The Top 7 Influential Street Photographers of 2016

This is a syndicated blog post from Giorgio Scalici with permission. Also, this is a satire piece; don’t take it that seriously.

“Much ado about nothing” this week since an article about voting the most influential streephers was released from a notorious blog. Nothing wrong with the “recommended” names on that list, but I was feeling that someone was still missing. The present article just want to suggest more influential street photographers that could – eventually, if they give us the permission to – join that list.

Please have a look, vote and tell me through the comments if I forgot someone.

Let’s start!

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chris gampat the phoblographer leica m9p review (2 of 15)

FOMO: Fear of missing out. Yes, it’s a thing. And there are studies that say that in the future, we’re all just going to try to record everything and be so busy trying to record it all vs actually experiencing it. Part of this comes from use of a camera phone. Camera phones have enabled this whole instinct to capture the moment, pulling it out and documenting everything around you. In contrast, people generally don’t do this with dedicated cameras because there is a much different experience involved with it. It’s much more careful with significantly more thought put into the intent of taking photos vs shooting something with a phone and hoping that you don’t fill up the storage.

The problem: We miss moments.

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Chris Gampat The Phoblographer RNI Films chem Engine (9 of 14)ISO 4001-80 sec at f - 4.5

An Argument for Photographers to Specialize

Despite what a few folks may say on the web whilst contracting themselves, the absolute smartest thing that a Photographer can do is specialize. Just because many photographers don’t want to, doesn’t mean that it’s not the best thing to do and that they necessarily have to. But if Photographers really care about the way that they’re perceived online and potentially want to make income from their work, then there are extremely valid reasons why.

Part of this, has to specifically do with the nomenclature used in this article.

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Pro Tip: We recommend that you communicate with the person that you're photographing first to get insight as to what they want. Some headshots are more corporate oriented while others are for comp cards, actor profiles, and dating websites.

Mirrorless cameras were designed with the intent on being smaller and lighter than DSLRs. There are a slew of very heavy cameras and lenses for mirrorless cameras, but then there are also some wonderful, lightweight lenses.

For the photographers that really wanted the small lenses to go with their smaller cameras, check this out.

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zeiss touit 32mm 1.8

Five Low Profile Messenger-Style Camera Bags

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Many photographers love messenger bags; but they also love their gear inside quite a bit more. So when you’re going about choosing a camera bag you should choose something that is a bit less flashy. For example, logos can be big on attracting people to your bag unless they’re very subtle: so making them blend into the rest of a bag is very big. Plus also not looking generally like a camera bag is something that is important. So here are five of our favorites.

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Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Zeiss 85mm f1.8 review product extras (2 of 6)ISO 4001-60 sec at f - 2.8

Review: Tomiyama Art Panorama 6×17

All images by Alastair Bird. Used with permission.

If you think that your full frame mirrorless camera is such hot stuff, consider this Tomiyama Art Panorama 6×17 camera. It’s a panoramic camera that gives you four frames for every roll of 120 film. Photographer Alastair Bird recently finished a video on the camera talking about how awesome it is. Previously, he worked on a conversion of a Polaroid camera to shoot 4×5 film.

The camera has a 90mm lens and has ground glass in addition to focusing. The lens starts out at f8 and goes to f64–which is fairly shallow considering the massive size.

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Picture 038

It’s a question that’s been posed many times in the website’s search engine: Should I go with Fujifilm or Sony? Both camera systems have become more and more serious as they’ve matured over the years. The camera systems are both highly capable and used by many top photographers for a variety of work. Both cameras will create great images but they have their own unique advantages.

As a long time owner of both Fujifilm and Sony cameras and a reviewer of their systems, this post will help you figure out a lot more about what system you should go with.

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Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Sony vs Fujifilm comparison (1 of 1)ISO 4001-160 sec at f - 4.0

This blog post was syndicated from Ashley Linford. It and the images here are being used with permission. For more of my work follow me on Twitter @adlstreettog and Instagram @goingeast365

Good evening fellow photographers,

Today I want to write about a topic that I’ve been hearing a lot of lately. Some people may or may not agree with this but as always this is just my opinion and my views on what I will be talking about today.

The last few months I have read a lot about street photography and what people’s perceptions of the thoughts on this genre. I’ve listened to podcasts that discuss the matter and articles that talk about it also and almost always seem to come to the same conclusions, ‘as long as your having fun then it doesn’t matter’ and that “there are no rules in street photography’.

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James Douglas: How to Fire a Client

This is a syndicated blog post from photographer James Douglas. It and the images here are being used with permission.

There’s a long held belief that we as photographers are constantly running around desperately chasing clients like Pepe Le Pew after that damn cat; who miraculously somehow always manages to get a stripe of white paint on her back every single episode. This is simply not the case.  Sure there’s a time in every photographer’s career where they’d give up their first and probably their second born just to take a shot for a crappy local magazine but that quickly passes, or at least it should.

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Above: Ok fine… Rick Montgomery Jr. is a criminal in this scenario not a hostage but you get the point.  Photo sorta by Derryl Strong.

This is a syndicated blog post from Keenan Rivals. It and the images here are being used with permission. We’ve got a larger workshop on this: three videos for only $97 and you get lots of educational content.

I had no idea what I was doing when I created this website. I knew I wanted to share my work, but I also knew I wanted to share my thoughts as well. I went with SquareSpace as my website host of choice due to their beautiful and simplistic templates, they also offered options for both photo sharing and blogging. What I didn’t know was that I had to choose which one would be the focal point of my site. Squarespace, though great, has its limitations, chances are if you pick a template with an awesome gallery the blog will lack in features and vice versa.

My first template was in fact, photo-centric… I’m not sure if that’s the word I actually wanted to use, but the template allowed me to display images in a beautiful way. The blog, on the other hand, was awful, it wouldn’t let places images in my header and my entire blog post was available to the reader without them even clicking on the title. I hated that, but I loved the way my portfolio looked.

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