The LaCie 2big Dock Offers Up to 20TB of Storage For Your Photos

Lacie is offering a brand new, two bay RAID offering designed for the photographer that really needs a whole ton of connectivity in the form of the LaCie 2big Dock. This new RAID option uses Thunderbolt 3 and lets you connect SD cards, CF cards and other devices directly to it, effectively acting as a port between your computer and your media.

Of course, it’s also fantastic for videographers. More specs and details are after the jump.

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The Fujifilm Instax Square SQ10 Has a 28.5mm f2.4 Aperture Lens Attached

Today is the day that a whole lot of us have been waiting for: we’ve finally got the Fujfiilm Instax Square SQ10 camera. And it’s coming with some super cool features! The rumors of it being both hybrid digital and instax film are indeed true. It’s got a ¼” CMOS image sensor with primary color filter that records very, very few pixels. Of course, it’s mostly targeted towards the mobile photography crowd vs the photographer that wants to sit there printing at a computer and hunkering down for a session in Capture One.

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Lomography’s New Disposable Cameras Are Pretty Adorable

Lomography has some really cool and fun options now available for purchase: disposable cameras. The new Lomography disposable cameras have been tailored and designed more for ease of use than anything else. Additionally, they’re a lot like so many others too in that they strive to get everything in focus, use flash, and also use 35mm film. The disposable cameras are available in a three pack set.

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