The ONA Clifton Backpack Doesn’t Look like a Camera Bag


Today, ONA is introducing yet another backpack. This one is called the Clifton and it is designed to be a very minimal style backpack but with ONA’s signature of use leather. The bag features removable inserts and an all leather exterior. ONA claims that it can hold your camera and up to six lenses.

If you’re putting that much gear on your back then you’ll appreciate that it sports padded shoulder straps. If that’s not all, it can accommodate a 13 inch laptop to really putting the hurting your back that you truly want.

All this for just $499. While that sounds expensive, you’re not really going to find anything with an interior like this on Amazon that can be modified with ease. Plus all the inserts/dividers can be changed up at will. Even better: this doesn’t at all look like a camera bag.

This bag seems to be one of ONA’s simpler bags, though the price is surely up there. More images are after the jump.

1. Front

7. Insert Detail

3. Back

8. Pocket


  • Wesley Coleman
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    If you’re looking for a stylish camera backpack that looks like a plain backpack and won’t break the bank, check out the F-Stop Smoky Mountain. It’s discontinued, but there are several websites in Europe and Asia that still have some in stock. I got mine from Malaysia earlier this year for about $70 (unfortunately $70 shipping as well) and I’m very happy so far.

    • Mark
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      I am all for affordable camera bags. It seems whenever something is for photographers, it somehow doubles (or triples) in price. Ona has some really nice bags, I can’t say this is one of my favorite. They are priced OK (not too expensive but not cheap either).