The Mitakon 35mm f0.95 Mk II Weighs Only 460 Grams

Product Shot

Mitakon recently announced a Mk II version of their 35mm f0.95 lens designed for Fujifilm X, Sony E and Canon EOS M mount mirrorless cameras. Sorry Sony FE users, this isn’t a full frame 35mm lens–instead, it’s designed to offer APS-C coverage.

The design sports 11 elements in 8 groups. There is 1 Extra Low Dispersion elements, 2 Extra high refractive index elements and three high refractive. Mitakon is also claiming 30% better resolution rendering. It weighs only 460 grams according to the press release. Other features include a clickless aperture, manual focus, all metal body design, and a %599 retail price.

Sample photos from the Mitakon 35mm f0.95 Mk II are after the jump.








  • Bruce Harding
    Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown

    Looks like a bit too much speed…

    • Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown

      Not much on a apsc sensor…the dof is lower and there is more focus area, it’s about a f/1.4-6 on 35mm. On a full frame sensor can be much (in my opinion)