Four Manual Focus Prime Lenses For Landscapes Under $800

In today’s world many photographers struggle with manual focusing (or at the very least greatly prefer to use autofocus). That said, one niche by and large still embraces the legacy of manually focusing in much larger numbers than other photography niches – Landscape Photographers. The reason should be pretty obvious, the subjects they are shooting are not moving, generally there is time to set up a shot and spend time to nail focus just right manually without stressing about missing a moment.

To that end, manual focus lenses are pretty popular in the Landscape field, especially among the budget crowd thanks to their usual price savings over their OEM AF counterparts. But there really are options all over the place and it can be hard to know where to send those hard earned dollars. So today we are bringing you a roundup of some of our favorite manual focus lenses for landscape photography that ring in under $800.

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Sacrifice: To Create Better Photos You Must Give The Time

As I sat here in front of the computer trying to find words that would express my state of mind as of late, I kept laughing at what was showing up on my screen. The topic is one which at its face sounds, well, kind of harsh or ominous. Sacrifice…I kept envisioning a stone temple with a sullen Mayan tribe person being led up the stairs to their doom. Hahaha…Yeah, the word sacrifice can be scary.

But I of course am not talking about something quite so dramatic here. Heck, in this day and age, for most people in a first world country, sacrifice might mean not getting your latte in the morning or having your Amazon Prime delivery arrive a day late.

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Our Top Camera Recommendations For Wedding Photographers

It is no secret that the wedding photography niche is one of the most lucrative and ‘safe’ (as in, we don’t expect people to stop getting married and wanting pictures of it any time soon) photography markets in today’s industry. This means there is a never ending flow of new photographers picking up their cameras hoping to make it big in the wedding industry. While there is a lot to learn about the business of weddings, another avenue that should be considered as well is if the gear on hand is sufficient for a wedding environment.

Weddings are major life events for these couples and their families, they can’t just be redone like a portrait session can. This means it is mission critical you have reliable gear, capable of capturing the moments as they come, without slowing you down or making your life difficult. So to that end, today we have compiled a list of our top camera recommendations for wedding photographers.

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Need For Speed: Our Favorite Nikon F1.8 Prime Lenses

Prime lenses are the weapon of choice for a variety of photographers for a variety of reasons, be it size, speed, image quality etc. Nikon photographers have access to a wide variety of prime lenses, and a really solid lineup of fast F1.8 prime lenses that is the focus of our post here today.

When many people think of fast F1.8 prime lenses they think of a nifty fifty, the super cheap 50mm lenses. But not all F1.8 primes are dirt cheap, some are actually on the spendy side, so this post isn’t necessarily a budget friendly one, but with that out of the way, let’s get into it.

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A 6000W Light Meets Harley Davidson and a 12 × 16 inch Wet Plate

This is a syndicated blog post from Markus Hofstätter. It is being republished with permission. Also be sure to check out our previous interview with him.

As always, everything starts small:

As I walked for lunch I met Leo and he talked with me about my tintype photography. He told me about his new Harley Davidson and that he wanted me to take his photo with the Harley. Of course, I should use my 100 year old Camera and capture the light on a collodion wet plate. I just thought cool, let’s do it.

Some weeks later, I got a call from the Austrian television broadcaster ORF. I was very happy to learn, that they wanted to do a documentary about my work. As you can imagine, it wasn’t too hard for me to choose for a subject to be photographed.

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Benjamin Eagle’s Experience Photographing ISIS Survivors

This is a syndicated blog post from Format Magazine. Also be sure to check out Format’s fantastic website hosting and creation offerings. Article originally done by Jessica Bateman. All images and text are used with permission.

We spoke to photographer Benjamin Eagle about his portrait photography project #IamYezidi. No stranger to hostile environments, photographer Benjamin Eagle‘s recent project #IamYezidi focuses on the Yezidi women who were held captive by ISIS. He spent five days in Iraq photographing the portrait series. The resulting exhibition took place in London last month, and featured the images alongside snippets of the women’s personal stories.

As reported by the UN, the Yezidis or Yazidis an an ethno-religious group indigenous to the northern Iraq being targeted for genocide by ISIS. They’re killing men who refuse to convert and subjecting women held captive to “the most horrific of atrocities.” As a rare glimpse into the people affected by these crimes against humanity, Eagle’s work will linger in your mind long after you look away.

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Tested & Ranked: Six Disposable Cameras

This is a syndicated blog post from Format Magazine. Be sure to also check out Format for your website hosting needs. Article originally written by Matt Moreland. This article and the images are being republished with permission.

We tested six disposable cameras to find out which took the best pictures, and there was a clear winner.

Every photographer has fond memories of disposable cameras. Whether it was some weird project you had to do in first year art school, the “I only shoot film” phase that most of us go through, or childhood memories, we’ve all got a soft spot for those crappy plastic junk boxes that only work 50% of the time.

When I started reviewing disposable cameras for this article, I was somehow simultaneously ecstatic and terrified. I got the opportunity to make work with the most basic nostalgic cameras available, but I also had to publish the results of the work I made with those cameras. I tried my best to get as much range as I could: subject matter, weather conditions, locations, situations, Indoor, outdoor, portrait, landscape, sunlight, low light, and no light. I tested it all and as expected, about 50% of the photographs turned out entirely useless.

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Four Cameras Capable of Making Pleasing, Big Prints at Higher ISOs

One of the problems with digital photography for years has been high ISO output. While it’s become much better when you look at the photos on a screen, it’s still not perfect when it comes to printing. With film, you can tell that you’re looking at film grain when you enlarge and print a photo at something like 17×22 paper. But with digital, you’re bound to find digital looking noise; and it’s very apparent in the color noise, etc. But in the past few years, a few cameras have come around that produce fantastic results at higher ISOs. Here are some of our favorites.

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