Ilford XP2

Ilford XP2

Film photographers in the US have something to be happy about: Ilford is opening a print lab in California. The lab will specialize in black and white prints, but they’ll be printing color as well. For many years now, Ilford has been developing photos in England as a mail order service for “amateur and hobbyist photographers who found it difficult to have their films processed and printed on real black and white silver gelatin photo paper at a local facility.”

In two to three working days, the Ilford Lab will be able to process black and white film and make prints using Ilford black and white paper. A range of upgrades and enlargements are also offered, including three levels of quality for scanning black and white negatives. Ilford Process paid mailers are available from popular photographic dealers. Alternatively, customers can now use the secure website to pay for film processing online.

For more details of the complete range of services and charges visit:

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