Why I’m Returning to Flickr Despite the Company Not Doing So Great

In January 2017, this sounds like the absolute craziest thing any photographer could possibly do even despite my own research that shows lots of people use it as a dumping ground: but I’m truthfully returning to Flickr. This has a lot to do with my own personal feelings of many platforms out there in the world and how the “photography world” has evolved and changed. Some of these things that define our current world were first made famous by Flickr. Lots of photographers have their own Instagram–and that’s fine. We really need Instagram at this point despite the platform and the general public’s complete lack of respect for intellectual property. The same can be said of any social media platform.

But I don’t see Flickr as a social media platform.

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Perfect Portraits: 4 Budget Portrait Lenses For the Canon EOS System under $1,000

Portrait photography is no doubt one of the those niches of photography that attracts many new photographers to the industry, both as hobbyists and professionals–and finding budget friendly portrait lenses can be tough. That said, the overwhelming majority simply doesn’t have the budget to spend on top class professional portrait lenses, so today we are taking a look at some of the best budget oriented portrait lenses for the Canon EOS System.

If you have another camera system no worries, we will be following this up with budget portrait lens roundups for other systems as well. Previously we have looked at Fujifilm’s X-Series, and will continue on to the other systems after we hit Canon today.

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With Analog Photography Should Come a Resurgence of Printing

If you’re one of the newer breed of photographers who started out in digital and only afterward picked up analog film photography, then you’re also probably a photographer that has never had an image of theirs printed. The reason: what would you do with it? Would you put it on a wall? Would you keep it in a drawer? Unfortunately for many people, they typically just end up throwing them out. However I’m most certain this is because of one specific issue: they haven’t printed the right photo.

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Our Favorite Budget-Friendly Lenses For Landscape Photographers

Landscape photography is one of those great niches of photography where you can just grab your gear and go–no need to line up a client or model, just drive out to your nearest wilderness area and you are golden. This often makes landscape photography a popular niche for hobbyists and amateur landscape photographers, who by extension are usually looking for budget lenses to built out their kit.

One nice benefit to landscape photography is that your subjects are not moving, so autofocus is a luxury that you can live without, meaning access to inexpensive manual focus prime lenses is something that makes a lot of sense to look into. Today we wanted to focus on some of our picks for the best budget landscape photography lenses, and we have broken the list up into two parts, DSLR Lenses and Mirrorless lenses. Let’s jump into it.

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After The Kit: 6 Incredible Lens Upgrades For The Micro Four Thirds Photographer

Micro four thirds is such an interesting system in that we have this situation where both Panasonic and Olympus lenses work on each others cameras, and each come with their own pros and cons. This can make things a little confusing for new micro four thirds owners, but in reality it makes this system incredibly flush with great upgrade potential, and so today we are going to be looking at some of our picks for the top micro four thirds lenses to consider upgrading to after your kit lens.

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The Photographer’s Guide to Budget Friendly Portrait Lenses

Portrait photography is for sure one of the most popular niches of photography, with many people getting into photography specifically to learn how to shoot better portraits they don’t always know what portrait lenses to get their hands on. This not only makes portrait photography a popular starting point for beginners but also a popular target for lens manufacturers when designing lenses. Continue reading…

Personal Projects: 10 Reasons A Commercial Food Photographer Takes Free Work

Before I continue, let me tell you that this is just my personal experience and in no way do I encourage anyone to commit to free work. I’m a trained ninja guardian of paid commercial work but there are always exceptions.

Not long ago, I was approached by a client who asked in the kindest and most respectful way I’ve heard so far if I could work in exchange for food. I simply replied with a “sorry, I can’t commit to any free work at the moment” as I don’t like the idea of working for free (obviously), but didn’t want to shut the door completely either so we arranged to talk about it at another time.

In the meantime, I started thinking of ways to produce content for my blog, my portfolio and my marketing, and balancing the pros and cons of working for free.

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