Infographic: 6 Components of a Great Property Photograph


Infographic by KeyAGENT. Used with permission

KeyAgent, a property marketing firm with over 800 photographers in the UK, recently created an infographic on how to create the best Real Estate imagery. They say that you need the right kit, but honestly I think that that’s less important vs set design, lighting and your post-production. Granted, this is easier with a full flash setup and all vs mixed lighting situations.

They’ve got great points though about angles. I suggest shooting very wide, it’s how I’ve always gotten my apartment rented to get a new roommate.


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    Chris, thanks for this post. Have you seen Donna Dotan’s stuff. AMAZING! Seems like she shoots a lot of mid day interiors getting as much daylight as possible. But, considering the high end market she serves it may be easier to do that.