SNAP! Pro’s New HD Wide Lens for iPhone Almost Totally Kills Distortion

Last year, we reviewed the SNAP! Pro iPhone camera case and really fell in love with its overall versatility. So when the company recently announced they’ve upgraded the case and the lenses, it got us very excited. According to the company, the new case is designed not only for the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, and iPhone 6s Plus, but the newer lenses were designed to be a pretty major improvement.

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Intro to Street Portraiture: Learn How to Approach Complete Strangers

For every photographer that has ever been afraid of asking a complete stranger for a portrait, know that you’ll be in fantastic hands for our upcoming workshop on April 2nd in NYC. We’re teaming up again with Adorama to teach photographers how to approach complete strangers and ask them for a quick photo, direct them to get the best photo possible, and move on to keep doing it. It’s going to be a major confidence booster. More details are after the jump.

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The Fujifilm X Pro 2 and Fujifilm X-T2 Are Getting 33 Massive Updates

One of the absolute best things that every Fujifilm X Pro 2  and Fujifilm X-T2  owner can say about their camera is that with every firmware update, it seems like Fujifilm is giving them something akin to a slightly upgraded and revamped camera body. This has been present in the thoughts of Fujifilm camera users for a while now; so with the news of new big firmware updates coming, it’s time to get excited again. The news, which broke via FujiRumors, is bound to have a lot of Fujifilm camera fans excited.

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We’ve Updated Our List of the Absolute Best Budget Lenses. Check it Out!

Hi everyone,

Since 2010, we’ve been curating a special of the single best budget lens offerings for all the camera manufacturers on the market. Today, we’ve updated that guide quite a bit to include a number of other lens offerings. You can check out the guide right here.

This list has been updated to include more options for DSLRs, Sony and Fujifilm amongst a number of other camera manufacturers. We hope you enjoy it!

Watch Our Upcoming Online Street Photography Workshop at Your Own Convenience

Just a reminder folks: for the next three nights I’m teaching an online street photography workshop teaching folks all about the industry from an editor’s perspective. You get course packets, lifetime access to the workshop material, etc. That, and it’s only $97. There’s also our black and white street photography workshop that we’re teaching later next month, which you can sign up for.

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One of the biggest problems with prints from the Impossible Project has to do with how UV light degrades the images over time–but a new solution from is looking to counter that issue. The Kickstarter initiative is for the creation of picture frames with acrylic glass designed to protect your images from UV light while also giving the appearance that the image is floating in air. If you’re a person that shoots a whole load of Impossible Project film, then it makes a whole lot of sense for you to show off your snaps this way vs putting them in a box shielded from the light of day.

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