CineStill Launches Campaign to Fund 120 Film


Very few films really make me get super excited as the stuff that CineStill puts out. Everytime I see the results from the rolls, I squeal with glee at the delicious skin tones and beautiful overall look that’s really tough to get digitally. And now, it’s becoming even better. CineStill launched a new funding campaign to fund the production of 120 film. That means that you’ll be able to use the magical emulsions with Mamiya, Hasselblad, Bronica, Kiev and other medium format cameras.

The campaign is on IndieGoGo, and is specifically looking to fund the development of 800T in 120 format. That will make it one of the highest ISO color renditions available at the moment. CineStill 800T is rated at ISO 800 typically and is designed to be used indoors or with a flash. However, if you’re shooting it outdoors then you need an 85B filter and will rate the film at ISO 500. The film itself is Kodak movie film repackaged and with a special layer removed to make it easy for traditional roll processing. I reviewed CineStill 800T in 35mm and still love it.

It’s super exciting stuff, and it’ll be a shame in the analog world if this isn’t fully funded.



  • Turbofrog
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    Yow. $15/roll. Was piqued by the possibility of using MF indoors, handheld…

    I thought Portra 800 was already pricey and out of my snack bracket. Alas, I suppose I will continue to shoot Portra 400 and push it…

    (Oh, and for anyone else who’s interested in higher speed 120 film, do not get the Lomography 800. The quality is terrible, learn from my mistake).

    • Greg Williams
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      The perks for more than one roll are a better value than $15 per roll, closer to $12 or $13 by my calculation. They say in the campaign that it will be between $10-$12 end retail price once it is available so it sounds like it is pretty good. I think the single rolls are $15 because they are trying to raise money to begin production so that it doesn’t get rolled into the end retail price. I mean… what are you going to do with just one roll of 120 anyways?

      And yes, Lomo 800 is awful!

      • ChrisGampat
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        CineStill honestly makes my favorite stuff. I’m really over Portra, Velvia, and Ektar. For black and white I go Ilford all the way.