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Here in the US, we’ve got an extra long weekend ahead of us. If you’ve got spare time, we recommend checking out the new documentary on Vimeo called Bending the Light. It’s a special documentary about both lens makers and the photographers that use them. Each photographer tells a story of some sort about important images that they’ve taken. Specifically, it follows Canon photographers and also takes a visit the Canon’s lens factories to talk to the folks who make lenses. According to IMDB, the entire thing was shot on the Canon C500 and using Canon Cinema lenses. In fact, Hollywood Reporter states that Canon commissioned that the documentary be made to commemorate the fact that they’ve made over 90 million lenses. With that said, they give you a brief inside look at how their lenses are made according to what Definition says.

Director Michael Apted tells Entertainment Weekly that it was a challenge for him to film because the security is so tight. Due to competition in the world, they didn’t want many folks to know what happens in the lens factories. But he states that the real challenge had more to do with finding the folks who use the lenses and intertwining the stories.

The film was featured at the Sundance film festival earlier this year; you can see the trailer after the jump.

You can choose to rent is for $4.99 or purchase it for $12.99.

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Rental houses are very popular for many professional photographers, but CameraLends is looking to shake up the entire rental industry by promoting a peer to peer system and allowing folks to make money off of it. According to their press release, the company is all about connecting local folks to get gear from one another at more affordable rates. The company claims to have gear available in more than 165 cities and offers coupons, geolocation support, messaging, and more.

This could be a very interesting way of doing things; more info is after the jump.

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The folks over at Digital Rev put the Canon Rebel T6s and T6i against the new Nikon D5500 entry level DSLRs. For the most part, they talk about the features and ergonomic differences, like the T6s having an LCD screen on top the just like the higher end pro models. They find that Nikon’s D5500 has better image quality at higher ISOs, the Canon Rebels work better for video, and the autofocus seems to have perks on both sides.

Check out their video after the jump.

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julius motal the phoblographer covr photo iphone 6

Several months ago, I got an email from Thomas Hurst about an iPhone case that he had invented for the iPhone 5. Its selling point was the prism lens that essentially makes it possible to take a photo while holding the phone like you do when you’re texting. Gone are the days of putting your phone between your face and the photograph, and it proved to be so useful that I gave it our Editor’s Choice award.

It may have seemed strange to some that there wasn’t a 6/6+ version, but Hurst and his team began working on this before the 6/6+ existed. Now, there’s an iPhone 6 version in the works, and there’s a Kickstarter to help bring it to fruition. There’s a key difference between the 5 and the 6 version. The one of the iPhone 6 comes in two parts: a shock-absorbent rubber core and a hard outer shell with the prism lens. The original COVR Photo was a unibody hard shell that proved a little difficult to take off, but this new design remedies that.

There’s an app, too, to help you take pictures because the prism design renders the image upside down in the dedicated camera. Essentially, the app flips the image right side up. The prism also slides back, so that you can use the regular lens as well. There is a bevy of rewards in this kickstarter, including signed prints from Hurst’s 20-year career as a photojournalist.

If you’ve been looking for a new way to take photos with your iPhone 6, check out the Kickstarter. Alternatively, you can order one for your iPhone 5/5S here.


One of the most important things about a camera bag for photographers is that it shouldn’t look like a camera bag. That seems to be what Booq is going for with their new Python Catch camera bag. Instead of looking like an expensive bag it looks like something that a college kid may tote around. This is further evinced by the fact that it can hold up to two DSLRs, four lenses and a 15″ Macbook Pro. If you’re a photojournalism student that can afford the $295 price tag, this could be the bag for you.

The Booq Python Catch comes in gray, and has a reflective surface that makes sure that you get seen in the dark while walking around in the rain.

The interior has padded dividers and more mesh pockets to keep things separated. But that’s not even the coolest part. The exterior is made from a combination of cotton and recycled PET, and promises weather proofing. Most interestingly, there is a back strap to store it on top of luggage.

More photos of the bag are after the jump.

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Last year, ONA teamed up with Leica to bring the Berlin camera bag. Then they brought it out of the limited edition space, and this year they’re updating the bag again. The ONA Berlin II is a wink and a nod to one of the hippest cities in the world, and is made with rich grain leather that ONA guarantees will look amazing with use.

The interior has a red look to coincide with Leica’s company; and the bag can hold a Leica M along with a couple of lenses, an iPad and personal stuff. The Berlin II also has a removable top grab handle if you don’t want to sling it around your chest.

This bag, like the more production ready Berlin, has only one red button as opposed to the limited edition with two buttons.

Want one? They’re available today for $399; which seems a tad pricey–but considering how high quality ONA’s camera bags are that you need to see in person to believe it’s very fair. On a personal note, we really wish it could hold a 13 inch MacBook and therefore become more functional as an everyday bag.