Mark Sommerfeld: A Photographer’s Guide to Breaking Up

This is a syndicated blog post from Format Magazine. Original post done by Jill Blackmore Evans. All images and text by Mark Sommerfeld. Be sure to also check out Format for your own website.

Photographer Mark Sommerfeld collaborated with his ex-girlfriend Heather English for a photo show about their break-up.

After Mark Sommerfeld and his girlfriend, Heather English, split up, the photographer took an ambitious approach to working things out. He asked his ex to work with him on a photography show exploring the end of their relationship.

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These 12 Prime Lenses Are Great For Shooting Concerts

Concert photography has a wide range of participants, from the casual fan in the crowd to the full time professional in the pit. But they also have a range of venues, from outdoor amphitheaters to downtown dive bars. So for someone looking to get into concert photography, where should they start in terms of lenses for their kit?

Zoom lenses offer some great benefits thanks to their versatility, but generally suffer when compared to prime lenses in terms of their aperture ratings and how much light they can gather. You can go either way, but for someone looking to dabble in concert work, or looking to keep the budget within reason, a prime lens is a good way to do that. Today we are going to highlight several of our favorite prime lenses for concert photography, so lets get into it!

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16 Portrait Photographers With Photos Well Worth Your Admiration

All images in this post are used with permission. Lead photo by C. Stephen Hurst.

Portrait photography is a fine balance between communication, creative vision, mise-en-scene and knowledge on how to produce particular effects in a photo. And over the years, the Phoblographer has interviewed a ton of great portrait photographers. We went back in our archives to showcase their work in his awesome roundup just for you.

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This Lego Instax Camera Has a Classic TLR Design To It

All images by Albertino. Used with permission.

What’s more fun than putting together a Lego Instax camera? For some of you, probably thing. There’s a yearning in the Instax film photography community to have more cameras with different designs and full manual capabilities. Not much out there can give you that with some of the closest being the Diana F+, the Instax Wide Hacks, and the Mint TL70 2.0. But photographer Albertino has been creating cameras for a little while now and made this Fujifilm Instax camera out of legos. Personally, Albertino has a wide range of interests ranging from photography, sleight of hand magic, philosophy, technology to history. He always tried to create something new. Currently he spends most of his time in modifying instant cameras that has never been modified by others.

So we decided to ask Albertino a bit about this new project of his.

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The Best Bang For Your Buck Wide Angle Lenses For Sony’s E-Mount

Unlike their DSLR counterparts, mirrorless systems are all relatively new systems without decades of lens design and development under their belts. As such, options are more limited and this is especially true on the wide end of the lens spectrum, where lots of lens development trickery is required. So what are the best wide angle lenses available for the Sony E-Mount system?

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Four Manual Focus Prime Lenses For Landscapes Under $800

In today’s world many photographers struggle with manual focusing (or at the very least greatly prefer to use autofocus). That said, one niche by and large still embraces the legacy of manually focusing in much larger numbers than other photography niches – Landscape Photographers. The reason should be pretty obvious, the subjects they are shooting are not moving, generally there is time to set up a shot and spend time to nail focus just right manually without stressing about missing a moment.

To that end, manual focus lenses are pretty popular in the Landscape field, especially among the budget crowd thanks to their usual price savings over their OEM AF counterparts. But there really are options all over the place and it can be hard to know where to send those hard earned dollars. So today we are bringing you a roundup of some of our favorite manual focus lenses for landscape photography that ring in under $800.

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Sacrifice: To Create Better Photos You Must Give The Time

As I sat here in front of the computer trying to find words that would express my state of mind as of late, I kept laughing at what was showing up on my screen. The topic is one which at its face sounds, well, kind of harsh or ominous. Sacrifice…I kept envisioning a stone temple with a sullen Mayan tribe person being led up the stairs to their doom. Hahaha…Yeah, the word sacrifice can be scary.

But I of course am not talking about something quite so dramatic here. Heck, in this day and age, for most people in a first world country, sacrifice might mean not getting your latte in the morning or having your Amazon Prime delivery arrive a day late.

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