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With the Flip Dead, Samsung Announces W200 Camcorder

by Chris Gampat on 04/20/2011

With the Flip about to be put out of its misery, Samsung announced the new W200 pocket camcorder that not only sports an F/2.2 lens, but also features waterproofing. The new camcorder also has a back-illuminated 5MP CMOS sensor (BSI), which when combined with the F/2.2 lens should be able to do a great job with the diminished light underwater for up to 3 meters. That F/2.2 lens also has an anti-fog coating to prevent cloudy images. The only drag I see is the 2.3″ 230K LCD screen, which isn’t that great since we’re so used to higher resolution screens these days. Beyond this, it has art filters:

– Vignetting allows users to fade the edges of shots

– The Fish-Eye setting creates an arty, distorted feel for unique and interesting footage.


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