Red Bull Illume Sneak Peek Offers Glimpse of the World’s Best Action Sport Photography

© Jean Baptiste Liautard / Red Bull Illume

All images used with permission from Red Bull. Lead image by Jean Baptiste Liautard.

Red Bull Illume is one of the world’s top photography contests for the action sports and adventure specialized photographers out there. This is the fourth iteration of this contest, which convenes every three years and started back in 2007, in which thousands of the world’s top action and adventure sports photographers submit their work to the panel of 50 photo editors to be judged. Out of this year’s 34,624 entries from 5,645 photographers located in 120 countries,  11 Category prize winners and 1 Grand Prize winner will be announced. Continue reading…

The Fujifilm instax SHARE SP-2 Lets You Add Filters and Collages to Your Instax Prints



When Fujifilm launched their Instax printer a while back, we honestly couldn’t imagine a way that it could be improved or reworked. But Fujifilm has proven us wrong with their announcement of the Share SP-2 printer. The company claims that it has improved WiFi connectivity, quieter operation with a print appearing in 10 seconds as opposed to 16, and an improved app to work in conjunction with it.

But that’s not all.

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We’re Hiring: Freelance Writer for La Noir Image


Hey everyone,

Remember La Noir Image: that Kickstarter I tried to get funded but that failed because now I realized that no one wanted an app? Well it’s currently under reconstruction to become a full blown art community. Yes, that’s right; it’s not dead–and instead it’s being revamped into a community. Thanks to the help of an Angel Investor, La Noir Image can become something bigger. The current La Noir Image is under construction.

Think Phoblographer premium: with a totally justifiable subscription tier plan. Further, we’re not playing the news game. It’s going to instead be all about refined, well done content.

To that end though, I’m looking to bring on another part-time writer as I’ve already got someone else on board with magazine rate pay.

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NYTimes Photographer Bill Cunningham Dies at 87


Image by Paul Stein on Flickr.

Today is a very sad day in the photography world as the NYTimes confirmed that photographer Bill Cunningham passed away at 87. Mr. Cunningham was a famous fashion photographer and in many ways the original true street fashion photographer. He was well known for the fact that he went against what many other photographers did for years and instead of shooting all the craziness on red carpets all the time, he went around NYC with his bike and every day photographed people who just happened to look very fashionable. For 40 years, Bill Cunningham worked for the NYTimes.

A few days ago, he suffered from a stroke, and many on the internet were praying that he would make a swift recovery. Mr. Cunningham is also the focus of a special documentary called Bill Cunningham New York; where we’re shown what his every day life was like.

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Photographers Who Capture Incredible Moments: Be Featured Here

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer A Street Photographer's Notebook for iPad Review (8 of 9)ISO 4001-40 sec at f - 5.6

Hey folks,

This month has been all about featuring photographers who create moments and scenes that help them express themselves in a creative way. Next month though is all about featuring photographers who capture moments. Obviously, because this is the majority of photographers out there, we’re looking to feature the best of the best on the site.

Head on past the jump for a deeper explanation and how to apply.

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Photographer Records Struggle with American Airlines After $20,000 in Gear Damaged


A video is gaining traction on Reddit and across the web today that documents a photographer’s struggle with American Airlines after he says he was asked to check his gear due to size restrictions on the plane he would be flying on that day.

According to photographer Yosef Shidler, of CJ Studios, he then witnessed what no traveling photographer would ever want to see — an American Airlines employee holding one of his lenses, with the rest of his equipment strewn across the tarmac below the plane. According to Mr. Shidler, the pelican case in which he had his gear in, having apparently been incorrectly and hastily placed onto the loading conveyor belt, fell while on its way to the plane’s cargo hold, falling an estimated 7 or 8 feet – causing the case to pop open and send Shidler’s gear flying across the hard tarmac cement.

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Hot on Adobe’s Heels, Phase One Launches Capture One Pro 9.2 Update

Capture One Pro 9.2 Update

Hot on the heels of Adobe’s big Creative Cloud updates earlier this week, Phase One is getting in on the action as well, officially unveiling Capture One Pro 9.2. According to the release distributed by Phase One, in addition to the features we will cover below, this latest update adds support for six recently released cameras including the Pentax K-1, Nikon D500, as well as Canon’s EOS M10, G5x, G7x Mk II, and G9x.

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UPDATE You Talked, We Listened: Here Are the Improvements Made to the Redesign


UPDATE: The website’s navigation is now as follows: the desktop version has tabs. However, the tablet and phone version now incorporates swiping just like the older version did. Give it a try and let us know your thoughts.

Hi everyone:

After launching our redesign we heard a lot of mixed feedback. We’ve taken it into consideration and we’re going to continue to find solutions though if you have some that you want to volunteer we ask that you please do so.

We removed the code that was putting ads on images, though we’re still not sure exactly what is sending some of you to the iOS store when clicking onto our website. Additionally, we’ve change the way navigation works on the desktop, tablet and phone. You now have little tabs on each side.

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