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Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Sigma dp and 50mm f1.4 product images first impressions (12 of 12)ISO 64001-40 sec at f - 5.6

In the world of photography–be it that the craft is carried out professionally or leisurely–it has always been a matter of dispute whether a prime lens is preferred over a zoom lens, or the other way around. We here at The Phoblographer tend to think rather pragmatically about this: each has its own merits and downsides, and it clearly depends on what you’re up to. Let’s however for a moment assume that you lean towards using prime lenses–or you want to. After years of lens testing lenses, we think there are five essential focal lengths that every photographer should try at least once. These are the 24mm super wide-angle, the 35mm wide-angle, the 50mm normal, the 85mm short telephoto, and the 135mm telephoto.

Before you go on, we also want you to remember that no one is making a bad camera or lens.

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All images by Shane Welch. Used with permission.

Photographer Shane Welch has been shooting documentaries for a while now, and most recently his Foxtail Furs project caught our eyes. He splits his time between Chicago (where he grew up) and Seattle, Shane travels a lot in order to create documentary projects, and that’s how he was able to do the Foxtail Furs project. It’s about a family that lives on an island in Lake Michigan that raises foxes.

And for Shane, it was about telling their story.

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unnamed (6)

All images by Calvin Hobson. Read more at the Phoblographer.

Photographer Calvin Hobson has a very unique story as a photographer. He’s a former armed service member, and always had the creative bug in him. Calvin had the opportunity to travel a lot with the US Air Force, and since leaving he has transitioned into shooting weddings. Like many wedding photographers, he had faced many of the problems of an oversaturated market. But he found ways to overcome them not only through his work, but his people skills.

As many photographers will tell you, people skills are one of the best things that you can have a professional.

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All photos by Kyle Dean Reinford. Used with permission.

When it comes to concert photography, Kyle Dean Reinford is no doubt one of the best in the business. But he also tells us that he’s still not sure that it’s his true calling. Kyle has been shooting professionally for years and has experienced lots of the changes that have happened as of recent: such as digital rights management and over-saturation of the market.

But most of all, Kyle thinks that concert photography is one heck of a thrill.

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All images by Josh Kane. Used with permission.

Photographer Joshua Kane lives the dream of so many photographers. He gets paid to travel the world, photograph weddings for clients, and in some ways lives a creatively enriched life because of it. But Josh tells us that doing destination wedding photography these days is a ballsy move, and because of it he only shoots 10% of the time and 90% of his time is spent editing, booking clients, negotiating, marketing, etc. While that doesn’t sound so fun for an aspiring photographer, it is a reality. When you combine this with Josh’s goal to give every single wedding client unique images (and the amount of work that he puts into it) Josh is in many ways still challenging himself creatively.

We talked to him about destination wedding photography, the challenges, the clients, and how he started out.

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Kevin-Lee The Phoblographer -Fujifilm XF 18-135mm f3.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR Lens Product Images (4 of 5)

In terms of technical speak, if you want to get the absolute best performance from your camera, you’ll need a solid lens. Many portrait photographers that use DSLRs tend to reach for the closest 70-200mm f2.8 zoom lens that they can get their hands on. But you don’t necessarily need those!

Mirrorless camera technology has come a long way to where we now have unique lineups and interpretations of the famous telephoto zoom lens. And you have lots of choices.

Here are just some of our favorite portrait lenses for your mirrorless camera. But before you even begin to shoot portraits, we recommend that you read the basics first.

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