The Flashpoint Streaklight Now Offers TTL for Canon and Nikon

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Adorama Flashpoint Streaklight 180 WS product images (1 of 8)ISO 4001-80 sec at f - 4.0

The best bang for your buck flash on the high end side of things may indeed be the Flashpoint Streaklight. After offering only the manual version for a while, the TTL versions for Canon and Nikon are now available for pre-order at Adorama. Flashpoint for years has been a house brand; and though I don’t usually vouch for house brands theirs is the only one I genuinely make exceptions for.

So what are these? They’re 180 and 360 watt second lights in the form of a hot shoe flash. However, they use a barebulb and a diffusion dome with umbrella reflector. To power the flashes, you hook them up to a battery pack–similar to how Quantum flashes work. These are also far more powerful than anything Canon or Nikon make; though they’re not as powerful as Phottix’s dedicated monolights.

Speaking of which, these flashes feature a built-in radio receiver, so they be triggered off camera with ease from up to 300 feet away.

If you’re looking for a new flash, this may be it. But check out our review of the original Streaklight first.

  • LeGrandOrangeAndBlue
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    I have three of them under a different brand name, but essentially Godox 神牛, which comes from the Chinese brand name literally meaning “sacred cow”. Heh.

    Do the new ones have built-in receivers? The manually controlled versions use a very reliable USB receiver.

    • markthetog
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      The new ones do have built in receivers. However you need to upgrade your transmitter to the X-C1 or the new XT-16 2.4Ghz units. They are very inexpensive and the XC-1 supports TTL. If you don’t want to upgrade you can still use the current clip on USB type receivers

  • markthetog
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    The hot shoe is a poor mount for this relatively heavy strobe. (I have 4) Fortunately they come with an accessory foot that has a threaded base that takes a 5/8 spud for solid mounting to an umbrella swivel.
    These are, IMO, the best values in battery powered strobes on the market. Dead reliable with long lived batteries and superb triggers.
    The 360 w/s versions are only a 1/2 stop less output than a Profoto B1, weigh about 3lbs, and way cheaper. The new TTL versions allow one to get three for the price of one heavy Profoto.