The 48hr Classic is a Briefcase, Backpack and Messenger Bag for Your Camera Gear

The 48 hour camera bag

A new Kickstarter is aiming to deliver a new type of camera bag to consumers. It’s called the 48hr classic, and it’s already got full funding. The bag is taking to a new trend of trying to fill multiple niches: as such it acts as a messenger bag, a backpack or a briefcase. While doing all that, it’s trying to be stylish with a design that seems to harken back to 90s style brief cases of men who went to work in Manhattan.

It’s promising easy and quick access via the big pocket and can hold other things like a 15 inch laptop, and leather in addition to padded dividers. Plus it can expand to accommodate more gear or even act as a weekend getaway bag. It’ll retail for $268; and you can see the intro video after the jump.

  • Mark
    Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown

    Trying a bit too hard, aren’t we? The 50’s look, the old leather, the unshaven “cool” guy, the Apple laptop (had to be an Apple :-)).

    But seriously, it’s a nice carry-on but as a camera bag it cannot be a good one with its zip-up opening like that. And the bottom pocket it asking for trouble, I think.

    Like many photographers I am still looking for the best camera bag to carry enough without being bulky and at the same time be fashionable.

    I still think Ona has the best looking and most practical bags.

    Happy New Year!