Hate diesel yet need a lot of power on your field shoots? Well Dynalite has announced  a new solution for you, the XP-800. This pure sine wave inverter is around 15 lbs and can be loaded with power for studio strobes using three AC power outlets and your other electronic equipment with its 3 USB ports. Based in NJ, Dynalite builds and sells some solid lighting equipment. I am certain this will be in line with their level of quality.

The pack has a 1.4 second recycle time in between full power blasts and can be fully charged in under three hours according to what the company claims.

According to Lighting Rumors, Dynalite has confirmed that the XP800 is the same unit as the LP800x. The unit is made, in China ,by Leadpower the same folks who make the Cheetah light.

Dynalite is carried by Adorma but they did not have XP 800 listed as of today .

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