Spider Camera Holster Announces Kickstarter for 3 New Products


Spider Camera Holster, makers of the Spider Pro camera carrying system, have announced the launch of their Kickstarter campaign for three all new products: the SpiderLight Holster & Plate, SpiderLight Single Camera System, and the SpiderLight Backpack Adaptor. Made with mirrorless cameras and lightweight DSLR’s in mind, these new offerings present a range of features for those looking for alternative methods of carrying their gear. Continue reading…

Could Flash Porter Be The Field Back-up Solution of Your Dreams?


Backing up your images while you are away from your primary storage solutions is always a tricky proposition for photographers. It is one of the primary reasons behind higher end cameras these days having multiple memory card slots. There have been some decent attempts by more mainstream brands such as Toshiba and Western Digital to make storage drives good for backing up photos and video while out in the field, but these were expensive and the performance left a lot to be desired. Enter Flash Porter.  Continue reading…

The Leica Collection by ONA is Your New High End Camera Bag Lineup


ONA are known for their stylish, functional, and high quality bags for photographers, and Leica is, well, Leica. It was announced today that the two will be teaming up again, but this time on a line of exclusive bags that will be sold in Leica stores and boutiques internationally.

Previously the Leica and ONA had collaborated on bags such as the Berlin and Berlin II, as well as the Bowery, for Leica. This new collection of bags, which will be called, “The Leica Collection by ONA”, will feature several of ONA’s messenger style bags as well as one of their photography backpack-style bags. Each of the bags will feature detailing with that classic Leica Red as well as the special hand crafting of premium materials that Leica is known for.

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Filter Focused Editor CameraBag Photo Version 3 Mac and PC


Nevercenter, makers of CameraBag Photo, announced the release of version 3 of their award-winning desktop CameraBag software. The latest edition includes a slew of new features, brand new filters, an updated interface, and more. Nevercenter is focusing on delivering what they believe to be speedy workflow capabilities by utilizing a filter-focused photo editing platform for Mac and PC.

The latest version of CameraBag Photo has features such as HSV, luminance and hue-based masking, 4-way color wheels, multi-document tabs with side-by-side vieiwing, live pixel inspector, and more. There’s also new color management, speed improvements, and dozens of new filters for the Mac version of the software. Being a “filter-focused” program means CameraBag Photo lets you create your own custom presets.

CameraBag Photo is available now at nevercenter.com or on the Mac App Store. The normal retail price is $49, but it is being offered for a special limited-time launch sale price of $35 (30% off). Nevercenter also offers a free trial version of the software for those wanting to give it a test run. Give it a look!

Fujifilm GFX Could Include 16-Bit Color Depth, Release in Spring


According to Fujirumors, Fujifilm’s recently announced GFX camera will have 16-bit color depth and will be made available sometime in Spring 2017. The information was sourced from the Swiss website, digitec.ch, who recently did a sit down interview with Fuji managers. Additionally, in the interview they talk about the three lenses available at launch followed by three more in winter 2017. Full specs will be officially released in early/mid 1st quarter.  Continue reading…

SNAPSNAP: Camera Strap That Counterbalances Camera Weight With Your Backpack


There has been a recent trend of camera straps that attach to a backpack–and that’s the bandwagon that SNAPSNAP is jumping on. The company describes their product as a functional strap designed to work with a backpack to counterbalance the weight of your camera. They claim that it greatly improves the camera handling experience while providing comfort and placing your camera within easy reach for quick shooting response.

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