Macphun’s Luminar Photo-Editing Software Adds Support for Macbook Pro Touchbar


Macphun, the folks behind Aurora HD and the Creative Suite, have released an update to its new Luminar app, adding support for the 2016 Macbook Pro’s Touch Bar. Apple rolled out the laptop in November and developers have quickly been adding features to their software to take advantage of the unique touch bar. Luminar follows suit and offers easy to access features such as: adding photo filters, quickly comparing photos, copying and pasting effects to a group of images, adjusting the size of the editing brush, and more.  Continue reading…

Photographer Joel Crane Wants to Create a Multi-Format Tintype Camera


Australia based photographer and woodsmaker, Joel Crane, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for his unique custom-built multi-format tintype camera. A fan of many different photography mediums including 35mm, medium, and large format, Crane is using his passion for older methods of photography to create a modern version of the classic tintype camera. Unique to crane’s model is a multi-format design with swappable backs allowing different size images to be created from 5 x 7 and up.  Continue reading…

New Book Wants to Document the History of Skateboarding through Portraits


All images © Matt Kurtin. Taken from the Kickstarter.

Bay Area photographer, Matt Kurtin, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for his upcoming book documenting the history of skateboarding. Working with one type of film, one lens, and one camera for the entire project, Kurtin seeks to showcase the skateboarding world in a more compassionate light than previously done before. After breaking his own ankle while skateboarding, Kurtin picked up a camera and photography quickly became an obsession. His current project will combine his two passions into a four part photo book. Continue reading…

DXOMark: Pentax K-1 and Nikon D800E Sensors Outdo Sony a99 II


The Sony a99 II has pretty much the same sensor that’s inside the Sony a7r II, but for some odd reason cameras with older sensors appear to outdo it according to the latest DXOMark scores. While Sony clearly beats out Phase One and Canon, both Pentax and Nikon outdo the a99 II’s sensor. The Sony a99 II has a 43.6MP sensor while both the Nikon and Pentax house what’s likely the same 36MP full frame sensor. All of the sensors are honestly good, but it’s a bit insane the newer sensor isn’t outdoing the old. Maybe it’s the processor.

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Kimi Camera Straps are Made from Vintage Kimono Silk and Leather


Lots of camera straps these days are typically made of really nice leather, canvas or sailing rope. But a brave new Kickstarter is trying to do things a bit different. Kimi Camera, run by William Roy, is trying to create camera straps made of vintage Kimono silk and leather. This is completely different from everything else out there and quite honestly is sort of refreshing.

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The Fujifilm X-A10 Becomes Official; Targets the Selfie Crowd


Update: it’s live on the US’s site now too.

There have been lots of rumors on the web about whether or not the Fujifilm X-A10 would be a real thing, and it appears that they were right. This morning, the company announced their newest addition to their X series lineup of cameras that stuffs a 16.3MP APS-C sensor at the heart, though it isn’t clear if it’s an X Trans sensor or not though we’re positive that it isn’t. This is due to the fact that Fujifilm is billing the new X-A10 as a first ILC for consumers.

The Fujifilm X-A10 has a slide and tilt LCD screen that they state is for self-portraits because, you know, that’s exactly what the world needs. For this reason, the company shaped the grip to be ergonomic for both selfie use and what we’d otherwise call normal.

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Capture One Pro 10 Improves Its Interface, Supports Newer Cameras


Phase One’s Capture One is the industry standard in the fashion photography market, and it’s steadily becoming more and more popular with many photographers  getting frustrated with Adobe Lightroom. Today, the company is announcing Capture One Pro 10: which they claim to be putting user experience center stage in addition to interface improvements, under-the-hood tuning, etc.

Lots of the new features and specs from the press release are after the jump.

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