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Peter Walkowiak

Sequence App Review

A few months ago I found myself looking for an easy way to compile all the images I took into a timelapse. I browsed the web and found ways to compile using an older version of Quicktime which I no longer had. I knew I wanted an app that would “deflicker” my footage so into the Mac App Store I went hunting around until I found Sequence. The app stood out as the premium app to transform images into a timelapse.

Trusting brief user reviews in the store was tough for me so I headed over to the Sequence’s homepage to download a trial. Sure enough this turned out to be the one stop app for getting my timelapses ready for editing.

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I’ve been an avid iPhoneographer for some time now and am always on the lookout for new camera accessories. I own plenty of lenses so when I first saw Trygger on Kickstarter, I knew I wanted to try it. The Trygger, for those of you who don’t know, is essentially a polarizing filter that slips around your iPhone’s camera. The filter should give more vibrant colors while reducing reflections.

 The nice people over at Bite My Apple sent me a copy and I’ve been using it quite a bit. Let’s take a look and see what all the hype is about.

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Being a gadget freak and accessory hound, I tend to collect a lot of small items for my iPhone. But we know that you love them too! There are so many out there though, and I’ve tried many of them and made mistakes at times. With that said, here’s a couple that you might want to look at.

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I just stumbled on another great Kickstarter find and this time it’s Snapzoom. This product is seeking community funding to build a bridge between your smart phone and binoculars. I really didn’t expect much out of the project until I saw some example footage of some video shot through everyday Nikon binoculars. Snapzoom works with all major smartphones with or without a case. All you have to do is slide your smartphone into it and then attach it to either a dual or single eyepiece scopes. These include binoculars, spotting scopes, telescopes and microscopes.

There are still a few early bird spots left at $60 and for those who arrive a bit late can get Snapzoom for $70 over on their Kickstarter page. Below is the promo video for Snapzoom as well as some samples taken with the preproduction model and an iPhone 5.

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Alongside their G6 camera Panasonic has announced a revised version of their premium kit zoom lens. The new lens is said to be smaller and lighter than its predecessor. It’s also faster due to a brand new linear stepper motors that take advantage the speedy mirrorless cameras it will be paired with. The new model now offers an aperture range of f4-5.8 f3.5-5.6 with three aspheric and two ED elements. According to the press release, Panasonic claims that this lens should be quiet and smoother when autofocusing while recording video.

The price and shipping date seem to be the only missing details but it’s said to be cheaper than the one it replaces.

Panasonic G6

The newly announced G6 will sit between the GH3 and above the GF3. This camera features a 16MP CMOS sensor capable of low light shooting up to a native ISO 12,800 which is expandable to 25,600. The display and viewfinder have both received an upgrade from its predecessor to 1.44 million dots inside the EVF and a 1.04 million 3″ touch screen on the back. The G6 includes the ability to use the touch display to remove unwanted objects with an included Clear Retouch feature.

The G6 has full 1080p video up to 60fps with the awesome ability to use a 2.4x digital teleconverter like the GH2 and GH3. The camera also features a mic input so you can mount a mic on the it’s hot shoe. The feature that may slip by many readers is that this is the first Panasonic camera to support focus peaking while manual focussing. Wi-Fi and NFC support have also been added to the camera for simplified quick sharing.

The G6 comes with 23 preset modes and according to the specs page two of them are called “Cute Dessert” and “Sweet Child’s Face”. So if you’ve been wanting to capture cuter desserts or sweeter child’s faces this is the camera for you. Overall the upgrades and features seem like a modest upgrade over the previous G5 that was released less than a year ago. If you would like more information head over to Panasonic’s website. Also be sure to check out the pre-order availability.