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Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Unravelling the Mysteries of the Little Black Box book review images (1 of 5)ISO 4001-100 sec at f - 3.2

It’s not very often that an innovative book for photographers makes a splash, but Unravelling the Mysteries of the Little Black Box is an eBook that will turn heads and make you excited about learning all of the intricacies of the art form. Even as a veteran photographer for many years, I found the content in this book from Shaun Hines to be absolutely wonderful.

So what makes the book so innovative? Unlike many other eBooks on the market, Mysteries of the Little Black Box has multiple interactive elements. You aren’t simply just flicking from left to right to read scenes. The book requires active involvement from the reader to get the most from it.

And if you’re going to recommend any book to a person still learning, hands down this is the one.

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All images by Chuck Baker. Used with permission.

Making your own cameras usually results in the creation of pinhole cameras, but photographer Chuck Baker recently created a large format 5×7″ camera after being inspired by a 20×24″ camera. He tells us that he wanted to create a smaller version and that the stuff that he collects from garage sales helped him to build a camera using an old film enlarger.

For the uninformed, 35mm film needed to use enlargers in order to print them at a larger size. These enlargers had lenses, bellows, etc. And in many cases they are indeed turned into cameras. But the story about this one from Mr. Baker really amazed us. His ingenuity inspired us–and his knack for tinkering helped him to create his own large format camera.

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Whether you think it’s hipster or not–let’s be frank, instant film cameras are cool. Who cares if they’re hipster? There are ways that you can make them seem much less so. But even if you have that stigma, the cameras are still capable of producing beautiful work that editors, models, and people in general love. Heck, an entire app was created to emulate the looks of these cameras!

Picking the right one though isn’t so simple. There are many options available both old and new–and you really just need to get the right one for you. That’s much easier said than done though.

Here’s our Guide to Instant Film Cameras and picking the right one for you.

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Two Flamingos

All images by Gray Malin. Used with permission.

Not many people choose to venture to the Arctic–but if they did then they’d surely try to bring something to remind them of warmer times. That’s part of the influence of Gray Malin’s Antarctica: the White Continent. Gray used juxtaposition to make summery items stand out amongst the ice floes, glaciers, and the barren snow.

We talked to Gray about travelling to the Arctic, the idea and inspiration behind the project, and location scouting in the frigid cold.

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Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Adorama Flashpoint Streaklight 180 WS product images (1 of 8)ISO 4001-80 sec at f - 4.0

This weekend, we want you to let out your inner strobist. Use a flash for your photography–in fact, use several if you can. You’ll have an amazing time seeing just how creative you can get.

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All images by Pete Taylor. Used with permission.

While the Holga is a camera that has been subject to many hacks, not many have put a Raspberry Pi camera in it. But Peter Taylor has done such a thing. But not only did he create the camera using Raspberry Pi, but he also modified the lens a bit and the camera overall to be a bit more accommodating to its digital overlord. By adding in a module and sensor similar to what you see in mobile phones, he was able to bring this classical camera to life in the digital world.

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