95 is a small lens designed for Micro Four Thirds cameras and that is significantly smaller than anything like the Voigtlander 25mm f0.95. On Olympus and Panasonic cameras, it will render a 50mm field of view with an f1.9 depth of field full frame equivalent.

So how small is this lens? It is 1.8 inches long and weights 0.51 lbs. That’s super lightweight!

The lens features a smooth and clickless aperture–which will be nice for video but can make situations like street photography a bit tougher due to need to actually look down at the lens vs muscle memory via the clicks.

Best of all, it’s going to be cheap! When it ships to US retailers in mid-October, it will cost only $399.

Lens specs and sample images are after the jump.

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Petzval lenses are really, really fun and very addicting to play with. While we love the ones available for full frame 35mm camera sensors, it would be even better to get one for a medium format camera. That’s what photographer Denys Ivanichek is trying to create in a new Kickstarter. This lens would be available for medium format Hasselblad 500 and 200 cameras, like the 500C.

In medium format, 120mm is a portrait focal length of around 85mm as a full frame 35mm equivalent.

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Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Olympus OMD EM5 Mk II first impressions product photos (8 of 10)ISO 1001-30 sec at f - 4.5

Olympus announced a brand new firmware update for their OMD EM5 MK II and OMD EM1 cameras. The OMD EM1 is getting a new focus stacking feature that is found on the new EM10 Mk II–the more entry level option in the OMD lineup of cameras. This feature will shoot up to eight images and then stitch them together into a JPEG; though the camera will still keep the RAWs on the SD card–which means that this is excellent for macro shooting. It’s also going to feature the new simulated optical viewfinder setting, advancements in the focus peaking and new movie functions.

Meanwhile, the new EM5 Mk II that was announced earlier this year is getting new video features, tethered shooting enhancements, and a 4K time lapse mode.

With these new movie enhancements comes flat color profiles for video shooting; and the company’s PRO lenses are getting a smooth aperture change update for shooting video.

The press release is after the jump if you’re interested in more, but the firmware updates are coming this November.

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