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CineStill has been looking for funding to jumpstart the production of 120 film, but very recently they updated their IndieGoGo campaign to also include large format film. To unlock this perk, CineStill is looking for $150,000 and all the film will be special order. Beyond that, we’ll unlock 50D film in 120.

CineStill, for those of you not in the know, take Kodak motion picture film, remove a layer and repackage it for easy use with 35mm film cameras. The new 120 format version is essentially sticking to the same formula, but with the large format stuff we can’t be exactly sure how they’re doing it. Kodak has had sheet film for a while, but this is quite interesting a case.

At the moment of publishing this story, that means that CineStill is going to essentially need double the funding within six days to get it done.

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Canon 8-15mm tugboat graveyard (13 of 29)

The Phoblographer is looking to feature the work of various urban exploring (urbex) photographers. Think you’ve got what it takes? Hit the jump to see how you can be featured on the site.

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IRAN: TEHRAN January 1979. After a pro Shah demonstration at the Amjadiyeh Stadium, a woman believed to be pro Shah supporter is lynched by a Revolutionary mob.

IRAN: TEHRAN January 1979.
After a pro Shah demonstration at the Amjadiyeh Stadium, a woman believed to be pro Shah supporter is lynched by a Revolutionary mob.

A new site is looking to profile the work of famed Magnum Photographer Abbas–who covered much of the Iranian revolution. The site is a collaboration between IranWire and Journalism Is Not A Crime and produced by Iranian journalist and filmmaker Maziar Bahari. It commemorates the 37th anniversary of the Iranian Revolution. does a great job of showing off how much the times have changed between the news coverage of Iran today and what it was back then. It’s broken down into many sections that not only show images but accompanying text that explains more about what was happening at that time. Since it’s Magnum photos photographer Abbas, it’s also just quite powerful in light of all that’s happening in the world right now.

If you’re into photojournalism and documentary work, some of the images will really grab you.


Before I go on: no, I’m not talking about Sony A series despite what all the rumor mongers are saying. Instead, what we’re getting is a new IQ3 medium format back based on the ALPA 12TC mirrorless camera body. From what it seems, this is a similar back to the other 100MP beast that Phase One announced earlier this year, but instead it’s designed specifically for this system. To that end, the new sensor is also a 645 full frame format–meaning that it is a full 645 sized sensor and not cropped.

The ISO ranges from 50 to 12,800 and boasts a dynamic range of 15 stops. It can shoot at up to 1/500th or up to 60 minutes on the other end of the spectrum. 1/500th is fairly common for most medium format camera backs.

Each model of the camera comes with the 35mm Rodenstock Alpar lens. Two optional lenses are available: ultra-wide 23mm and 70mm ALPA HR Alpagon. The price? A whopping $56,000 is what this camera will set you back at.

CineStill Launches Campaign to Fund 120 Film


Very few films really make me get super excited as the stuff that CineStill puts out. Everytime I see the results from the rolls, I squeal with glee at the delicious skin tones and beautiful overall look that’s really tough to get digitally. And now, it’s becoming even better. CineStill launched a new funding campaign to fund the production of 120 film. That means that you’ll be able to use the magical emulsions with Mamiya, Hasselblad, Bronica, Kiev and other medium format cameras.

The campaign is on IndieGoGo, and is specifically looking to fund the development of 800T in 120 format. That will make it one of the highest ISO color renditions available at the moment. CineStill 800T is rated at ISO 800 typically and is designed to be used indoors or with a flash. However, if you’re shooting it outdoors then you need an 85B filter and will rate the film at ISO 500. The film itself is Kodak movie film repackaged and with a special layer removed to make it easy for traditional roll processing. I reviewed CineStill 800T in 35mm and still love it.

It’s super exciting stuff, and it’ll be a shame in the analog world if this isn’t fully funded.




In what’s probably Canon’s worst kept secret in years, today the company is announcing the brand new Canon 1Dx Mk II flagship DSLR. This new DSLR camera is an upgrade to the original 1Dx–and like the Nikon D5, it features no built in WiFi but there is GPS integration.

The new Canon 1Dx Mk II features a 20.2MP 35mm full frame CMOS sensor, can shoot at up to 14 fps and 16 fps in Live View, Dual DIGIC 6+ imaging processors, 61 AF points that cover more of the viewfinder area, continuous red illumination for the AF points, and the ability to process 170 raw images at 14 fps with unlimited JPEG processing depending on which card you’re using.

The camera goes from ISO 100 to 51,200 with an extension to 409,600 if you choose. Even more interesting is the addition of a touchscreen–which only works with Live View mode and shooting video. But there’s a lot more to this camera too.

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The 2015 Monochrome Awards winners were recently announced, and while everyone is still fixated on how Nikon selected a poorly Photoshopped image, these will instead really inspire you–if you’re into black and white photography that is!

Check them out after the jump.

PS: If you’re really into black and white photography, you should send a pitch for La Noir Image.

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Months back, B&H Photo’s warehouse workers protested for the right to unionize against what they felt were an oppressive management. They also protested unsafe working conditions. But yesterday, a number of store employees organized to protest working conditions in the store. According to a press release from the Laundry Workers Center, “B&H store workers will hold a protest and deliver a letter to management demanding an end to dangerous, discriminatory and abusive workplace conditions inside the flagship store of B&H Photo Video, the largest non-chain photo store in the United States.”

The store, for those of you who don’t know, has many layers to it. There is the main floor for video, audio, televisions, etc. The second floor holds all the camera gear, computer gear, etc. But below all of this is a warehouse system where many people work to support the customer service reps–which is partially done with the Trolley system that the store has become so well known for.

B&H Photo is one of the biggest retailers of cameras in the world, with folks from all over buying from them. Details from the press release are after the jump.

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Portrait Photographers: Let’s See Your Work!

The shadow and fact that this image was lit on only one side makes this very low key

Hey folks!

If you’re a portrait photographer, I’d love to feature your work on the Phoblographer. To apply, check out the details below after the jump.

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Sekonic Introduces Two New Light Meters

unnamed (1)

New cameras get introduced all the time; but new light meters? The strobists that read this site as well as those who use older film cameras with no light meter built is are probably getting very excited right now. Sekonic is introducing their new variants of their L-478DR series with the L-478DR-EL Series and L-478DR-PX Series–which were developed in cooperation with Elinchrom and Phottix (hence the naming). They offer wireless triggering and power control of Elinchrom flash units and triggering of Phottix flashes and radio triggers. To differentiate them, the new meters have a special color rubber edging along with the name brand for the lights they’re controlling.

We reviewed the original L-478DR meters a while back, and for the photographers that use Elinchrom and Phottix lights these may be a nice touch to their kit. But for other photographers, they may instead want to look at the new Lumu which also does flash metering but not triggering.

More details are after the jump.

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